Europe and Islam

Wiley, 5. srp 2001. - Broj stranica: 238
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In this book Franco Cardini examines the ideas, prejudices, disinformation and anti-information that have formed and coloured Europe's attitude towards Islam. Encompassing 1500 years of ideological interchange and armed conflict, he retells the mutual histories of East and West and examines how and why misunderstanding has occurred

The author focuses primarily on the Islam of the Mediterranean (Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa) with which Europeans came into contact over a long period, but stresses that Islam should not be treated as homogenous. The book concludes with a consideration of the role of Islam within Europe today, a role that is growing yet remains contested.

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Europe and Islam

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Cardini (medieval history, Univ. of Florence, Italy) here examines the nature of the contacts between Islam and Europe, how these contacts have changed or not changed over the centuries, and why ... Pročitajte cijelu recenziju

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O autoru (2001)

Franco Cardini is Professor of Medieval History at the University of Florence. he previously taught at the universities of Florence and Bari as well as in Paris, Gottingen, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Turku, Boston, Burlington, Sao Paulo, Jerusalem and Damascus. His publications include Gerusalemme d'oro di rame di luce (1992), Studio sulla storia e sull'idea di crociata (1993), Medioevo al femminile (with F. Bertini, M. T. Fumagalli Beonio Brocchiri and C. Leonardi, 1992). He also edited Constanza la strega di San Miniato (1989).

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