One Strategy: Organization, Planning, and Decision Making

Wiley, 13. stu 2009. - Broj stranica: 288
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Learn from the concepts, capabilities, processes, and behaviorsthat aligned around one strategy with the hard-won, first-personwisdom found in One Strategy.

Challenging traditional views of strategy and operationalexecution, this book-written by Microsoft executive Steven Sinofskywith Harvard Business School professor Marco Iansiti-describes howyou can drive innovation by connecting the potential of strategicopportunities to the impact of operational execution.

  • Lessons from the unique combination of real-world experiencemanaging a large scale organization with academic research instrategy and innovation
  • Reveals what it takes to align a complex organization aroundone strategy, manage its execution, and reach for "strategicintegrity"
  • Written by Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky with HarvardBusiness School professor Marco Iansiti-a combined forty years ofmanagement and research experience
  • A unique perspective on strategy development, alignment, andexecution

Drawn from Sinofsky's internal Microsoft blog where hecommunicated some of the management processes the team put to workwhile developing a 4,000 person, multi-year project-MicrosoftWindows 7-One Strategy shares the hard-won insights you canuse to successfully make the leap from strategy to execution.

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O autoru (2009)

Steven Sinofsky is President of the Windows and Windows LiveDivision at Microsoft Corporation. Prior to this position, heworked on the development of Microsoft Office from 1994-2006 and,prior to that, worked on Microsoft's development tools.

Marco Iansiti is the Director of Research and DavidSarnoff Professor of Business Administration at Harvard BusinessSchool and the Chairman of Keystone Strategy LLC( He is an expert on strategy and themanagement of innovation. His latest research studies strategy andinnovation in networks of organizations, examining the strategy,operations, and innovation processes of key organizations,including Microsoft, IBM, Wal-Mart, and Dell, along with manyothers. He is the author or coauthor of two books, TechnologyIntegration: Making Critical Choices in a Dynamic World andThe Keystone Advantage: What the New Dynamics of BusinessEcosystems Mean for Strategy, Innovation, and Sustainability,and has advised a variety of Fortune 500 firms.

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