Drive: How Vince Carter Conquered the NBA

Doubleday Canada, Limited, 2002 - Broj stranica: 336
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The first in-depth book on Vince Carter, Drive captures the magic of the young superstar and charts the latest transformation of the NBA. Without a doubt, Vince Carter is the best thing to come along since Michael Jordan took basketball to a new level in the 1990s. Here in Canada, Vince Carter is The Franchise.

Veteran sports writer Chris Young tracks Vince Carter over the entire 2000–2001 NBA season. By charting the trajectory of Carter’s career from his origins in a Florida high school league, he reveals how one star can transform not only a team, but the entire NBA.

The Raptors were in their fourth season and at the bottom of the league when Carter joined as a rookie -- now, three years later, he’s thrilling fans with his trademark levitations, breath-taking body control, and the power of his slam-dunks. His unique skills have turned him into one of pro sports’ rarest of performers: the charismatic superstar.

After the bitter labour dispute that delayed the 1998–1999 season and Michael Jordan’s retirement in February 1999, the NBA fell into a slump -- TV ratings began to slide and attendance flatlined. It was at this point in NBA history that Vince Carter first attracted notice. His transcendent talent soon led media commentators to name Carter the most exciting young superstar in the NBA. Carter led the U.S. team in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, and has been the leading vote-getter for the last two NBA All Star Games -- a clear reflection of his intense popularity with the fans.

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O autoru (2002)

Chris Young, a sports columnist at The Toronto Star, has followed Vince Carter’s career closely since Carter joined the Raptors in 1999. Chris Young lives in Toronto.

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