Gay Olympian: The Life and Death of Dr. Tom Waddell

Alfred A. Knopf, 1996 - Broj stranica: 239
He was a true Renaissance man - an outstanding college athlete, a first-rate military and civilian doctor, a member of the 1968 U.S. Olympic team, a leader in the American gay community, and the father of a young girl. This is the story of Tom Waddell, who was born to a working-class family in New Jersey but left his troubled home as a teenager, a time when he began to realize that he might be homosexual. He found refuge in the company of Hazel and Gene Waddell, former vaudevillians who encouraged and embraced him, and at Springfield College, a jock's school where he was the ultimate jock - and where he courted women, despite his instincts to the contrary. After college he went on to medical school, and served in the army as a doctor. While in the service he tried out for and made the Olympic squad and in Mexico City finished sixth in the decathlon, the most difficult track-and-field event. Had he run a little more swiftly, he would have claimed the gold medal. Tom's life continued to be remarkable thereafter. He was for several years a physician to the Saudi Arabian royal court, he practiced medicine in San Francisco and came out to the world in the pages of People magazine, and in 1982 he organized the Gay Games, which are now a successful quadrennial occasion. Then he decided to father a child with a like-minded lesbian woman, and a year later a beautiful girl was born to them. Not long afterward, Waddell developed AIDS, and he spent several harrowing years battling the disease before his death in 1987.

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GAY OLYMPIAN: The Life and Death of Dr. Tom Waddell

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An unrelentingly shallow biography of the decathlete and physician who founded the Gay Games, incorporating extensive chunks of Waddell's diary from the last five years of his life. The prolific ... Pročitajte cijelu recenziju

Gay Olympian: the life and death of Dr. Tom Waddell

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Waddell wanted to do everything: he was a college athlete, a member of the 1968 U.S. Olympic team, a military and civilian doctor, and founder of the Gay Games. So when Sara Lewinstein, a prominent ... Pročitajte cijelu recenziju


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Schaap is a sports correspondent for ABC News, and host of "The Sports Reporters" on ESPN, winner of five Emmys and a CableAce Award.

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