Happy Street, Opseg 2

Oxford University Press, 2001 - Broj stranica: 88
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Happy Street is a two-level course for children starting English at the beginning of the school system. Together with songs, chants, games, and listening activities, the course offers an accessible introduction to reading and writing and is suitable for use either as the children's first contact with English or after an oral-aural introduction. The activity book offers a wide range of aural and written practice and activities consolidating vocabulary and structures taught in the class book. Writing skills are systematically built up through the course: Level 1 focuses on writing at a word and sentence level, so that by Level 2 children can express themselves in mini-paragraphs. Pair work activities and games provide lots of regular speaking practice.

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O autoru (2001)

Stella Maidment is an experienced children's writer. She has published a wide range of titles for English-speaking children of all ages. She has also contributed stories, songs and activities to a number of different children's ELT titles. Lorena Roberts spent five years teaching English inBritain and abroad. During that time, she became particularly interested in teaching English to young learners. On her return to the UK, she became involved in children's educational publishing. It was later at Oxford University Press that she brought together her experience from both professionsto work as an editor on a number of successful primary ELT courses.

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