Human Capital Management: Achieving Added Value Through People

Kogan Page Publishers, 2007 - Broj stranica: 226
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Human Capital Management (HCM) has been described as a high-level strategic issue that seeks to analyse, measure and evaluate how people policies and practices create value. Put simply, HCM is about creating and demonstrating the value that great people and great people management add to an organization. This unique book describes how HCM provides a bridge between human resource management and business strategy. It also demonstrates how organizations can use the concepts of human resource management and the processes involved to enhance the value they obtain from people while continuing to meet their aspirations and needs. Armstrong and Baron explain how to achieve these objectives using various approaches including: Describing the concepts of HCM and how the process works; Examining the practice of HCM with regard to measurement and reporting; Discussing the various applications of HCM with regard to HR strategy formulation, learning and development, knowledge management, performance management, reward management and talent management; and examining the role of HR in HCM and the future of the concept. It also contains an appendix a toolkit which organizations can use to develop their own HCM policies and practices.

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The concept of human capital
The concept of HCM
The process of HCM
Human capital data
Measuring human capital
Human capital reporting
Applications of HCM
The role of HR in HCM
The skills HR specialists need for HCM
The future of HCM
Establishing the link between HR practice and business
The future of external reporting 166 Conclusions
Develop internal reports 197 Develop external reports 198
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O autoru (2007)

Michael Armstrong is a fellow of the CIPD and former Chief Examiner. An internationally respected writer on management topics, his publications include Performance Management, Reward Management , A Handbook of Management and Leadership, A Handbook of Employee Reward, and Strategic Human Resource Management all published by Kogan Page. Angela Baron is a chartered member of the CIPD, for whom she is currently an adviser on organisation and resourcing. She has been responsible for numerous research programmes ranging for corporate culture to recruitment practice.

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