Memoirs from Varaždin

1863 - Broj stranica: 203
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Description of contents based on material provided by the seller, Yeshayahu Vinograd: Written by Samuel Mosinger, b. ca. 1805, a prominent, educated, and wealthy Jew with connections to both the Croatian and Viennese Jewish communities. He followed events in Europe in the contemporary press, from which he quoted extensively in this manuscript. The volume contains personal memoirs and details of local events in the Croation Jewish community, as well as descriptions of other topics ranging from Moses Montefiore's visit to Jerusalem to the Jews in America. Mossinger recounts the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 from a Jewish perspective, including a list of names of Jewish soldiers who were killed, and a description of the memorial service for them that took place in the great synagogue of Vienna, and Rabbi Jellinek's sermon.

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