Peruvian Traditions: Ricardo Palma's Latin American Historic and Folkloric Tales

AuthorHouse, 2004 - Broj stranica: 256
The figure of Ricardo Palma still looms large in Spanish American literature because he preserved Peru's past in delightful narratives that he called "tradiciones," a new genre he invented. His "tradiciones" are widely read in the original language in university and college literature classes throughout the United States; however they are relatively unknown to those who do not read Spanish. This collection makes some of his "tradiciones" available to readers of the English language. Why read them? Because of Palma, Peru and especially Lima, its capital city, will live forever. His "tradiciones" are the door to a fascinating world that the author has portrayed with unusual skill and verve. What is it in the "tradiciones" which explains their popularity? First, they are interesting. There are duels, love affairs, miracles, excommunications and blood shed because of a concept of honor which permeated their lives. Second is Palma's style, which is irreverent, ironic, and light in tone. Many have tried to imitate it. No one has succeeded. Finally, he portrays colonial society in great detail. One might say that if someone wishes to see how society functioned in real life in Peru's past he should read the "tradiciones."

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