Rich Dad Poor Dad

Naslovnica, 9. lip 2016.
Robert’s definition of the “Rat Race” "If you look at the life of the average-educated, hard-working person, there is a similar path. The child is born and goes to school. The proud parents are excited because the child excels, gets fair to good grades, and is accepted into a college. The child graduates, maybe goes on to graduate school and then does exactly as programmed: looks for a safe, secure job or career. The child finds that job, maybe as a doctor or a lawyer, or joins the Army or works for the government. Generally, the child begins to make money, credit cards start to arrive in mass, and the shopping begins, if it already hasn't. "Having money to burn, the child goes to places where other young people just like them hang out, and they meet people, they date, and sometimes they get married. Life is wonderful now, because today, both men and women work. Two incomes are bliss...

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Review: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Izvješće korisnika/ca  - Hitesh - Goodreads

There are a lot of things we hear about personal finance and investing, but this book condenses everything so well. It is written with easy to understand examples and offers an eye opening view on several financial malpractices of our everyday lives. A must read for everyone! Pročitajte cijelu recenziju

Review: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Izvješće korisnika/ca  - Mohamed - Goodreads

I was really badly in need to a rich-extraordinary , rules breaker father .. this book have made a huge difference in my way of thinking about investments .. thank you Robert for this great book 5/5 Pročitajte cijelu recenziju

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