The Culture of Migration: Politics, Aesthetics and Histories

Pultz Mosland, Sten Petersen
Bloomsbury Academic, 30. lip 2015. - Broj stranica: 288
Migration has been a phenomenon throughout human history but today, as a result of economic hardship, conflict and globalization, a higher percentage of people than ever before live outside their country of birth. Increased international migration has resulted in more movement of information, traditions and cultures. Migration acts as a catalyst: not only for social change, but also for the generation of new aesthetic phenomena. The Culture of Migration explores the ways in which culture and the arts have been transformed by migration in recent decades--and, in turn, how these cultural and aesthetic transformations have contributed to shaping our identities, politics and societies.Making an important contribution to the emerging cross-disciplinary field of migration studies, this book examines contemporary cultural and artistic representations of migration and gathers new perspectives on the subject from across the disciplines of the arts and humanities. Renowned and emerging scholars in the field of migration, culture and aesthetics--among them the distinguished theorists Mieke Bal, Nikos Papastergiadis, Roger Bromley and Edward Casey--address the broader themes and underlying discourses of recent studies in migration and culture.

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O autoru (2015)

Sten Pultz Moslund is Associate Professor at the Institute for the Studies of Culture, University of Southern Denmark.

Anne Ring Petersen is Associate Professor in the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen.

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