The Virtual Corporation: Structuring and Revitalizing the Corporation for the 21st Century

HarperBusiness, 1992 - Broj stranica: 294
The great value of this timely, important book is that it provides an integrated picture of the customer-driven company of the future. We have begun to learn about lean production technology, stripped-down management, worker empowerment, flexible customized manufacturing, and other modern strategies, but Davidow and Malone show for the first time how these ideas are fitting together to create a new kind of corporation and a worldwide business revolution. Their research is fascinating. The authors provide illuminating case studies of American, Japanese, and European companies that have discovered the keys to improved competitiveness, redesigned their businesses and their business relationships, and made extraordinary gains. They also write bluntly and critically about a number of American corporations that are losing market share by clinging to outmoded thinking. Business success in the global marketplace of the future is going to depend upon corporations producing "virtual" products high in added value, rich in variety, and available instantly in response to customer needs. At the heart of this revolution will be fast new information technologies; increased emphasis on quality; accelerated product development; changing management practices, including new alignments between management and labor; and new linkages between company, supplier, and consumer, and between industry and government. The Virtual Corporation is an important cutting-edge book that offers a creative synthesis of the most influential ideas in modern business theory. It has already fired excitement and debate in industry, academia, and government, and it is essential reading for anyone involved in the leadership ofAmerica's business and the shaping of America's economic future.

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THE VIRTUAL CORPORATION: Structuring and Revitalizing the Corporation for the 21st Century

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An overstated case for the proposition that our socioeconomic future depends largely upon the emergence of amorphous entities that the authors dub ``virtual corporations.'' By the breathless account ... Pročitajte cijelu recenziju

The virtual corporation: structuring and revitalizing the corporation for the 21st century

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In this worthwhile prognosis of the successful 21st-century business, Davidow, a venture capitalist, and Malone, a business writer, bring together findings on the effects of information technologies ... Pročitajte cijelu recenziju


An Emerging Idea
Powers of Information
The Upward Curve of Technology
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William H. Davidow (at right) is a general partner at Mohr, Davidow Ventures in Menlo Park, California. He has held senior marketing positions at Hewlett-Packard and Intel, and he is the author of "Marketing High Technology." Bro Uttal (at left) is a consultant who focuses on problems of technology management. He coauthored this book while a member of the Board of Editors of "Fortune" magazine.

MICHAEL S. MALONE is an award-winning writer and Editor at Large of Forbes ASAP, the world's largest circulation business and technology magazine. He also has a weekly column on called "The Silicon Insider" and is the author of a number of books on business theory and history. As the nation's first daily high-technology reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, Malone covered the rise of Silicon Valley. He is a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal and has also been a columnist for the New York Times and a contributing editor for Upside and Fast Company.

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