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Wood, H:

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Ideal suggestion through mental photography. 9th ed. '99. c. 93. por. (N4) pap, 50c.........


O. $1.25: Lee & S Political economy of natural law. 4th ed. '99. c. 94. (N4) D. $1.25; pap, 50c....... .. Lee & S Wood, H: Firth. Passenger from Scotland Yard. [99.] (D16) D (Magnet detective lib., no. 107.) pap., .Street Wood, Ja. Iowa justice's form-book and constable's guide. 4th ed., rev. by A. G. Bush. '98. c. (Ap15) D. shp., $1.50... .Egbert Wood, J: G: Animate creation. Popular ed. of Our Iving world; rev. and adapted to Am. zoology, by J B. Holder. New cheaper ed. '98. c. 6 v. (My13) 8°, subs., $27.50..... .S. Hess Wood, J: Seymour. Yale yarns. '99. c. '95. il. (My20) D. (Hudson lib., no. 37.) $1; pap., 50c Wood, Wa. Through battle to promotion. '98. (Mr4) D. $1.50......


..Mansfield ...Longmans

Wood and garden. Jekyll, G. $3.50. -carvings and furniture in the style of Louis xv. Hoff mann, A. pt. 3. $6.70....

Hes ling

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Woodhull, J: F., and Van Arsdale, M. B. Chemical experiments. '99. c. il. (Je3) D. net, 6oc........Holt Woodward, H: L. See Cumming, R. C.

Woodward, W: Harrison. Short history of the expansion of the British empire, 1500-1870. '99. 12°, (Cambridge ser. for schools and training colleges.) Macmillan net. $1. Wooldridge, C. W. Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. '99. c. '98. (Mr4) S. (Unity lib., no. 86.) pap., 10c.

Kerr Woolf, M. A. Sketches of lowly life in a great city; ed. by J. Henius. ['99.] c. il. (D9) sq. O. bds., $2.


Woolen, W: Watson, Trial procedure; treatise on the
law of Indiana pleading and practice.
(D9) O. shp., $12.......

Word and sentence work. Hazen, M. W.
Protestant in literature, history, and
Cavanagh, W: H: net, $1
Words and their uses. White, R: G. $2.

'99. c. 2 v. Bowen-M 20c... Ginn legislation. ......Jacobs

Houghton, M. & Co Wordsworth, C:, Episcopate of. See Wordsworth, J: Wordsworth, J: Episcopate of Charles Wordsworth, Bishop of St. Andrews, Dunkeld, and Dunblane, 18531892. 99. (Je3) O. $5... ..... Longmans

Wordsworth, W: Selected poems. '99. (014) T. (Nat. lib., new ser., v. 7. no. 327.) pap., roc.. ......Cassell Sonnets; ed. by G. C. M. Smith. '99. 1 il. (Ags) 16°, (Temple classics.) 50c.; limp leath., 75c. Macmillan - and the Coleridges. Yarnall, E. $3. ......Macmillan

- Early life of. Legonis, E. $3............. Scribner Working people, Higher life for. See Stephens, W. W. Workingman detective. McKenzie, D. J. Toc. Street World almanac and encyclopedia. '99. c. (Ja14) D. ..Press Pub pap., 25c......

Hist. of. See Grosvenor, E. A.-Ridpath, J: C. - in a garden. Neish, R. $1.75............. Macmillan pictures. See Phillips, E. C.

10 V. ea., $3.50; ....F. P. Kaiser

World's best orations. Brewer, D: J. $4; $5... Columbian Exposition, Official history of. Johnson, R. 4 v. subs., $24: $30: $36.. Appleton Wormeley, Kath. Prescott, (ed, and tr.) Correspondence of Madame Princess Palatine; of Marie-Adélaïde de Savoie, duchess de Bourgogne; and of Madame de Maintenon, in relation to Saint-Cyr; introds, from C. A. Sainte-Beuve Versailles ed. 99. pl. pors. (Ag12)

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Worthington, Eliz. Strong. How to cook husbands, 99. c. 11. (Je24) S. $1; leath., $1.25............. Dodge Wotan, Siegfried, and Brünhilda. Chapin, A. A. $1.25. Harper Wotton, Mabel E. Little Browns. 1900 ['99.] 1. Scribner (D2) O. $2.. Wounds, Treatment of. Pilcher, L. S. $3...... Wood Wrapson, Ja. P., and Gee, W. W. Haldane. Mathematical and physical tables for use of students in technical schools and colleges. 99. (F4) 8°, net. $2.25 Wreck of Stebbins pride. Wilson, L. L. 15c.

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Wright, H. B., (ed.) Sunday evening talks to Yale undergraduates, by C: E. Jefferson and others. (Jir) sq. 16°, pap., net, 35c...........E: P. Judd Wright, J. (ed.) Prayers for priests and people, parish and the home. 2d ed. rev. and enl. '99. c. 98. (Jlas) 12°, $2; cf., $3.25.. .Church Bk

Wright, Mrs. Julia MacNair. Bonnie boy. ['99.] C il. (014) D. $...

Wright, L. Practical poultry keeper. ed. '99. il. col. pls. (My6) 12o, $2. Wright, Mabel Osgood. Wabeno the c. (N4) D. $1.50....

..Am. Tr

New rev. enl .... Cassell

magician. '99. Macmillan

Wright, P. T. Fruit culture for amateurs; with app. on usects and other pests, by W. D. Drury. '99. il. (Mr25) 12°, $1.25... . Scribner Wright, T:, (comp.) Caricature history of the Georges. New cheaper ed. '99. (Ap15) 12°, $1.25 ...... Scribner Writer of books. Paston, G: $1; 50c........Appleton Writing, Rapid. See Backes, J.

Wyeth, J: Allan. Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest. '99. c. il. por. (S16) O. $4..

........Harper Wynport College. Harrison, F: $1.50....... Scribner Wyoming. Supreme ct. reports by Potter, C: N. 199. c. v. 6. O. shp., $5.. ...Callaghan Wyss, J: Rudolf, and Montolieu, J. I. P. de B., Baronne de. Swiss family Robinson. ['99. c. il. (S3) S (Children's favorite classics.) 60c.

[blocks in formation]

prayer-meeting talks. Banks, L: A. $1. Yeats, S. Levett. Heart of Denise, and other tales. c. '98. il. (Mr4) D. $1.25.... Yechton, Barbara (pseud.) See Krausé, L. F. Yellow danger. Shiel, M. P. $1............... Fenno Yellow wall paper. Stetson, C. P. 50c......... Small Yesterday framed in to-day. Alden, Mrs. 1. M. $1.50. Yiddish literature in the nineteenth century. Wiener, L. net, $2..... .... Scribner

[blocks in formation]
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York, Cathedral church of. See Brock, A. C.
Yorke, Ant. College boy. '99. (A p29) D. 85c.. Benziger
Yorke, F. H: Our ducks. '99. (Ag19) 12°, $1.50.
Am. Field
Yorkshire. Norway, A. H. $2...........Macmillan
Young, Egerton Ryerson. Apostle of the north, Rev.
James Evans. ['99.] c. por. (N4) D. $1.25..... Revell
Winter adventures of three boys in the Great Lone
Land. ['99.] c. il. (N18) O. $1.25........ Eaton & M
Young, Ja. Rankin, and Moore, J. Hampton. Remi-
niscences and thrilling stories of the war, by returned
heroes. '99. il. pors. (Ap15) 8°, subs., $2; mor., $2.75;
full mor., $3.25
W. W. Wilson

Young, Lucien. Real Hawaii; rev. and
The Boston" at Hawaii. '99. c. '98, '99.

[blocks in formation]

enl. ed. of il. (Je3) D. Doubleday

c. '85. '98. .... Lamson Macmillan Crowell .Heath Burt


Young Rajah. Knight, A. L. 50c............. Dutton Robin Hood. Fenn, G: M. 50c.............. Dutton - savage. Krausé, L. F. $1.50.... Houghton, M. & Co -volunteer. Crowell, J. E. $1; 25C....... ...Neely Younghusband, G. J. The Philippines and round about. '99. 11. map (Ap22) 16o, net, $2.50. Macmillan Yule-tide yarns. Henty, G: A. $1.50......Longmans Z, Z. (pseud.) Business venture in Los Angeles '99. il. (D23) 12°, $1....


Zack, [pseud. for Gwendoline Keats.] On trial. '99.

D. $1.50.....


Zambezia. See Bertrand, A. Zangwill. Israel. They that walk in darkness. '99. (D2) 12°, $1.50.... ........ Macmillan Zart, Gustav. Charm of Jesus; tr. from author's rev. notes by W. Rauschenbusch. ['99.] c. (S23) D. (What is worth while ser.) leatherette, 350..... Crowell Zeyer,, and Drechsler, Decorative sculptor work. Ist ser. '99. il. (Ags) 4°, portfolio, $8 Hessling Zickel's (S.) Illustrirter deutsch-Am. Familien-kalen der, 1900. '99. (N11) 4°, pap.. 25c.............. Zickel Ziegenspeck, Rob., M.D. Massage treatment in diseases of women; authorized tr., by F. H. Westerschulte. '99. il. (Ag19) 8°, net, $2.50..... Chic. Med. Bk

$1.25. Penn Pub. Co Ziegler, Ernst. General pathology; from the 9th rev. Germ. ed.; ed. by Al. H. Buck. '99. il. (S2) 8°. net, $5; shp., net, $5.75... Wood


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Of the Books of 1899

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