To Amend the Foreign Military Sales Act: Hearings, Ninety-first Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 15628 ... February 5, 17, 1970

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1970 - Broj stranica: 75
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Stranica 2 - First, the United States will keep all of its treaty commitments. Second, we shall provide a shield if a nuclear power threatens the freedom of a nation allied with us or of a nation whose survival we consider vital to our security.
Stranica 40 - States to promote a better understanding of the United States in other countries, and to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.
Stranica 60 - No funds authorized to be made available under this Act (except under section 214) shall be used to furnish assistance to any country- which has failed to take appropriate steps, not later than 60 days after the date of enactment of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1963— (A) to prevent ships or aircraft...
Stranica 5 - That, whenever the President determines it to be important to the security of the United States...
Stranica 2 - I believe that the best hope of reducing our overseas involvements and expenditures lies in getting allied and friendly nations to do even more than they are now doing in their own defense. To realize that hope, however, requires that we must continue, if requested, to give or sell them the tools they need for this bigger load we are urging them to assume.
Stranica 25 - President went on to say, that "we shall look to the nation directly threatened to assume the primary responsibility of providing the manpower for its defense.
Stranica 6 - Act of 1961, as amended, the extent and character of the military requirement, and the economic and financial capability of the recipient country, with particular regard being given, where appropriate, to proper balance among such sales, grant military assistance, and economic assistance as well as to the impact of the sales on programs of social and economic development and on existing or incipient arms races.
Stranica 43 - ... slow. As late as July 1969, almost two years after the Malta proposal, the Department of State had not yet formulated a policy, or was not ready to divulge its position if it had one. Testifying before Senator Pell's Subcommittee on Ocean Space, the Honorable U. Alexis Johnson, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, was asked whether the issue of the outer continental shelf boundaries was a question of language or modality. . . . Frankly, Mr. Chairman [answered Mr. Johnson], the question...
Stranica 61 - ... decreasing sales to the developed and industrialized countries and increasing sales to the lesser developed countries. This is a disturbing trend, and I think runs contrary to a widespread feeling in the Congress that we are encouraging too much armament going to the developing countries. I would now like to ask you to turn to page 4 of your statement, and page 9 of the classified presentation here. Now in your statement, you make much of the fact that over a past period sales to Africa have...
Stranica 2 - Neither the defense nor the development of other nations can be exclusively or primarily an American undertaking. The nations of each part of the world should assume the primary responsibility for their own well-being; and they themselves should determine the terms of that well-being. We shall be faithful to our treaty commitments, but we shall reduce our involvement and our presence in other nations

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