The Lancet, Opseg 2

J. Onwhyn, 1847


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Stranica 289 - The Principles of Physiology, applied to the Preservation of Health, and to the Improvement of Physical and Mental Education.
Stranica 22 - George William Frederick, Earl of Clarendon, Lord Lieutenant-general and General Governor of Ireland. MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY, — We, the undersigned...
Stranica 211 - ... and evening visits are made." Its utility in the dissecting-room is confirmed by the statements made by Mr. Bowman, Dr. Sharpey, Mr. Partridge, Dr. Murray, and Dr. V. Pettigrew, who concur in asserting, that in a proper degree of dilution its success is complete, and that it appears to preserve the colour and texture of the parts very admirably. It has, further, the very important advantage of not acting on the steel instruments employed, being in this respect equal to alcohol.
Stranica 211 - Having used the chloride of zinc rather extensively on board Her Majesty's ship ' Vengeance,' whilst employed in the conveyance of troops, I think proper to report to you the result thereof. We carried the first battalion of the forty-second regiment, consisting of about 700 men, women and children, from Malta to Bermuda. Measles had prevailed epidemically in the regiment previously to their embarkation, but we received none on board...
Stranica 214 - Formerly, in the treatment of these common cases, he had employed the frequent local application of leeches, and counterirritation to the sacrum, &c., with the use of pessaries of mercurial and iodine ointment, keeping the indurated tissues imbedded in these applications, &c. The cure in this way is tedious, and months are often required before the indurated parts become reduced. Various local escharotics, partly to destroy the indurated tissues by direct decomposition, and partly to soften down...
Stranica 253 - ... relaxed. This fact of the natural contraction of the substance of the uterus closing the smallest pore of the vessels, so that no vessels are to be seen, where we nevertheless know that they are large and numerous, demonstrates that a very principal effect of the muscular action of the womb is the constringing of the numerous vessels which supply the placenta, and which must be ruptured when the placenta is separated from the womb.
Stranica 7 - ... from which circumstance alone the origin of all these organs might have been referred to the leaves, but...
Stranica 67 - It would seem as if, with them, the physiological congestion which is inseparably connected with menstruation could not take place without great pain being experienced. This may be either from the uterus being naturally morbidly susceptible to the stimulation occasioned by the presence of blood, or it may be that the monthly congestion is morbidly great.
Stranica 214 - S. had abandoned these and other escharotics, and now always used the common potassa fusa. He had found it far more manageable, speedy, and certain than any other method.
Stranica 244 - Let us conclude, then, that the electric current does not naturally exist in the nerves of a living animal. The laws of its propagation require conditions which are not found fulfilled in the nervous system ; the propagation of its force is interrupted by causes which could not produce a similar effect upon the electric current.

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