Journal of Medieval Military History

Bernard S. Bachrach, Clifford J. Rogers, Kelly DeVries
Boydell Press, 2003 - Broj stranica: 179
Warfare is one of the central themes of medieval history. Until now, however, there has been no journal dedicated specifically to this area. The Journal of Medieval Military History, the new annual journal of De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History will remedy this situation by publishing top-quality scholarly articles on topics across the full thematic and chronological ranges of the study of war in the middle ages. Medieval society was dominated by men who considered themselves more as soldiers than landlords, judges or administrators. More of society's resources went into fortifications than cathedrals; deeds of arms were a topic rivalled in literature only by love; and in many times and places the common people dreaded war far more than famine or plague. War was the greatest force in determining the evolution of medieval governments. Although the study of war, its conduct and its impact, has never been absent from medieval historiography, the past few decades have seen this field rise to new prominence. Contributors: EMILIE AMT, BERNARD BACHRACH, DOUGLAS BIGGS, CHARLES BOWLUS, JOHN FRANCE, STEPHEN MORILLO, CLIFFORD ROGERS, and J.F. VERBRUGGEN.

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The Contexts and Limits of Vegetian Strategy
The Grand Strategy behind Charlemagnes
The Composition and Raising of the Armies of Charlemagne
Some Observations on the Role of the Byzantine Navy in the Success
Military Logistics in 1224
Edmund of Langley and
Flemish Urban Militias against the French Cavalry Armies
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O autoru (2003)

Clifford J. Rogers is Professor of History, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York.

Kelly DeVries is Professor of History at Loyola College, Baltimore, USA.

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