Statistical Applications for Health Information Management

Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2006 - Broj stranica: 390
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Published in conjunction with the American Health Information Management Association(R) (AHIMA), this title covers the basic biostatistics, descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics that are unique to health information management (HIM). Computer applications used in the real world are emphasized throughout the book, with only a minimal focus on manual applications.

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Commonly Used Frequency Measures in Health Care
Graphic Display of Data
Introduction to Measurement
Measures of Central Tendency and Variability
The Normal Distribution and Statistical Inference
Hypothesis Testing of the Difference Between
Analysis of Variance
Correlation and Linear Regression
Nonparametric Methods
Location Tests for Single and Paired Samples
Statistical Tables
Frequency Distribution of Discharges
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O autoru (2006)

Carol E. Osborn, PhD, RHIA, earned an undergraduate degree in health information management from Mercy College of Detroit, a master's degree in health sciences education and evaluation from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and a PhD in research and evaluation from The Ohio State University. Dr. Osborn is currently the Assistant Director, Medical Information Management, The Ohio State University Medical Center, and is responsible for compliance, documentation improvement, and forms management. She also serves on The Ohio State University Institutional Review Board. Dr. Osborn has spent most of her career in the academic setting, teaching at both the University of Illinois at Chicago and The Ohio State University. She has also consulted in a variety of health care settings including acute care, specialty care, and health-care related organizations. She was part of the allied health education consulting team to the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She has also served as consultant to HIM baccalaureate degree programs. Dr. Osborn has been active in professional associations at the state and national levels. She has held numerous local and state offices in the states of Michigan, Illinois and Ohio, and has been a presenter at state and national meetings. Nationally, she has served on the Council of Education, Sub-Panel for Accreditation of Academic Programs, the Joint Committee on Education, and the Panel of Accreditation Surveyors. She is currently on the Editorial Review Board for the AHIMA electronic Journal of HIM Perspectives. Dr. Osborn has authored articles published in the Journal of the American Health Information Management, and chapters in AHIMA's texts on Health Information Management and Health Information Technology.

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