The Germanic loanwords in Proto-Slavic

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This book is a comprehensive study of the Germanic loanwords in Proto-Slavic. It includes an investigation of all Germanic words that were borrowed into Proto-Slavic until its disintegration in the early ninth century. Research into the phonology, morphology and semantics of the loanwords serves as the basis of an investigation into the Germanic donor languages of the individual loanwords. The loanwords can be shown to be mainly of Gothic, High German and Low German origin. One of the aims of the present study is to clarify the accentuation of Germanic loanwords in Proto-Slavic and to explain how they were adapted to the Proto-Slavic accentual system. This volume is of special interest to scholars and students of Slavic and Germanic historical linguistics, contact linguistics and Slavic accentology. Saskia Pronk-Tiethoff’s research focuses on Slavic historical linguistics and language contact between Slavic and Germanic. She studied Slavic languages and cultures and Comparative Indo-European linguistics at Leiden University, where she also obtained her doctoral degree. She currently lives in Zagreb, where she contributed to the Croatian-Dutch dictionary (Institute for Croatian Language and Linguistics), and now contributes to the Croatian Church Slavic dictionary (Old Church Slavonic Institute).

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List of abbreviations
1 Introduction
2 The ProtoSlavic prosodic system
3 Research history on the accentuation of Germanic loanwords in ProtoSlavic
4 Language contact between ProtoSlavic and Germanic tribes
Germanic loanwords in ProtoSlavic
6 Words that cannot be regarded as certain Germanic loanwords in ProtoSlavic
7 The origin of the loanwords
8 Accentological analysis of the material
9 Bibliography
10 Index
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