The People, Press, and Politics of Croatia

Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001 - Broj stranica: 245

Malovic and Selnow examine the evolution of the press-government relationship in Croatia from the Tito era to the present. Their story is one of three interacting players: the Croatian government which until recently has sat firmly in control, the compliant press which seemed little motivated to change, and the largely quiescent public which demanded little from its press or its government. A provocative, often first-hand account that will be of interest to scholars and researchers involved with Balkan current affairs, journalism, and politics.


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The Media Situation under TucTman
A Dream Fulfilled or a False Hope?
Democracy Media and Government Historical Roots
Rise of the Press Fall of the Secret Services
Fortyone Days that Changed the Country
The Role of the Press in Croatias Political Evolution
The Postwar Years
Public Input and Globalization in Croatias Future
Role of the International Community
Catalyst for Change
Journalists Killed during the War
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O autoru (2001)

STJEPAN MALOVIC' is a professor of journalism at the University of Zagreb and educational director of the Croatian Press Association. A practicing journalist since 1968, Malovic reported on domestic and foreign affairs during the years of Communism, through the war and transition period, and into the current era of press reform in Croatia. The author of two earlier books, Malovic was Editor-in-Chief of Vecernji list, the largest daily newspaper in Croatia.

GARY W. SELNOW is Professor of Communication at San Francisco State University and director of World Internet Resources for Education and Development (WIRED), a non-profit corporation that brings the Internet to war-torn regions. Selnow is the author/co-author of six earlier books, including Society's Impact on Television and High Tech Campaigns. Electronic Whistle-Stops, his latest book about the use of the Internet in American politics, was published by Praeger in 1998.

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