Slike stranica

inate the symbol-All language merely symbolical-The
thing symbolized constitutes the substance-The effect of
language a melody of ideas-Effect produced by the ar-
rangement of words-Desymbolized ideas the key to science
-Nature the expression of a definite order Nature not
what it expresses-Science poetic-Imperfect medium.
through which we have derived science-Sciences separated
by imperfection-Vanity a veil to inspiration and revelation
-Scientists manifest the ideal of religious orders-No short
cut to science-Effect of failure to find soul in the body—
Error of teaching soul was in the body-Inspiration to re-
search-Individual characteristics the expression of a
mighty force-Common ground of religion, science and
philosophy-Seers and scientists see the same light—Revela-
tion must become education-Chemical analysis not science
-Education should awaken the desire for knowledge of the
invisible God, our fellowman and nature.



Limitations of mental vision-Weight and density of
matter relative-Rock formations a remarkable history—
Puny nature of human history-Fossil and human history
both accidental-Investigation of the power that induces
investigation, necessary-Danger of thought analysis-
Death a deceiving influence-Process of the ages dissolves
the conclusions of the past-Science a search for truth—
What is the source of intelligence-Naming not explaining
-Human mind wandering phenomena-Origin of species
not the origin of the first species-Origin of the first species
-Origin of plant life-Ideas the result of concentration-
Adaptation of the unseen to the seen-Action of chemistry
mental-Mind something higher than the activity of matter
-Origin of nerves-Origin of the consciousness of flesh-
Influence of the invisible on nature.



A knowledge of life necessary to prevent death-Obvious
methods of nutrition deceiving-Activities of the obvious not
life-Life self-sustaining-Cause not in manifestation—
Causeless phenomena-Relative laws of phenomena re-
garded as intelligence-The fourth dimension-Regenera-
tion-Organized phenomena not life-Human brain and
vibration-Immaterial mind vibrationless-Voiceless truth
-Necessity of increasing our receptive capacity.



Felt-out mind the activity of the mass called matter-
Has no consciousness-Merely a system-Can be changed
by a slow process of variation-Has no reasoning power-
The thought-out mind conscious-Birth of comparative
analysis-Feeling mind dominated by fear-More active
in the thinking mind-Cowardice an attribute of the feeling
mind-Courage evidence of the influence of the Ultimate
Element Origin of reforms and prophets-Birth of con-
scious mental species-Tragedies of life due to the mesmeric
influence of the feeling mind-Failure of science to explain
prophetic vision-Evil effect of the human interpretation
of the Ultimate Element-Human consciousness dethroned-
Demand of the feeling mind yields to the Absolute-Ac-
quired traits and unnatural appetites the first to yield—
Restores the natural to its natural condition-Will correct
a diseased mentality-Explains minds-Wandering phe-
nomena not man-Knowledge derived from nature tends
toward enlightenment-Explanation of phenomena made
possible by the Ultimate Element-Highly developed con-
sciousness the channel of realization of the Absolute-Per-
version of the Absolute by the human mind-Warfare of
nature overcome by the Ultimate Element-Laws of God
expressed in action-Cause of religious persecution-

Wonderful power in the reach of man-Sensation destroyed
-Dangers of celibacy-Applied science and metaphysics-
Melody of ideas-Disappearance of the symbol-Slight
knowledge of the Ultimate Element helpful.




Analagous to induced electric currents--Sidereal activ-
ities Mysterious and intangible - Deceptive nature-
Source of secondary sex traits Debasing influence
Dangerous to teacher and student- Pictured in Jewish
allegory-Origin of personal devil-Graphically described
in the Book of Job-Responsible for psychic phenomena-
Subject of innumerable volumes under the name of mesmer-
ism—Of no use to mankind-Responsible for mistaken idea
of nature Necessity for understanding-Responsible for
misrepresentation and malice-The nemesis of religion-
Perverting influence on civilization.



Comprehensive questions-Limited view of writers-
Receptive faculty undervalued-Inexplainable awakenings
-Evolution not an intelligent force-Special and constant
interventions of the miraculous-Makers of gods-Nature
of Prophecy Nature of God-Inspired and revealed
science-Difficulty in realizing the Absolute-Elimination
of the symbol necessary-Impossibility of obvious demon-
stration Failure of nature to explain nature-Spontaneous
generation-Possibility of laboratory demonstration of life
-Value of false conclusions-Impossibility of creating good
-Power derived from intelligence-Fragmentary nature
of works on mental causes-Discoveries often re-statements
-Negative nature of the human mind-Impossibility of
arguing a lie out of existence-Science of desymbolization—
Indefinite nature of works on mind-Sub-conscious mind
and inspiration-Regretable style of writing.

Positive science and metaphysics-Metaphysics and the
science of the Bible--What the science of the Bible teaches
-The law of the prophets-The therapeutical value of the


Ratio of the value of the body to the individual—Life
not in the body-Reason for metaphysical tangents-Mind
the only activity-Structure an obstruction-Psychoplas-
mic activity-Applied science and applied efforts
and manipulation-Progress of manipulation extended to
brain cells-The nervous system-Sidereal power-Mental
gymnastics-Style of writing beneficial-Classified impres-
sions mistaken for knowledge-Potentialization of words
-Secret of education-Pain an experience only-Cause of
pain in the felt-out mind-Sense of pain in the thought-out
mind-Faith and substance Origin of diseased species—
Process of potentialization of words.

The most useful application of science-What is life—
What is death-What is matter-Necessity of humility-
The felt-out mind complete in itself—Immaterial medium

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