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T. Piper, 1889

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Stranica 102 - Paint us an angel, if you can, with a floating violet robe, and a face paled by the celestial light ; paint us yet oftener a Madonna, turning her mild face upward and opening her arms to welcome the divine glory...
Stranica 102 - All honour and reverence to the divine beauty of form ! Let us cultivate it to the utmost in men, women, and children — in our gardens and in our houses. But let us love that other beauty too, which lies in no secret of proportion, but in the secret of deep human sympathy.
Stranica 208 - The rates of postage for newspapers are on each newspaper, whether posted singly or in packets, $d. : but a packet containing two or more registered newspapers is not chargeable with a higher rate of postage than that chargeable on a book packet of the same weight, viz., \d. for every 2 oz. or portion of 2 oz.; newspapers posted unpaid will be charged with the unpaid rate.
Stranica 193 - ... used, care being taken not to increase the pressure after the first pull through. The transfer is taken from the stone without damping, when it will be found that the ink has left the paper clean. Gum up the stone in the usual way, but if possible let the transfer remain a few hours before rolling up. Do not wash it out with turpentine, and use middle varnish to thin down the ink. It should have been mentioned that varying degrees of fineness of grain can be given to the transfer by adding a...
Stranica cxxxii - YEAR'S ART: A concise Epitome of all Matters relating to the Arts of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, which have occurred during the Year 1880.
Stranica 183 - And in order that my invention may be most fully understood, and readily carried into effect, I will proceed to describe the means pursued by me in carrying out my invention.
Stranica 118 - Containing, Great Variety of Choice Secrets in Medicine and Alchymy in the Working of Metallick Mines, and the Separation of Metals : Also, Various Cheap and Easie Ways of making Salt-petre, and Improving of Barren-Land, and the Fruits of the Earth. Together with many other things very profitable for all the Lovers of Art and Industry.
Stranica 214 - One Halfpenny ; but a packet containing two or more Registered Newspapers is not chargeable with a higher rate of postage than would be chargeable on a Book-Packet of the same weight, viz., One Halfpenny for every 2 ozs., or fraction of two ozs.
Stranica xxxii - Hand and Machine Printing for Art Publications, Scientific and Antiquarian Periodicals, Machinery, Landscapes, Portraits, Pottery, Furniture Designs, Trade Advertisements, &c. The superior results given by this process, and the rapidity and cheapness by which the prints are produced, together with the advantage of printing with or without margins, place it in the first rank of processes for commercial purposes. Messrs.
Stranica 50 - The corruption of the schools of high art, so far as this particular quality is concerned, consists in the sacrifice of truth to beauty. Great art dwells on all that is beautiful; but false art omits or changes all that is ugly. Great art accepts Nature as she is, but directs the eyes and thoughts to what is most perfect in her; false art saves itself the trouble of direction by removing or altering whatever it thinks objectionable.

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