Slike stranica
[blocks in formation]

Edwards, Mrs. Annie. Philip Earnscliffe; or, the morals of Mayfair: a novel. N. Y., G: Munro, [1886-7.] (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 845.) pap., 20 c.

Edwards, Mrs. Annie. Philip Earnscliffe; or, the morals of May Fair. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1886.] 307 p. S. (Munro's lib., no. 609.) pap., 20 c.

Edwards, Mrs. Annie. A playwright's daughter: a novel. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 133 p. S. (Harper's handy ser., no. 89.) pap.,

25 c.

Tania Meredith is an altogether new character study. Her father, an English dramatist, only had one year of happiness with her mother, a beautiful Russian girl, whom he had married in Moscow. He marries again in a little while after her death, and Tania is left with her mother's family to be brought up. When Dion Meredith dies his widow, Tania's stepmother, brings the girl to London, intending, after two years of conventional mourning, to launch her into society. Tania's story begins here, and as it is one of passionate love, with a most tragical and unexpected ending, we will not anticipate its strong interest by further details.

Edwards, Mrs. Annie. A playwright's daughter: a novel. N. Y., G: Munro, [1886.] 3-107 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocked ed., no. 850.)

pap., 10 c.

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20 C.


[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

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The author, a missionary located on the Skokomish Res

ervation in Washington Territory, tells of ten years of

work among the Twanas, Clallams, and other Indians. He does not try to excite interest and enthusiasm by making an overdrawn picture. Those reading the book will see Just what are the difficulties with which missionaries among the Indians have to contend, and just what results they reap after their arduous labors. Mr. Eells gives much interesting information relative to the native religion and superstitions of those for whom he was working. The manners of the Indians, their customs, languages, besetting

sins, etc., receive full treatment.

Eger, Gustav, ed. Technological dictionary in the English and German languages, containing words and phrases employed in civil and military engineering, shipbuilding and navi. gation, mechanics, chemistry, industrial arts, agriculture, etc., [edited,] in co-operation with P. R. Bedson, O. Brandes, M. Brütt, C. A. Burghardt, T. Carnelly, J. J. Hummel, J. G. Lunge, J. Lüroth, G. Schäffer, W. H. M. Ward, and W. C. Williams; technically revised and enlarged by Otto Brandes. In 2 pts. Pt. 1, English-German; Pt. 2, GermanEnglish. N. Y., B. Westermann & Co., 1886. 8+711; 970 p. O. pap., $9.90.

This work, which has been compiled by the foremost authorities on the subject in England and Germany, aims to cover in as exhaustive a manner as possible all the words and terms relating to the principal departments if technology-architecture, engineering, construction of cial care has been given to the commercial terms, which machinery, mechanics, and chemical technology, etc. Speare very full and correct. Egleston, Melville.

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Felix Holt the radical.

Mrs. J. W. Cross.] N. Y., G: Munro, [1886.] 457 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 693.) pap., 20 c.

Eliot, George, [pseud. for Mrs. J. W. Cross.]
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N. Y.,

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pap., Io c.

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Ellerton, E: A fatal resemblance: a novel. N. Y., F. P. Lennon, 1885. 2+391 p. D. cl., $1.25.

The story of a fiendish revenge perpetrated by the dissi-
He steals
pated disinherited younger son of a rich man.
his elder brother's child, which bears a remarkable resem-
blance to his own little girl, and has the same name, and
mixes them up hopelessly. The deception is carried on
through a long course of years, causing much misery and
misconceptions; for though the elder brother at last finds
his child, or rather both the children, he receives no proof

till toward the end of the book as to which is his own.
*Elliot, Frank M., ed. History of Omega
Chapter and reminiscences of Northwestern:
historical and descriptive sketches of college
life. Evanston, Ill., Frank M. Elliot, 1885.
264 p, I il. S. cl., $2; flex. leath., $3.50.
Elliot, H: W. Our Arctic province, Alaska and
the Seal Islands. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons,
1886. 14+466 p. il. and maps, O. cl., $4.50.
Contains all the information it was possible to gather to-
gether about the past history, present conditions, resour-
ces, and possibilities of the future of Alaska. The chapter
headings are as follows: Discovery, occupation, and trans-
fer; Features of the Sitkan region: Aboriginal life of the
Sitkans: The Alpine zone of Mount St. Elias; Cook's In-
let and its people; The great island of Kadiak; The quest
of the otter; The great Aleutian chain; Wonderful Seal
Islands: Amphibian millions; The Alaskan sea-lion;
Innuit life and land; Lonely northern wastes; Morse and
Mahlemoot. The illustrations have in the majority of
cases been made direct from nature; they are quite abun-
dant and a great addition to the work. The author, who
is both a scientist and a naturalist, spent six or seven years
in studying the country and the people.

Eliot, W: G. The Story of Archer Alexander,
from slavery to freedom, March 30, 1863.
Bost., Cupples, Upham & Co., 1885. 123 p.
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The biography of the last fugitive slave captured under civil law in Missouri.

Elliott, Miss Charlotte. Just as I am; with il.
by Clark Stanton. N. Y., T: Nelson & Sons,
[1886.] No paging, S. cl., 75 c.
Illustrated edition of the well-known hymn, printed
only on one side of thick paper; with a biography of the

[blocks in formation]
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in making his escape. This volume is dedicated to an ac

count of Jack's and the Indian Deerfoot's adventures in
search of the German boy, whom they only succeeded in
finding after many hardships and dangers.

*Ellis, Howard. The reporter digest; in-
cluding a careful digest of important cases
reported in v. 1-4 of American Law Times
reports; v. 1-17 of the Reporter, the two
publications extending from 1874 to 1884.
Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886. O.
shp. net, $8.
Ellits, Dr.

Othello and Desdemona, their characters and the manner of Desdemona's death; with a notice of Calderon's debt to Shakespeare: a study. Phil., J. B Lippincott Co., 1887 [1886.] 82 p. S. cl., $1.

"It is the development of the victim's fate in the tragedy of Othello, that we propose to consider, and endeavor to show with what consummate art the dramatist unfolds also that Othello's ven

the nobly mournful tale;
geance involved no vindictive element, but was a purely
Judicial act, from which his heart recoiled as much as his
duty compelled him to perform it."-Author's Prologue.
*Elocutionist's annual, no. 14. Phil., The Na-
tional School of Elocution and Oratory, 1886.
200 p. D. cl., 50 c.; pap., 30 c.

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the Hudson river. Balt., N. Murray, pub. agt.
of Johns Hopkins Univ., 1886. 68 p. O.
(Johns Hopkins University studies, fourth
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Account of some of the first settlers and settlements of New York.

ly, R: T. French and German socialism in
modern times. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 274 p.
S. (Harper's handy ser., no. 75.) pap., 25 c.
See notice Weekly Record," P.W., Sept. 29, 83, 1610.]
Ely, R: T. The labor movement in America.

N. Y., T: Y. Crowell & Co., [1886.] 14+373 P.
D. cl., $1.50.

This work is the result of several years' labor on the part of Prof. Ely, who is an acknowledged authority, both in Europe and America, on economic and social topics. It is one of the most complete historical sketches yet published of the origin and growth both of socialism and of labor organizations. The book begins with a survey of the field and a history of early American communism; the subsequent chapters relate to the growth and present condition of labor organizations in America; the economic and educational value of labor organizations; other aspects of labor organizations; co-operation in America; the beginnings of modern socialism in America; the Internationalists; the propaganda of deed and the educational campaign; the Socialistic Labor Party; the strength of revolutionary socialism, its significance; remedies. An appendix contains the platforms of the National Labor Union and the Socialistic Labor Party, with the pledges and constitutions of a number of working men's associations.

Ely, R: T. Report of the organization of the
American Economic Assoc. Balt., J: Murphy
& Co., 1886. 3-46 p. O. (Publications of the
Amer. Economic Assoc., v. I, no. 1.) pap.,

50 c.

The objects for which this society was formed, and of The encouragewhich this is the first publication, are: ment of economic research; the publication of economic monographs; the encouragement of pertect freedom in all economic discussion, and the establishment of a bureau of information designed to aid all members with friendly counsels in their economic studies. N. Y., *Emerson, R. W. Essays second ser. J: B. Alden, 1886. 199 p. D. cl., 50 c. *Emerson, R. W. Nature, and other addresses. N. Y., J: B. Alden, 1886. IoT p. D. cl.,

40 c.

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Enault, L. Carine. Première edition. N. Y., W: R. Jenkins, 1886. 181 p. S. (Contes choisis, no. 7.) pap.. 25 C.


Relates the love adventures of a young French artist, who visits the grand and picturesque scenery of Norway, and a Norwegian maiden named "Carine. The story is a simple but an interesting one, and, like the rest of this series, unexceptional in moral tone, of excellent literary quality, and alike suited to the general reader or the student.


*Encyclopædia Britannica: a dictionary of arts, sciences, and general literature. 9th ed. V. 1720. Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 1886. Maps and il. O subs. cl. ea., $8; hf. mor., $10. *Encyclopædia Britannica. a dictionary of arts, sciences, and general literature. 9th ed. V. 20. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1886. 862 p. O. subs. cl., $5; leath., $6; hf. cf., $7; hf. rus., $8. *Encyclopædia Britannica: a dictionary of arts, sciences, and general literature. 9th ed. [American reprint,] with a complete index. V. 17-20. Phil., J. M. Stoddart Co., 1886. Maps and il. O. cl. ea. subs., $5; shp., $6. *Eneleh, H. B. Tempest tossed; a drama, in four acts. N. Y., A. T. B. De Witt, 1886. 32 p. D. pap., 15 c. *Engel, Rev. A. O., Bibellesezettel auf comp. das kirchenjahr 1885-1886. St. Louis, Mo., L. Volkening, 1886. S. pap., 6 c.

*Engel, L: From Mozart to Mario: Auber, Rossini, Verdi, Meyerbeer, Berlioz, Gounod Chopin, Schumann, Mozart, Wagner, Paganini, Thalberg, Patti, Nilsson, Mario. N. Y., Scribner & Welford, 1886. 2 V. O. cl., $6. England as seen by an American banker: notes on a pedestrian tour. Bost., D Lothrop & Co., [1885.] 3+345 p. D. cl., $1.50. Studies of various phases of English country and city life. The unknown author discourses with much cleverness upon English roads, old inns, English railways, farming, county agricultural shows, mining, coal resources, strolling actors, hiring servants, the bank of England, rates of interest, curious advertisements, and many other opposite subjects.

*English catalogue of books for 1885; contain

ing a complete list of all the books published in Great Britain and Ireland in 1885. N. Y., Scribner & Welford, 1886. 120 p. O. pap., $2.

*English etchers: fifteen etchings by Murray, Strang, Chattock, Pennell, Dobie, Cooper, and others. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1885. F. cl.. $12.50.

*English lyrics. N. Y., Scribner & Welford, 1886. 296 p. S. (Ideal ser.) cl., $2. Ennery, Adolphe D'. Love's martyr; or, the wife's sacrifice, (Martyre): tr. by N. Bradbury Walker. N. Y. and Chic., Rand, McNally & Co., 1886. 3-199 p. D. pap.,

Two Neapolitans-a brother and sister-from the very lowest strata of society enter into a scheme to pass themselves off as the heirs to an immense fortune that has laid unclaimed in Paris for a long time. Fortified with forged documents, they leave Italy for France, and are in a little while put in possession of the "twenty millions." As the adventurers are both young and handsome, they at once obtain the entrée to society. Their Aladdin like adventures and dishonest intrigues make a thrilling story, in which, however, they are finally unmasked.

Ennery, Adolphe D'. The wife's sacrifice (Le Martyr.) N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1886.] 2+94 p. S. (Munro's lib., no. 654.) pap., 10 C. Erckmann, Emile, and Chatrian, Alex. L'ami Fritz. N. Y., W: R. Jenkins, 1886. 303 p. D. (Romans choisis, no. 6.) pap., 60 c. Erckmann, E., and Chatrian, A. Les fiancés de Grinderwald; [also] Les amoureux de Catherine. N. Y., W: R. Jenkins, 1886. 104 p. S. (Contes choisis, no. 8.) pap., 85 c..


*Erichsen, J: Eric. Concussion of the spine, nervous shock, and other obscure injuries of the nervous system, in their clinical and medico-legal aspects. New rev. ed. N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 1886. 175 p. O. cl., $1.25. *Ermatinger, C. O. The Canadian franchise and election laws: a manual for the use of revising barristers, municipal officers, candidates, gents and electors. Toronto, Canada, Carswell & Co., 1886.


Errett, I:, and Monser, J. W.,

450 p. O. cl.,

comp. Standard eclectic commentary on the International S. S. lessons for 1887; with geographical notes, by J. W. McGarvey; also, a practical treatise on the week-day preparation and proper management of the school, by P. H. Duncan. Cin., O., Standard Pub. Co., 1886. 2+296 p. maps, O. cl., $i; bds., 75 c.

Ethel Mildmay's follies a story by the author of "Petite's romance." N. Y., G: Munro, [1886.] 3-348 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 786.) pap., 20 c.

*Etter, J: W., D.D. The preacher and his sermon a treatise on homiletics. Dayton, O., United Brethren Pub. House, 1886. 581 p. O. cl., $2.25.


*Euclid revised; cont. the essentials of the elements of plane geometry as given by Euclid in his first six books, with numerous additional propositions; ed. by R. C. J. Nixon. N. Y., Macmillan, 1886. 14+378 p. D. cl. net. $1.90.

Euripides. Bacchantes; edited on the basis of Wecklein's edition by I. T. Beckwith. [Edition with text and notes.] Bost., Ginn & Co., 1885. 3+146 p. D. (College ser. of Greek authors.) cl., $1.10; pap., 80 c.

Contains, besides copious foot-notes, an introductory account of the Bacchantes, and a brief critical appendix pointing out the principal departures from the authority of Wecklein's MSS., together with the sources from which the readings adopted in such cases are derived. Greek index. Index of subjects. See also note under Euripides, Bacchantes, P. W., "Weekly Record," Dec. 26, '85, [726.] Evangelical Lutheran Church. Nachrichten von den vereinigten deutschen Evangelisch Lutherischen gemeinen in Nord Amerika, absonderlich in Pennsylvanien, mit einer Vorrede von D. J: Ludewig Schulze, 1787; neu hrsg. mit historischen erläuterungen und mittheilungen aus Idem archiv der Franckeschen stiftungen zu Halle von Dr. W. J. Mann und Dr. B. M. Schmucker, unter mitwirkung von Dr. W. Germann. V. J. Allentown, Pa., Brobst, Diehl & Co., 1886. 10+724 p. O. cl., $5.

A valuable addition to the early history of German emigration into America. The notes, without which the text of the "Kurtzen Nachrichten would now be practically unintelligible to the general public, form by far the largest part of this handsome volume, and will prove of value to the student whether he be interested in the rise and progress of a powerful religious denomination, or only in the early development of a race which from the start was active in defending the autonomy of its adopted country.

Evans, W. F. Esoteric Christianity and mental therapeutics. Bost., H. H. Carter & Karrick, 1886. 174 p. D. cl., $1.50. Designed to complete a series of works on the subject of mental therapeutics, the publication of which was commenced several years ago, and which was intended to give a view of the subject in its various aspects. It contains a series of twelve lessons or lectures, which the author has given in a private way to a number of persons who were desirous of learning something of the philosophy and practice of the phrenopathic method of cure. They present briefly and plainly the principles that underlie the practice of the mental system of healing.


*Everett, J. D. 2d ed. N. Y., S. cl. net, $1.25. Bverett, W: Address on the services of Washington before the school children of Bost., in the Oid South Meeting House, Feb. 22, 1886. Bost., Roberts Bros., 1886. 29 P S. pap., 15 c.

Units and physical constants. Macmillan, 1886. 12+ 200 p.

*Ewing, Alex. Jerusalem the golden; il. by Clark Stanton. N. Y., T Nelson & Sons, 1886. 44 p. S. (Favorite hymns ser.) cl., 75 c. Ewing, Mrs. Juliana Horatia. A flat-iron for a farthing; or, some passages in the life of an only son. Bost., Roberts Bros., 1886. 284 p. S. cl:, $1.

In a quaint, humorous, and, at times, pathetic vein, little Reginald Dacre tells the story of his early bereavement, the advent of Nurse Bundle, how he came into pos session of the dog "Reubens," his trip to London, and his friendship for Cousin Polly, with the crowning incidents, a visit to Oxford, the purchase of a "flat-iron for a farthing," and the making of an acquaintance which ripened into a pretty little love affair.


Juliana Horatio. Jackanapes, and other stories. N. Y., G: Munro, [1886.] 3128 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 752.) pap.. 10 c.

Ewing, Julia Horatio. Lob-lie-by-the-fire; or, the luck of Lingborough; il. by Randolph Caldecott. N. Y., E. and J. B. Young & Co., [1885.] 1. D. bds., 30 c.

Lob-lie-by-the-fire, called by Milton "the lubber fiend," is a rough brownie, or house elf, supposed to haunt some North country homesteads. A child's story told in the charming way which characterizes Mrs. Ewing's books. Ewing, Juliana Horatia. Mary's meadow and letters from a little garden, il. by Gordon Browne. N. Y., E. & J. B. Young & Co., [1886.] 96 p. O. bds., 30 c.

In 1883 Mrs. Ewing went to live at Villa Ponente, Taunton, where she reverted to a favorite pursuit of her girlhood-the practical cultivation of flowers-hence the origin of "Mary's meadow." It was her last serial story, published in Aunt Judy's Magazine in 1883-1884, and was followed by." Letter from a little garden," which Mrs. Ewing's death left unfinished. The chief charm of the book is in the blending of humor and pathes when Mary tell how she, with her brothers and sisters, made their "Earthly paradise," a game in which each child assumed Chris creates a character, and dressed to suit the part. much amusement by quaint sayings and his conception of the part "Hose in hose."

*F., S., and C. W. Lessons on practical sub-
jects for grammar-school children (money,
banks, strikes, taxes, etc.). 2d ed.
Little. Brown & Co., 1885.

S. bds., 40 c. Face to face. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1886. 3+396 p. D. cl., $1.25.

Capital and labor are brought "face to face" in this story of the life of Evelyn Pimlico. She is an English girl who comes to America alone under peculiar circumstances. She visits friends at Newport. She meets an old family friend who grows very fond of her and leaves her $15,000,000. Evelyn now tries to make the workmen at her mills contented, builds cottages, attends to sewerage, pays better wages than other mill-owners, etc. works under the direction of a man who is a radical social


[blocks in formation]


Robert Edmund Carrington, M.D. Phil., Blakiston, Son & Co., 1886. 2 v. 1040; 900 p. O. cl., $10; leath.. $12: hf. mor., $14. *Fa-hier. Kung. A record of Buddhistic kingdoms, being an account by the Chinese monk Fâ-hien of his travels in India and Ceylon A.D. 399-414, in search of the Buddhist books of discipline; tr. and annotated with a Coran recension of the Chinese text by James Legge. N. Y., Macmillan, 1887 [1886]. 15+123+40 p. Chinese text, sq. O. bds., net, $2.75.

*Fairall, Herbert S. The World's Industrial and Cotton Gentennial Exposition, New Orleans, 1884-85. Iowa City, Iowa, Republican Pub. Co., 1886. 430 p. D. cl., $2. *Fairbairn, Rob. B., D.D. Sermons preached in the chapel of St. Stephen's College, Annandale, N. Y. N. Y., T: Whittaker,

1885. 350 p. O. cl., $2. *Falke, Jacob von.

Greece and Rome; their life and art. New cheaper ed. N. Y., H: Holt & Co., 1885. 11. Q. cl., $10.

Fall, C: G. A village sketch, and other poems. Bost., Cupples, Upham & Co., 1886.

116 p. S. cl., 50 c.


"Presents some smooth and pleasant verse for commendation, and here and there a striking thought, crisply and strikingly conveyed. In delicate fancy, or in imagination in its higher or more graceful flight, the book is not prolific, but there is a pleasing and an earnest sincerity of elevated feeling manifested throughout, and there is also a sentiment which in its expression shows poetic taste and instinct."-Bost. Saturday Evening Gazette.

Families (The) of John and Jake. Cin., Rob.
Clarke & Co, 1886. 21 p. D. pap., 10 C.
A plea for better t-nement houses for the poor of Cin-

Bost., Lee & Shepard,

*Famous boy ser., 4 v. 1886. Il. S. cl., ca.. $1. Fargus, F: J:, ["Hugh Conway," pseud.] Bound by a spell. N. Y., J: S. Ogilvie & Co., [1886.] 3-185 p. D. (The home ser.) pap., 50 c.

The hero resembles "Daniel Deronda" in the fact of being Silas Carston is the chief a great unknown." attraction in the group of characters, of which each seems Silas is introduced as possessed of an individual mystery.

a pupil in the school of the Rev. Josiah Porter, where he quickly runs the gamut of schoolboy, usher, and husband of his master's daughter, who gains ascendancy over him by her mesmeric powers, which are as binding as a spell. He finally escapes the strange power of Judith Porter's eyes for a time, and new complications ensue, which lead to the discovery of Silas' identity. Fargus, F: J:, ["Hugh Conway," pseud.] Bound by a spell. N. Y., G: Munro, [1886.] 3-169 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 830.) pap.. 20 c.

45 P

Fargus, F: J: ["Hugh Conway," pseud.] Bound by a spell. N. Y., G: Munro, [1886.] Q. (Seaside lib., no. 2074.) pap., 20 c. Fargus, F: J: ["Hugh Conway," pseud.] Bound by a spell. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1886.] 2+145 P. S. (Munro's lib., no. 614.) pap.,

10 C.

ist, a workman, combining the love of luxury of his gentle- Fargus, F: J: ["Hugh Conway," pseud.] Called

man father with the brutal instincts of his low-born mother A satisfactory love story runs through the book. The conversations and arguments about improving the lower classes are most interesting, but the author leaves the great problem as unsolved as ever, and does not commit himself to either side of the carefully presented question' *Fagge, C: Hilton, M.D. The principles and practice of medicine; ed. by P. H. PyeSmith, M.D.; including a section on cutaneous diseases, by P. H. Pye-Smith, M.D.; chapters on cardiac diseases, by Samuel Wilks, M.D., and complete indexes, by

back. Chic., Rand, McNally & Co., 1886. 288 p. D. pap., 25 c.

Fargus, F: J:, ["Hugh Conway." pseud.] A cardinal sin: a novel. N. Y., H: Holt & Co., 1886. 2+429 p. S. (Leisure hour ser., no. 185.) cl., $1; pap.. 30c.

The opening chapter gives the key to the story, which is of the sensational order. A claiment appears for a vast English estate, fortified by undisputable evidence in the way of papers, etc. In a midnight interview with the man in possession he is shot-murdered the reader knows-but


the verdict rendered against "Philip Tremaine Bourchier, Esq., M. P.," is "killed in self-defence." All kinds of complications arise from this incident. The murdered man's papers get into the hands of an unscrupulous fellow who pretends to be his son, and who terrorizes over the murderer, until death ends the careers of both. Love and marriage play their parts, and there are two interesting heroines.

Fargus, F: J:, ["Hugh Conway," pseud.] A cardinal sin: a novel. N. Y.. J: W. Lovell Co, [1886.] 336 p. S. (Lovell's lib., no. 715.) pap., 20 c. Fargus, F: J:, [" Hugh Conway," pseud.] A cardinal sin : a novel. N. Y., G: Munro, [1886.] 3-351 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 711.) pap., 20 c.

Fargus, F: J:, ["Hugh Conway," pseud.] A cardinal sin: a novel. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1886.] 261 p. S. (Munro's lib., no. 525.) pap., 20 c.


Fargus, F: J, ["Hugh Conway," pseud.] cardinal sin: a novel. N. Y., J. S. Ogilvie & Co., [1886.] 336 p. D. cl., $i. Fargus, F. J., ["Hugh Conway," pseud.] Liv ing or dead: a novel. N. Y., H: Holt & Co., 1886. 2+338 p. S. (Leisure hour ser., no. 190.) cl., $1; pap., 25 c.

The mystery around which the plot revolves is one which had separated a husband and wife for many years. The husband, who was supposed to be dead, lived under an assumed name in an out-of-the-way part of England, his son living with him. It is this boy who tells the story. Becoming wearied of his lonely life, he begs his father to let him go to Oxford. Once launched upon the world, chance brings him to London and in contact with his mother, there being of course no' recognition between the

pair. How the misunderstanding occurred between the boy's parents and how they are finally reconciled are well


Fargus, F: J., ["Hugh Conway," pseud.] Living or dead. N. Y., J: W. Lovell Co., [1886.] 258 p. S. (Lovell's lib., no. 745.) pap., 20 c. Fargus, F: J., ["Hugh Conway," pseud.] Living or dead. N. Y., G: Munro, 1866. 274 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 804.) рар., 20 с.

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*Farini, G. A. Through the Kalahari desert: a narrative of a journey with gun, camera, and note-book to Lake N'Gami and back N. Y., Scribner & Welford, 1886. 470 p. map and il. O. cl., $5.

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Parker is furious; then, later, comes to terms with one of them, and by his connivance shuts up Lina in a private asylum, of which the late Mr. Parker had been in charge. From her eleventh to her twenty-fifth year Lina suffers at her aunt's hands. All ends happily.

Farjeon, B. L. Aunt Parker: a novel. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1886.] 2+268 p. S. (Munro's lib., no. 526.) pap., 20 c.

Farjeon, B. L. The bright star of life: a novel. N. Y., Harper, [1886.] 168 p. S. (Harper's handy ser., no. 104.) pap., 25 c.

Strange scene, intricate plot, or sensational incident, has no place in this novel the theme of the story is a friendship formed in Switzerland, which is lost sight of in a quaint little romance which causes an estrangement that leads to a meeting in a strange country a renewal of old vows, and a happy reunion. Farjeon, B. L.

Christmas angel. N. Y., G: Munro, [1885.] 3-103 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 657.) pap., 10 C.

Farjeon, B. L. The golden land; or, links from shore to shore; il. by Gordon Browne. N. Y., Ward, Lock & Co., 1886. 344 p. D. cl., $2.

N. Y.,

Recounts the adventures of the Spencer party, who leave England on the sailing vessel The Pride of the Ocean, bound for Australia, or "The golden land." Uncle David, Little Eleanor, and The Mite contribute the most to a thoroughly interesting juvenile. Farjeon, B. L. The nine of hearts. Ward, Lock & Co., [1886.] 220 p. S. pap., $2. The scene is laid in London; the plot is a wheel within a wheel, and involves a number of sensational incidents; the one which interests and mystifies the most is a peculiar case of circumstantial evidence, in which "the nine of hearts" plays a very prominent part.

Farjeon, B. L. The nine of hearts: a novel. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 216 p. S. (Harper's handy ser., no. 107.) pap., 25 c.

Reference-directory of the *Farley, A. C. book, stationery, printing and paper trades in the United States. 6th year. Phil., A. C. Farley & Co., 1886. O. cl., subs., net, $10. *Farley's reference-directory of the machinists, plumbers, gas fitters, iron, steel and metal-working trades in the United States, for 1885. 4th year. Phil., A. C. Farley & Co., 1885. Q. cl. net, $10.

Farmer, E. J. The conspiracy against silver; or, a plea for bi-metallism in the U. S. New ed. Cleveland, O., Hiles & Coggshall, 1886. 142 p. O. pap., 25 c.

Farmer, Lydia Hoyt. The boys' book of famous rulers. N. Y., T: Y. Crowell & Co., [1886.] 8+477 p. il. D. cl., $1.50.

Gives in as concise a manner as possible, consistent with graphic narration and biographical completeness, the most important and interesting events in the lives of the following famous rulers: Agamemnon, Cyrus the Great, Alexander the Great, Julius Cæsar, Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, Richard Coeur de Lion, Robert Bruce, Ferdinand V of Spain, Philip II. of Spain, Gustavus Adolphus, Louis XIV., Peter the Great, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon I. Also a brief history of the various epochs in which they lived, with descriptions of the manners and customs of the people comprising the several nations governed by them. Il. by nearly 80 full-page pictures. Farrar, C: A. J. Down the West Branch; or, camps and tramps around Katahdin. Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1886. 5-311 p. S. (Lake and forest ser., no. 3.) cl., $1.25.

A party of Boston boys, members of the "Lake and Forest Club," visits a new part of the Maine wilderness and finds excellent sport. All the forest scenes are natural and correct. The author writes thoroughly healthy boys' books.

*Farrar, F: W:, D.D. History of interpretation. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1886. 553 p. O. (Bampton lectures for 1885.) cl., $3.50.

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