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List of Books Published by D. APPLETON & COMPANY in 1886—Continued.

The Silence of Dean Maitland. A Novel. By Maxwell Grey. 12mo, paper, 50 cents. Doris's Fortune. A Novel. By the author of "The House on the Marsh." 12mo, paper, 25 cents. Double Cunning. The Tale of a Transparent Mystery. By George Manville Fenn. 12mo, paper, 50


For Mamie's Sake. A Story of Love and Dynamite. By Grant Allen. 12mo, paper, 25 cents. Love's Martyr. A Novel. By Miss Laurence Alma Tadema. 12 mo, paper, 50 cents.

Dear Life. A Novel. By J. E. Panton, author of Jane Caldicott," "The Curate's Wife," etc. 12mo, paper, 25 cents.

By Edward 12mo, paper,

The Secret of Her Life. A Novel. Jenkins, author of "Ginx's Baby," etc. 25 cents. Little Tu'penny. A Tale. By S. Baring-Gould. 12mo, paper. New Twenty-five Cent Series. The Broken Shaft: Tales in Mid-Ocean. Told by F. Marion Crawford, R. Louis Stevenson, F. Anstey, W. H. Pollock, William Archer, and others. 12mo, paper, 25 cents.

The Witching Time. Tales for the Year's End. By F. Marion Crawford, W. E. Norris, Laurence Alma Tadema, Vernon Lee, Edmund Gosse, and others. Uniform with the "Broken Shaft" of last year. 12mo, paper, 25 cents.

Jacob Schuyler's Millions. A Novel. 16mo, paper, 50 cents.

A Conventional Bohemian, A Novel. By Edmund Pendleton. 12mo, cloth, $1.25; paper, 50 cts. The Aliens. A Novel. By Henry F. Keenan, author of "Trajan," etc. 12mo, cloth, $1.25. Katy of Catoctin; or, The Chain-Breakers. National Romance. By George Alfred Townsend, "Gath." 12mo, cloth, $1.50.


Tales of Eccentric Life. By William A Hammond and Clara Lanza. 12mo, paper, 25 cents.

A Politician's Daughter. A Novel. By Myra Sawyer Hamlin. 12mo, half bound, 75 cents.

Aliette (La Morte). A Novel. From the French of Octave Feuillet. author of "The Romance of a Poor Young Man," etc., etc. 12mo, paper, 50 cents; half bound, 75 cents.

Pepita Ximenez. A Novel. From the Spanish of Juan Valera. With an introduction by the author written specially for this edition. 12mo, paper, 50 cents; half bound, 75 cents.

Dr. Heidenhoff's Process. A Tale. By Edward Bellamy. New edition. 12mo, paper, 25 cents. Modern Fishers of Men. A Tale of the Various Sexes, Sects, and Sets of Chartville Church and Community. By George L. Raymond. A new edition. 12mo, paper, 25 cents.

A Centennial History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of New York, 1785-1885. With seven steel portraits of the Bishops of New York, and other illustrations on wood, fac-similes of Autographs, etc. I vol., 8vo, 460 pages; cloth, gilt top, $3.00; half calf, $5.00.

Sermons New and Old. By Archbishop Richard Chenevix Trench, D. D. 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

Notes on the Parables of our Lord. Notes on the Miracles of our Lord. By the late Archbishop Trench. New revised editions. 12mo, cloth, $1.50 each.

Fair Words About Fair Woman. Gathered from the Poets by O. B. Bunce. With nine illustrations from designs by W. H. Low. New edition. Square 12mo, cloth, extra gilt, $2.00.

Songs and Ballads of the Southern People, 1861-1865. Collected and edited by Frank Moore. 18mo, cloth, $1.00.

The Warwick Shakspere. A new and choice edition of the complete works of Shakspere, in 12 vols., 16mo, bound in cloth or in half cloth, and put up in a tasteful cloth box. In either style, $9.00 for the set.

Some Essays of Elia. By Charles Lamb. With over 100 illustrations by C. O. Murray. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, $2.00.

Don't: Directions for avoiding Improprieties in Conduct and Common Errors of Speech. Vest-pocket edition. Cloth, flexible, gilt edges, 30 cents.

French Dishes for American Tables. By Pierre Caron, formerly chef d'entremets at Delmonico's. Translated by Mrs. Frederic Sherman. Small 12mo, cloth, $1.00.

The Correspondent. By James Wood Davidson, A.M. Small 12mo, cloth, 60 cents.

A New Physical Geography. By Elisée Reclus. Being Supplementary Volumes to M. Reclus' "Earth and its Inhabitants. Edited by A. H. Keane, B.A. In 2 vols. Uniform with the previous work. Illustrated by numerous engravings and by maps printed in tints.

Vol. I THE EARTH: A Descriptive History of the Phenomena of the Life of the Globe. [Now ready.] Vol. II. THE OCEAN, AMOSPHERE, AND LIFE. Price, per vol., in sheep, $6.00; or $7.00 in half morocco. Appletons' Annual Cyclopædia, A Register of Important events in the Year 1885. New Series, Volume X. Entire Series, Volume XXV. Large 8vo, cloth, $5.00; sheep, $6.00.

Appletons General Guide to the United States and Canada. With numerous maps and illustrations. Fully revised for the Season of 1886. In three separate forms: One volume, complete, pocketbook form, roan, $2.50. New England and Middle States and Canada, one volume, cloth, $1.25. Southern and Western States, one volume, cloth, $1.25.

The Felmeres. By S. B. Elliott. New popular Appletons' European Guide-Book. A Com

edition. 12mo, paper, 50 cents.

Geier-Wally: A Tale of the Tyrol. From the German of Wilhelmine von Hillern. A new edition. 12mo, paper, 25 cents.



A Study of Mexico. By David A. Wells. printed, with additions, from "The Popular Science Monthly." 12mo, cloth, $1.00; paper, 50 cents.

Class Interests: Their Relations to Each Other and to Government. A Study of Wrongs and Remedies, to ascertain what the People should do for themselves. By the author of "Conflict in Nature and Life;" "Reforms: their Difficulties and Possibilities." 12mo, cloth, $1.00.

Studies in Modern Socialism and Labor Problems. By T. Edwin Brown, D.D. 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

plete Guide to the Continent of Europe, Egypt, Algeria, and the Holy Land. With numerous maps and illustrations. New edition for the Season of 1886, fully revised. In 2 vols. Morocco, gilt edges, $5.00.

Appletons' Guide to Mexico, including a Chapter on Guatemala, and an English-Spanish Vocabulary. By Alfred R. Conkling. With a Railway Map and numerous illustrations. Third edition, revised. cloth, $2.00.


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Published in 1886 by

A. C.

Illustrated Pocket Edition of Shakespeare's Dramatic Works and Poems.

With Glossary and Life. By J. TALFOURD BLAIR. Carefully edited from the best texts. With 40 line block reproduc tions of Westall and others' well-known engravings. 8 vols., crown 64mo, 4050 pages, set up from a new font of nonpareil type, and beautifully printed on thin opaque paper, SPECIALLY MADE FOR THIS EDITION. Elegantly bound in cloth, $3.75; French morocco, $6.00; russia, full calf, turkey morocco, each $10 (each style in a neat box).

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A series of 64 full-page wood-cuts, from a Dutch work published in 1483. An introduction. Written and illustrated by JOHN ASHTON, Preface by Rev. S. BARING-GOULD. Printed on paper made in Holland. Bound in parchment, with clasps; net, $3.75.

Legends and Popular Tales of the Basque People.

By MARIANA MONTEIRO. With full-page ILLUSTRATIONS IN PHOTOGRAVURE. By HAROLD COPPING. Small quarto vol. Tastefully printed. Cloth, illuminated cover, $3.75. (A small number of copies on large. paper, Dutch hand-made, $7.50.)


The Parables of Our Saviour, Expounded and Illustrated.

Uniform with the same author's "Limitations of Life," and "Contrary Winds," and Other Sermons.

cloth, $1.75.


The Miraculous Element in the Gospels.

By Rev. A. B. BRUCE, D.D. Octavo, cloth, gilt top, $2.50.

Hallam's (Henry) Complete Works.

Crown 8vo,

A New and Improved Edition. 8 vols., crown octavo, with full indexes, cloth, gilt top, uncut edges, $12.00 (in a box), How to Form a Library.

By HENRY B. WHEATLEY. Being the 1st volume of the " Book-Lovers' Library." 12mo, neatly bound in cloth, bevelled, uncut edges, $1.25.


PLATFORM AND PULPIT AIDS. Striking Speeches on Bible Missions, Sunday-schools, Temperance, etc. 7th vol, of “Clerical Library," cloth, $1.50.

TESTAMENT TEXTS. 8th vol. of " Clerical
Library," cloth, $1.50.

By Arrangement with Messrs. Macmillan & Co., London.

New Edition of Charles Lamb's Works.

Edited, with Notes and Introduction, by ALFRED AINGER, Now ready, 3 vols., cloth, gilt top, each $1.50. I. Essays of Elia. II. Poems, Plays, and Miscellaneous Essays. III. Mrs. Leicester's School, Adventures of Ulysses, and Other Essays. (Sold separately.)


A. C. Maclay, formerly instructor in the Imperial Cof-
lege at Tokio. With 25 full-page engravings from orig-
inal drawings. Crown 8vo, cloth, $2.00.
CODES. By Geerhardus Vos. Introduction by Wm.
Henry Green, D.D. 12mo, cloth, $1.50.
son. Uniform with "Talks with Young Men." 12mo,
illuminated cloth, $1.25.



LAST DAYS OF THE CONSULATE. the French of M. Faureil, Member of the Institute of France. Cloth, gilt top, $1.50.

A NEW WORK ON CHINA. THE DRAGON, IMAGE, AND DEMON; or, THE THREE RELIGIONS OF CHINA-CONFUCIANISM, BUDDHISM, AND TAOISM. With an account of the Mythology, Idolatry and Demonolatry of the Chinese. By Rev. H. C. Du Bose, 14 years a missionary in China. With 188 illustrations. Crown octavo, beautifully bound, cloth, bevelled, full gilt side, $2.00.

MOMENTS ON THE MOUNT. A series of Devotional
Meditations. By Rev. G. Matheson, D.D. From ad
English edition.) 12mo, cloth, $1.25.

Modern Speculations as related to Theistic Conceptions
of the Universe. By Rev. Jos. S. Van Dyke. An in-
troduction by Rev. A. A. Hodge, D.D. Crown 8vo,
cloth, $1.50.

By Linda Vallari. Illustrated with full-page engrav-
ings by Mrs. Arthur Lemon. Cloth, small quarto,
and Prophetic. By H. Grattan Guinness, author of
"The Approaching End of the Age." Octavo, cloth,

THE CHURCHETTE. A Year's Sermons and Parables
for the Young. By the Rev. J. R. Howatt. Uniform
with "Talks with Young Men." 12mo, cloth, $1.25.
POETS IN THE GARDEN. By May Crommelin.
Beautifully illustrated with full-page colored engrav-
ings. Small quarto, full gilt, bevelled and gilt edges,
$3.00, in a neat box.

POLE TO POLE. A Tale of the Sea. By Gordon Stables, RN. With full-page engravings. 12mo, cloth, full gilt side and back, $1.50.


A List of the Publications of



ALLEN, A. Commercial Organic Analysis. A Treatise on the Modes of Assaying the Various Organic Chemicals and Products employed in the Arts, Manufactures, Medicine, etc., with Concise Methods for the Detection of Impurities, Adulterations, etc. rev. and enlarged. Vol. 2, Fixed Oils and Fats, Hydro2d ed., carbons and Mineral Oils, Phenols and their Derivatives, Coloring Matters, etc. issued in 1885. 8vo, $5.00. Vol 1, 8vo, $4.50, Vol. 3 in Press. BARNES, R. Lectures on Obstetric Operations, including the Treatment of Hemorrhage, and forming a Guide to Difficult Labor. 4th ed., illus. 8vo, cloth, $3.75 BEASLEY, H. Book. Comprising a copious Veterinary Formulary: Druggists' General ReceiptRecipes in Patent and Proprietary Medicines, Druggists' Nostrums, etc.; Perfumery and Cosmetics; Beverages, Dietetic Articles and Condiments; Trade Chemicals, Scientific Processes, and an Appendix of Useful Tables. 9th ed., rev. 16mo, cloth, $2.25. BIDDLE'S (JOHN B.) Materia Medica and Therapeutics. For the Use of Students and Physicians. The 10th ed., thoroughly revised, and in many parts rewritten by CLEMENT BIDDLE, M.D., and HENRY MORRIS, M.D. Illus. 8vo, cloth, $4.00; leather, $4.75. BRUBAKER, A. P. Physiology. A Compend of Physiology, specially adapted for the use of Students and Physicians. 3d ed., rev., enlarged and illus. "No. 4? Quiz-Compend Series?" leaved for the addition of notes, $1.25. 12mo, cloth, $1.00; interCAMERON, JAS. Oils and Varnishes. Edited by JAMES CAMERON, F.I.C. Illus. Cloth, $2.50. CAZEAUX and TARNIER'S Midwifery. 8th rev. and enlarged ed. Colored plates and other illus. The Theory and Practice of Obstetrics, including the Diseases of Pregnancy and Parturition, Obstetrical Operations, etc. Edited by ROBERT J. HESS, M.D., with appendix by Paul F. Mundé, M.D. By subscription. 2 vols. 4to. COLLIE, ALEX., On Fevers. tise on Fevers. With colored plates. Being vol. 5, A Practical TreaPractical Series. 12mo, cloth, $2.50. FAGGE, C. HILTON. The Principles and Practice of Medicine. Arranged for the press by PHILIP H. PYE-SMITH, M.D. Including a section on Cutaneous Affections by the editor: Chapter on Cardiac Diseases, by SAMUEL WILKES, M. D., and Complete Indexes by ROBERT EDMUND CARRINGTON. 2 vols. Royal 8vo, cloth, $10.00; leather, $12.00: russia, $14.00. FOX, C. B. Water, Air, and Food. Sanitary Examinations of Water, Air, and Food. 94 engravings. 2d ed. 8vo, cloth, $4.00.

FOX and GOULD. Compend on Diseases of the
Eye and Refraction, including Treatment and Sur-
gery. Being vol. 8, Quiz Compend Series. Illus. Cloth.
$1.00; interleaved for the addition of notes, $1.25.
GALABIN'S (A. LEWIS) Midwifery. A Man-
ual for Students and Practitioners. 227 illus. Cloth,
$3.00; leather, $3.50.

GOWERS, W. R. Manual of the Diseases of the
Nervous System. Vol. 1, Spinal Cord and Nerves.
With 171 phototype plates, comprising 350 illus. of
Symptoms and Morbid Anatomy. 8vo, cloth, $4.50.
HARTRIDGE, G. Refraction. The Refraction
of the Eye. A Manual for Students. 94 illus. and Test
Types. 2d ed. 12mo, cloth, $2.00.

HEATH, C. Minor Surgery and Bandaging.
8th ed., rev. and enlarged. 142 illus. 12mo, cloth, $2.00.
HILL and COOPER. Venereal Diseases. The
Student's Manual of Venereal Diseases, being a concise
description of those Affections and their Treatment.
4th ed. 12mo, cloth, $1.00.
HOOD, D. Lectures to Nurses on the Symptoms of
Disease. 12mo, cloth, $1.00.

LANDOIS, L. A Text-Book of Human Physi-
ology; including Histology and Microscopical Anat-
omy, with special reference to the requirements of
Practical Medicine. 2d Amer. trans. from the 5th Ger-
man ed., with additions, by WM. STIRLING
ilus. 8vo, cloth, $6.50; leather, $7.50.
LUCKES, E. C. E. Hospital Sisters and their

12mo, cloth, $1.00.

With 583

MEIGS and PEPPER on Children. A Prac-
tical Treatise on the Diseases of Children. Reprint of
7th ed. Cloth, $5.00; leather, $6.00.

MORTON, A., on Refraction of the Eye. Its
Diagnosis and the Correction of its Errors. With Chap-
ter on Keratoscopy and Test Types. 3d ed., rev.
cloth, $1.00.



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Massage as a Mode of Treat

12mo, cloth, $1.00.

**First edition exhausted in a few weeks; new edition now ready. PHILLIPS' (C. D. F.) Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Vegetable Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 2d ed., enlarged and rev. PHYSICIANS' VISITING LIST. Published AnCloth. $7.50. nually. Thirty-sixth Year of its Publication. Usual Sizes POTTER, SAM’L. O. L. A Handbook of Materia and Prices. Circular upon application. Medica, Pharmacy, and Therapeutics, including the Action of Medicines, Special Therapeutics, Pharmacology, etc. 12mo, cloth, $3.00; leather, $3.50.

Compend of Anatomy, including Visceral Anatomy, formerly published separately. 117 illus. 4th ed., rev. Cloth, $1.00; interleaved for taking notes,


Compend of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, arranged in accordance with the Sixth Revision U. S. Pharmacopoeia, with special reference to the Physiological Action of Drugs, and with an article on Prescription Writing. 4th rev. ed., with Index. Cloth, $1.00; interleaved for taking notes, $1.25. PRITCHARD, URBAN, on the Ear. Handbook of Diseases of the Ear. Being vol. 4, Practical Series. 12mo, $1.50. RICHARDSON'S (JOS.) Mechanical Dentistry. A Practical Treatise on Mechanical Dentistry. 4th ed., rev. and enlarged. 458 illus. 710 pages. 8vo, cloth, $4.50; leather, $5.50.

RICHTER'S (VICTOR)_Organic Chemistry. A Text-Book for Students. Trans. from the 4th German ed., by Prof. EDGAR F. SMITH. Illus. Cloth, $3.00; leather. $3.50.


Lectures on Orthopedic Surgery, Nos. 1 and 2. Club-Foot. Clinical Etiology, Morbid Anatomy, Varieties, and Treatment of The Club-Foot. Illus. STARR, LOUIS. The Digestive Organs in 12mo, cloth, 50c. Childhood. The Diseases of the Digestive Organs in Infancy and Childhood. With Chapters on the Investigation of Disease and the Management of Children. 8vo. Cut or uncut edges. Cloth, $2.50. STEWART'S (F. E.) Compend of Pharmacy. Based upon Remington's Text-Book of Pharmacy." Quiz Compend Series. Cloth, $1.00; interleaved for the addition of notes, $1.25. SUTTON'S (F.) Volumetric Analysis. A Syste matic Handbook for the Quantitative Estimation of Chemical Substances by Measure, Applied to Liquids, Solids, and Gases. 5th ed., rev. and enlarged, with illus. 8vo, cloth, $4.50.

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SUTTON, J. B. Pathology. An Introduction to General Pathology, founded on three lectures delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 1886. 149 illus. Cloth, $4.50.

TAFT'S (J.) Index of Dental Periodical Literature. 8vo, cloth, $2.00. THOMPSON, SIR HENRY. On the Prostate. Diseases of the Prostate, Their Pathology and Treatment. 6th London ed. TRANSACTIONS of the College Physicians of Illus. 8vo, cloth, $2.00. Philadelphia. New Series. Vol. 8. Cloth, $3.75TRANSACTIONS American Surgical Association. Vols. 1 and 2. Illus. 8vo. Vol. 4. Cloth, $3.00. TRIMBLE. Practical and Analytical Chemistry. Being a complete course in Chemical Analysis. Illus. 8vo, cloth, $1.50.

WARING, ED. J. Practical Therapeutics. A Manual for Physicians and Students. 4th ed., rev., rewritten, and rearranged. 12mo, cloth, $3.00; leather, $3.50.

WATTS' (HENRY) Organic Chemistry. 2d ed.
By Wм. A. TILDEN. Being the 13th ed. of FowNE'S
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Illus. 12mo, cloth, $2.75.
WILSON'S (GEORGE) Handbook of Hygiene
and Sanitary Science. Illus. 6th ed., rev. and enlarged,
8vo, cloth, $2.75.

WINCKEL-PARVIN. Diseases of Women. By
Dr. F. WINCKEL. Trans. by Dr. J. H. WILLIAMSON, un-
der the supervision of and with an Introduction by
12mo, cloth, $3.00; leather, $3.50.
With 132 engravings on wood.
YEO, GERALD F. Manual of Physiology. 2d
ed., rev. by the author.
plete Index.
300 illus. Glossary and Com-
12mo, cloth, $3.00; leather, $3.50.

P. Blakiston, Son & Co.'s Publications may be obtained through the leading booksellers throughout the world, COMPLETE CATALOGUES of their own and all Medical Publications sent free upon application. P. BLAKISTON, SON & CO., PHILADELPHIA.


New Publications for 1886.

Complete Descriptive Catalogue Sent Free on Application.

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Adam Hepburn's Vow. A Tale of Kirk and Covenant. By Annie S. Swan. 12mo, extra cloth, $1.00. Almanac, Cassell's, 1887. 25c. American Art. Illustrated by 25 plates, with Text by S. R. Koehler. I vol., folio, cloth, $15.00; full mor., $30.00; full russia, $30.00; three-fourths russia, $25.00. Arabian Nights. New Edition. With illustrations. Cloth, gilt, bevelled, $3.50; hf. cf., or hf. mor., $6.00; full mor., $9.00.

A Banker of Bankersville. By Maurice Thompson. One vol., 12mo, cloth, $1.00.

As Common Mortals. A Novel. 1 vol., 12mo, cloth, $1.25.

Beecher Book of Days. With quotations from the writings of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. I vol., cloth,


Beecher Calendar. With quotations from Rev.
Henry Ward Beecher. Mounted on elegant paste-
board; printed in lithographic colors, $1.00.
Browning, Robert, An Introduction to the Study of.
By Arthur Symons. 75c.


By Fire and Sword. A Story of the Huguenots.
Thomas Archer, 1 vol., 12mo, cloth, $1.00.
Cannibals and Convicts. By Julian Thomas. 1 vol.,
extra cloth, 8vo, $2.00.

Cassell's Rainbow" Series of New and Original
Novels. 12mo volumes. Price per volume, paper, 25 cts.
A Crimson Stain. By Annie Bradshaw.
Morgan's Horror. By George Manville Fenn.
Old Fulkerson's Clerk. By Mrs. J. H. Walworth.
Our Sensrtion Novel. Edited by Justin H. Mc-
Carthy, M.P.

Natasqua. By Rebecca Harding Davis.

King Solomon's Mines. By H. Ryder Haggard.
A Prince of Darkness. By Florence Warden.
Witness my Hand, By the author of "Lady Gwen-
dolen's Tryst."

Marvellous in our Eyes. By Emma E. Hornibrook.
Scruples. By Mrs. J. H. Walworth.

A Moral Sinner. By Myrtilla N. Daly. Wanted-a Sensation. By Edward S. Van Zile. As it was Written. By Sidney Luska. Cassell's Select Library of Entertaining Fiction. A Collection of short complete stories by leading authors. Price, 15 cents each.

A Race for Life. -My Night Adventure.-The Great Gold Secret.-Who Took It?-A Wife's Confession.-Snowed Up.-Checkmated. Character Sketches from Thackeray. Six drawings by Frederick Barnard, in Portfolio. $7.50. "Chimes" Series, The. A Series of Miniature Volumes bound in imitation morocco, cushion style, in neat box. Each, 50 cents.

Bible Chimes.-Daily Chimes.-Holy Chimes.Old World Chimes.

Christmas in the Olden Time. By Sir Walter Scott. Illustrated. Large 8vo, cloth, $4.00; full morocco, $7.50; full tree calf, $8.00; full light calf, $7.50. Diary of Two Parliaments, A. By Henry W. Lucy. Vol. I. The Disraeli Parliament, 1874-1880." V. II. The Gladstone Parliament, 1880-1885. Cloth, bevelled. Per vol., $4.00.

Dutch the Diver; or, A Man's Mistake. By G. Manville Fenn. I vol., ramo, cloth, $1.00. Educational Year-Book, The, for 1886. $2.50. Education of the Artist, The. By Ernest Chesneau. Cloth, gilt top, $2.00.

Electricity in the Service of Man. By R. Wormell, D. Sc., M.A. Illustrated, 8vo, cloth, $6.00. Engraving: its Origin, Process, and History. By Le Vicomte Henri Delabordi. 1 vol., extra cloth, $2.00 Eye, Ear, and Throat (The Management of the). By Henry Power, M.B., F.R.C.S., George P. Field, and John S. Bristowe, M.D., F.R.S. In 1 vol., $1.25.

Family Magazine, ''Cassell's." American Edition 64 pages monthly. Price monthly, 15 cents; one year's subscription, $1.50; volume for year, extra cloth, $2.25. Flowers and How to Paint Them. By Maud Naftel. 1 vol., oblong 4to, extra cloth, $2.50. Fresh-Water Fishes of Europe. By H. G. Seeley, F.R.S. With numerous engravings. 448 pp., royal 8vo, cloth, $5.00.

German of To-Day. By Dr. N. Heinemann, F.R.G.S. 1 vol., 12mo, cloth, 40 cents.

Helps to Belief Series. Edited by Rev. T. Teignmouth Shore, M.A. Cloth, red edges. Per vol.,



Creation. The Divinity of Our Lord.-Prayer.The Resurrection. The Morality of the New Testament.-The Atonement.-God.-Miracles. Influence of Clothing on Health, The. By Frederick Treves, F.R.C.S. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt, 75


John Parmelee's Curse. By Julian Hawthorne. vol., 16mo, $1.00.



Magazine of Art, The, for 1886. Extra cloth, bevelled boards, full gilt, $5.00; full morocco, $10.00. Magic of a Voice, The. By Margaret Russell Macfarlane. 1 vol., 16mo, cloth, $1.00. Management of the Skin and Hair, The. Malcolm Morris, F.R.C.S. Cloth, 12mo, 75 cents. Manual of Greek Archæology. By Maxime Collignon. Translated by Dr. J. H. Wright. $2.00. Mother's Song, A. By Mary D. Brine. Illustrations by Miss C. A. Northam. 1 vol., quarto, cloth, gilt, $2.50. Mrs. Peixada. By Sidney Luska. I vol., 16mo, $1.00. New Man at Rossmere, The. By Mrs. J. H. Walworth. I vol., 12mo, $1.25.

No. XIII.; or, The Story of the Lost Vestal. By Emma Marshall. Extra cloth, $1.00.

Oil Painting, A Manual of. By John Collier. Crown Svo, $1.00.

Phantom City, The. A Volcanic Romance. By William Westall. 1 vol., 12mo, $1.50.

Pipes from Prairie Land. By Minnie Gilmore. I vol., 12mo, extra cloth, $1.00.

Plucky One, A. By Mrs. Geo. E. Spencer. 1 vol., extra cloth, 12mo, $1.50.

Prince Bismarck. An Historical Biography. By Charles Lowe, M.A. Two octavo volumes. Extra cloth, 2 vols. Per set, $5.00.

Principles of Perspective, The. By George Trowbridge. I vol., oblong 4to, extra cloth, $2.50.

Quiver, The. Single copies, 15 cents; yearly subscription, $1.50; yearly vols., cloth, each, $2.25. Representative Poems by Living Poets. octavo, extra cloth, gilt top, $5.00.


Ruhainah. A Story of Afghan life. By Evan Stanton.. I vol., 16mo, extra cloth, $1.00.

Shakespearean Scenes and Characters. The text by Austin Brereton._Royal quarto, full gilt, $6.00. Short History of Tapestry. By Eugene Muntz. $2.00.

Songs from Shakespeare. Fully illustrated. $1.00. Trees, Familiar. By G. S. Boulger, F.L.S., F.G.S.

12mo, cloth, $5.00.

Twilight of Life, The. By John Ellerton, M.A. Crown 8vo, cloth, $1.00.

Vicar's People, The. By G. Manville Fenn. I vol., 12mo, extra cloth, $1.00.

Who is Guilty? A Novel. By Philip Woolf, M.D. vol., 16mo, cloth, $1.00.

Wild Birds, Familiar. First Series. By W. Swaysland. 2 vols., 12mo, full gilt. Colored ink and handpainted. Per vol., $5; full calf, per vol., $7.50; full morocco, per vol., $7.50.

Wild Birds Portfolio. A plates of familiar wild birds.


selection of 40 colored In two boxes. Per box, Wild Flowers of Colorado. Portfolio. 24 of the finest wild flowers. Printed in colors. In three boxes, eight plates in each box. Per box, $1.50. Without Blemish. To-day's Problem. By Mrs. J. H. Walworth. 1 vol., 12mo, extra cloth, $1.25. Year-Book of Sermons and Golden Texts for 1887. By Rev. J. E. Kittredge, D.D. Single copies, 15 cents; per hundred, $10.00; Special Edition: Cloth, gilt, each, 25 cents; per hundred, $20.00.

CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, 739 and 741 Broadway, New York.


New Publications for 1886.

Complete Descriptive Catalogue Sent Free on Application.


Edited by Prof. HENRY MORLEY, LL.D. A series of weekly volumes, each containing about 200 pages, clear, readable print, on good paper, at the low price of TEN CENTŠ PER VOL., or in Cloth Extra, 25 cts. per vol. 1-My Ten Years' Imprisonment. Silvio Pellico.



Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. Lord Byron. Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. 4-The Complete Angler. Isaac Walton. 5-The Man of Feeling. Henry Mackenzie. 6-The School for Scandal and the Rivals. idan.

-Sermons on the Card. Other


R. B. Sher

26-Lives of Alcibiades. Coriolanus, etc. Plutarch. 27-Essays. Abraham Cowley.

28-Sir R. de Coverley and Spectators' Club. Steele and Addison.

29-Voyages and Travels. Marco Polo,

30-The Merchant of Venice. Wm. Shakespeare.
31-Religio Medici. Sir Thomas Browne, M.D.

Discourses. Bishop 32-Voyages in Search of N. W. Passage. Richard Hak

8-Lives of Alexander and Cæsar. Plutarch. 9-The Castle of Otranto. Horace Walpole. 1-Voyages and Travels. Sir John Maundeville. 11-She Stoops to Conquer, etc.

Oliver Goldsmith.

12-Adventures of Baron Trenck. Vol. I. Thomas Hol


13-Adventures of Baron Trenck. Vol. II.

14-The Lady of the Lake. Sir Walter Scott, Bart. 15-Table-Talk. Martin Luther.

16- The Wisdom of the Ancients, etc. Francis Bacon.

17-Francis Bacon. Lord Macaulay.

18-Lives of Poets, Waller, Milton. Cowley.


19-Thoughts on Present Discontents, etc.


33-Diary of Samuel Pepys, 1660-1661.
34-Earlier Poems. John Milton.

35-The Sorrows of Werther. Goethe.

36-Lives of Poets, Rutter, Denham, etc. Samuel John


37-Nathan the Wise. Lessing.

38-Grace Abounding. John Bunyan.

39-Macbeth. Wm. Shakespeare.

40-Earlier Australian Voyages. John Pinkerton.

42-Diary of Samuel Pepys. 1662-1663.

41-Poems, 1700-1714.

Alexander Pope.


43-Bravo of Venice. M. G. Lewis.

44-Lives of Demetrius, Mark Antony, etc.



45-Peter Plymley's Letters, etc. Sydney Smith.


20- The Battle of the Books, etc. 21-Poems. George Crabbe.

Dean Swift.

22-Egypt and Scythia. Herodotus.

23 Hamlet. Wm. Shakespeare.

25-Nature and Art. Mrs. Inchbald.

24-Voyagers' Tales. Richard Hakluyt

46-Travels in England. Moritz.

47-Undine and the Two Captains. Fouque.

48-Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit, etc. Coleridge. 49-As You Like It.

Wm. Shakespeare.

50-Western Islands. Johnston.

51-Carols and Chimes. Dickens.
52-The Christian Year. Keble.

Adventures of Munchausen. Royal octavo, cloth, Ding, Dong, Bell. Large quarto. Illustrated. Double $1.50. Double Lithographic covers, $1.25.

[blocks in formation]

Elegant lithographic cover, $1.00; extra
cloth, new style, $1.50.
Boy's Republic, The; or, School-Days and Holidays.
By F. Macready Harris
cover, $1.25; extra cloth, $1.75.
1 vol., 4to, lithographic double
Bright Rays for Dull Days. Short stories. Litho-
graphic cover. Boards, $1.00.
Cheerful Chatter for Little Folks. Illustrations
on every leaf. Lithographic cover, $1.25.
Children of the Cold.
Schwatka. Fully illustrated. Cloth, $1.25.
By Lieutenant Frederick
Christian Year, The. By John Keble. Royal octavo.
Illustrated. Cloth, $1.50. Double Lithographic Cover,
done in 9 colors, $1.25.

Christmas Dreams. Illustrated.
Lithographic cover, 75 cents.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Merry-Go-Round, The. For Boys and Girls.
Mary D. Brine. I vol., royal 4to. Lithographic cover,
$1.50; in extra cloth, $2.25.
Picture Rhymes for Happy Times. By J. S. Locke.
Lithographic cover, boards, $1.25; in cloth, $2.00.
Stories Grandma Told. By Mary D. Brine. With
illustrations. 16mo. Cloth, $1.25.

Sunday Scrap-Book, The. Royal 4to. Lithographic
cover, cloth back, $2.50; extra cloth, $3.50.

Tales of the Sixty Mandarins. By P. V. Ramas-
wami Raju. 1 vol., 12mo, extra cloth, $1.50.
Teaching from Pictures. With translation on each
page into Chinese. Boards, 75 cents.
Under Bayard's Banner.
Extra cloth, illustrated, $1.50.
By Henry Frith. I vol,

Wee Little Rhymes. Double lithographic cover, 50

[blocks in formation]


I vol., illus

Separate Volumes of all Books in Sets can be Supplied. Cassell's Boy's" Library. 3 vols., cloth extra, gilt | Royal Story-Books. 3 vols., extra cloth. Price per and colored inks. Each, $1.50.

[blocks in formation]

Lost Among White Africans.
Sword.-Perils Afloat and Brigands Ashore.
The Golden Motto Series. 6 vols., extra cloth, $6.00.
Aim at a Sure End.-Bear and Forbear.-Nil
Desperandum.-He Conquers Who Endures.-
Honor is My Guide.-Foremost if I Can.

CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, 739 and 741 Broadway, New York.

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