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THERE seems to be an increasing interest in the question of the Revision of the Westminster Confession of Faith. Many papers and numerous pamphlets have been published relating to this subject. The first question to be determined is whether there is to be a revision at all. This question seems to have been decided already by the Christian public, and by the votes of the presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church, in favor of Revision. It matters little how great the majority for Revision may be, the Revision movement has already succeeded. The next question that arises is, How shall we revise the Westminster Confession? There is little agreement at this point among revisionists. It is important that this question should now receive some attention. This question is the theme of the Bundle of Papers that is now presented to the public in this volume. These papers were prepared by men of kindred spirit. Some of them have been published in other forms in the periodical literature of the day. Others were delivered in debate on the floors of presbyteries. These have been revised by their authors for this volume. But at least one-half of the material was prepared expressly for this book, and now appears for the 31732


first time. The papers have been carefully selected, and arranged in an organic method. At the same time, each author speaks his own mind freely, and is solely responsible for the views presented in his paper. The editor is responsible for the choice of papers, their grouping, and the propriety of their publication.


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