Global Entrepreneurship: Environment and Strategy

Routledge, 7. ruj 2018. - Broj stranica: 314

This second edition of a Choice Outstanding Academic Title improves coverage of the global environments in which entrepreneurs operate. In Global Entrepreneurship: Environment and Strategy, Nir Kshetri explores and illuminates the economic, political, cultural, geographical, and technological environments that affect entrepreneurs as they exploit opportunities and create value in economies around the world.

Grounded in theory, the book begins by laying out the concepts, indicators, and measurements that have unique impacts on entrepreneurs in different regions. This framework sets the scene for a close examination of global variations in entrepreneurial ecosystems and finance. Kshetri methodically examines entrepreneurship patterns in diverse economies through the lenses of economic system, political system, culture and religion, and geography (both by country and continent) – and for the first time, includes an entire chapter on entrepreneurship in Latin America.

All new for this edition, Global Entrepreneurship offers case studies at the end of each chapter to illustrate relevant concepts, as well as two detailed cases in an appendix, to encourage broader reflection.


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The Current Status Definitions Types and Measures
The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Its Components
Sources of Entrepreneurial Finances and Their Variation across the World
Entrepreneurship in OECD Economies
Entrepreneurship in Postsocialist Economies in Former Soviet Union
Entrepreneurship in the Gulf Cooperation Council Economies
Entrepreneurship in Africa
Entrepreneurship in China
Entrepreneurship in India
Entrepreneurship in Latin America
TH Milk in Vietnam
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O autoru (2018)

Nir Kshetri is Professor at Bryan School of Business and Economics, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, USA

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