Airlift Operations of the Military Airlift Command During the 1973 Middle East War: Report to the Congress

General Accounting Office, 1975 - Broj stranica: 71
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Stranica 63 - The United States will keep all its treaty commitments. — We shall provide a shield if a nuclear power threatens the freedom of a nation allied with us, or of a nation whose survival we consider vital to our security and the security of the region as a whole.
Stranica 34 - In summary, the Comptroller General concluded: "The aerial delivery of combat tanks and other outsize cargo by C-5s was an impressive use of airlift capability, and it is impossible to assess the psychological impact of demonstrating this capability. In our opinion, the relatively small quantities of outsize equipment delivered in this manner had no decisive effect on the war's outcome. Except for the outsize cargo, the airlift could have been conducted without the C-5 aircraft.
Stranica 28 - United States, which compared the C-5 and 747 airlift operations of the Military Airlift Command during the 1973 Middle East War. We have attached a copy of that Report to the original of this letter, but I should like to call to your attention the following paragraphs . "A commercial air carrier under contract with MAC used a cargo-configured B-747 aircraft to replace , in part, the military capability removed from channel routes in the Pacific area because of the Israeli airlift. It was the first...
Stranica 23 - Defense to any friendly country or international organization if such country or international organization agrees to pay not less than the value thereof in United States dollars. Payment shall be made in advance or, as determined by the President to be in the best interests of the United States, within a reasonable period not to exceed one hundred and twenty days after the delivery of the defense articles or the rendering of the defense services.".
Stranica 23 - Ton-mile costs for the C-5 and C-141 aircraft were 40 cents and 20 cents, respectively. At the same time, a commercial cargo-configured B-747 provided channel service at a ton-mile cost to MAC of only 11 cents. Although the. performance of the) B-747 aircraft may not be an applicable standard when applied to the Israeli airlift, it may be of value in determining future composition of the US strategic airlift force.
Stranica 8 - Only 39 percent of the materiel was delivered before the cease-fire agreement on October 24. Also, Israel used eight of its commercial B-707 and B-747 aircraft, only two of which were cargo configured, to move 5,500 tons of cargo from onloading points in the United States.
Stranica 63 - ... sources on the results of strategic bombing in World War II are the numerous reports of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, and the more recent British Bombing Survey Unit. The statistics contained in these reports clearly show that the strategic bombing campaign against essential war production did not have a decisive effect on the outcome of the war.
Stranica 9 - ... limited tanker resources. Therefore, adequate aerial refueling may not always be available to the extent required by the CX. The CX could rely on alternate land-based refueling stops in Europe or the Mediterranean to carry its maximum load to the Persian Gulf area. In the 1973 Middle East war, however, the United States could not obtain diplomatic clearance to use bases which the United States normally used in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Also in 1973, the aircraft had...
Stranica 37 - ... the reports and files relating to EFTS discharges. Because of the request that our review be made in about 60 days, we were unable to examine into the accuracy of data used by the military departments in preparing the many reports nor did we visit any examining stations. We obtained information from the following locations: Department of Defense: Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Manpower and Reserve Affairs), Washington, DC Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Comptroller),...

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