Carmen Via: Journey in the Songlines of Italy

Semar Publishers Srl, 2005 - Broj stranica: 281
Fiction. With photographs by Rolfe Horne. CARMEN VIA is a journey into the songlines of memory and imagination, a look at the unique views of a Westerner on his heritage and what it might hold for us in this age of communication overload, conflict and environmental crisis. The landscapes of this journey release their tales of civilization, of songs of creation, of myth, of spiritual vision, and man's age-old quest through life. This book's is the fruit of many years of research. It is a novel and, in the same breath, a guidebook for the physical and metaphysical traveler, a rich, compelling invitation to explore the ribbons of stories woven into the landscapes of Italy.

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O autoru (2005)

Bernard Anson Silj was born in Rome, Italy, in 1948 of a British father and Italian mother. His formative education between Britain and Italy and subsequent time as a young man, studying with great masters in India, fuelled his tension between the orders and expressions of the north-west and the south-east of the world. In the Nineties, after a successful but unfulfilling business career, he founded the Humanistic Laboratory Institute on the doorstep of Rome. In the intervening years he has rediscovered both the joy and angst of his native Italy and her place as the crucible of western civilisation, with all its eastern influences. Through his storytelling, the author releases a recollection of great teachings of the human saga contained in the landscapes of Italy. Some of his work about the mystical path was published by the University of Rome (Sandra Chistolini, Pedagogia e charisma nella globalizzazione, Faculty of Human Sciences, 2003). His ongoing research is also the foundation of a unique travel venture (Belvedere Italia) which offers extraordinary locations for the enjoyment of ancient landscapes and hosted explorations into the metaphors they contain.

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