History of the Eastern Roman Empire: From the Fall of Irene to the Accession of Basil I.

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John Bagnell Bury saw the Byzantine Empire as a continuation of the Roman Empire and he explicitly called Byzantine History, Roman History. In this book Bury deals with one of the most important periods of Byzantine Empire, a period of Empire's transition from Ancient kingdom into medieval state.

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Preface Chapter I Nicephorus I Stauracius and Michael I A D 802
Leo V The Armenian and the Revival of Iconoclasm A D 813820
Michael II The Amorian A D 820829
The history of Byzantine civilization in which social elements
Theophilus A D 829842
Michael III A D 842867
Photius and Ignatius
Financial Amed Military Administration
The Saracen Wars
The Saracen Conquest of Crete and Sicily
Relations with the Western Empire Venice
The Conversion of the Slavs and the Bulgarians
The Empire of the Khazars and the Peoples of the North
Art Learning and Education The Amorian Period
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