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Deep Sea Research.-The First Practical Typewriter.-Uncle Sam's Flag-Shop.—
Some Extinct Giants.-When Man will Disappear.

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A Western University Settlement.-Labor Question on the Pacific Coast.--The
Social-Democrats of Germany.-Does the Factory Increase Immorality?

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NOTE.-The Magazines given below are the May numbers, except those marked with
a star*, which are April numbers.

Art and Architecture:

Architecture at the Columbian Exposition: Century.
Art: Lilla Cabot Perry: The Cosmopolitan.
China Painting: Elizabeth H. Haines: Art Amateur.
Exhibitions and Sales of Pictures: The Art Amateur.
Portrait Painting: Frank Fowler: The Art Amateur.
Raffet: Clarence Wason: The Art Amateur.
The American Cathedral: Bishop H. C. Potter: Forum.
The Spitzer Museum Embroideries: The Art Amateur.
The Whistler Exhibition: Sickert: Fortnightly Rev.
Biographic and Reminiscent:

Alessandro Volta: The Popular Science Monthly.
Alexander Knox and His Friends: Temple Bar Mag.
Amerigo Vespucci: Eugene Lawrence: Harper's Mag.
A Paris Correspondent of 1753: L. B. L.: Longmans'.
Benjamin Robert Haydon: Temple Bar Magazine.
Biography and Biographies: *The Temple Bar Mag.
Christopher Columbus: 1: Emilio Castelar: Century.
Correspondence with Carlyle: Duffy: *Contemporary.
Emerson-Thoreau Correspondence: Sanborn: Atlantic.
Gifford and Keats: David Masson: XIX. Century.
Henry Clay as Speaker: M. P. Follett: New Eng. Mag.
James Matthew Barrie: L. Moulton: Lippincott's Mag.
Jenny Lind in Northampton: E. Marsh: New Eng. Mag.
King Henri Christophe I.: L. Billings: Cosmopolitan.
Letters of Carlyle to Varnhagen Von Ense: *New Rev.
Luini: W. J. Stillman The Century Magazine.
Montrose and Dr. Gardiner: Blackwood's Magazine.
Mrs. Mary Sargent Florence: The Art Amateur.
On the Track of Columbus: H. Perry: New Eng. Mag.
Personal Recollections: Emile Zola: New Review.
Richard Brome: A. C. Swinburne: * Fortnightly Rev.
Robert and Elizabeth Browning: A. Ritchie: Harper's.
Severn's Roman Journals: William Sharp: Atlantic.
The Poet of Democracy: J. Burroughs: No. Am. Rev.
The Travelling Correspondent: Meighan: Lippincott's.
Thomas Couture: G. P. A. Healy: The Century.
Walt Whitman: John Burroughs: The Forum.
Walt Whitman: Wm. H. Garrison: Lippincott's Mag.
Walt Whitman: Wm. S. Walsh: Lippincott's Magazine.
William: The Contemporary Review.
Wolcott Balestier: Henry James: Cosmopolitan.
Botanical Sketches:

A Desert Fruit: Grant Allen: Popular Science Mo.
After-Dinner Botany: Philemon Hemsley: Lippincott's.
Dramatic and Musical:

Evening Dress: W. D. Howells: Cosmopolitan.
The Violin for Ladies: J. Y. Taylor: Lippincott's Mag.
Development of Music in America: A. Seidl: Forum.
Paris Theatres and Concerts: Scribner's Magazine.
Educational Discussion:

Higher Education: Timothy Dwight: The Forum.
Personal Economics in Our Colleges: F. Wilson: Lipp.
Requirements for Admission to Harvard: Atlantic Mo.
Fiction of the Month:

A Cathedral Courtship: Kate D. Wiggin: Atlantic Mo.
A Flower of Smokeland: * The Cornhill Magazine.
A Gray Jacket: Thomas Nelson Page: The Century.
A Human Document: W. H. Mallock: Fortnightly.
A Shaker Community: Jas. K. Reeve: New Eng. Mag.
A Spoil of Office: Hamlin Garland: The Arena.
An Easter Story: The Temple Bar Magazine.
An Intercepted Heiress: F. M. Bird: Lippincott's.
An Only Son: Gertrude Smith: Cosmopolitan.
Asaph: Frank R. Stockton: The Cosmopolitan.
At the Brewery: Hamlin Garland. Cosmopolitan.

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Aunt Anne: Chaps. 8-11: Temple Bar Magazine.
Captain, My Captain!" Wolcott Balestier: Century.
Characteristics: S. Weir Mitchell: The Century.
Conquest of Doña Jacoba: G. Atherton: Blackwood's.
Diana: the History of a Great Mistake: Blackwood's.
George Dale's Ambition: Lorenzo Griswold: Out ng.
God's Fool: Chaps. 15-18: Temple Bar Magazine.
Jane Field: Mary E. Wilkins: Harper's Magazine.
Jessekiah Brown's Courtship: R. McE. Stuart: Harp.
Kenyon's Innings: E. W. Hornung: Longmans' Mag.
Lennette: Ethel Davis: New England Magazine.
Malonin: Wm. McLennan: Harper's Magazine.
Mrs. Juliet: Mrs. Alfred W. Hunt: Longmans' Mag.
Ol' Pap's Flaxen: Hamlin Garland: The Century.
Reflections of a Married Man: R. Grant: Scribner's.
Secret of Wardale Court: Temple Bar Magazine.
Sister Barrett: Sarah O. Jewett: Cosmopolitan.
The Chosen Valley: Mary H. Foote: The Century.
The Golden Fleece: Juli in Hawthorne: Lippincott's.
The Governor's Reception: Abbott: New Eng. Mag.
The Naulahka: Kipling and Balestier : The Century.
The Slave of the Lamp: H. S. Merriman : * Cornhill.
The Three Fates: F. Marion Crawford: *Longmans'.
The World of Chance: W. D. Howells: Harper's Mag.
Ye Romance of Casco Bay: Sylvester: New Eng. Mag.
Historic and National:

A Riot in Rome: W. D. McCracken: The Arena.
Austria of To-day: Emil Blum: The Arena.
Bermuda in Blockade Times: Hallock: New Eng. Mag.
Private Life in Ancient Rome: The Atlantic Monthly.
Progress of the Am. Republics: Curtis: New Eng. Mag.
Twenty-five Years of Alaska: I. Petroff: No. Am. Rev.
Zoroaster and Persian Dualism: T. Bixby: The Arena.
Literary Criticism:

A Plea for Seriousness: The Atlantic Monthly.
A Prig in the Elysian Fields: * National Review.
Certain American Essayists: Matthews: Cosmopolitan.
Grania: Reviewed by Mrs. Humphry Ward: *New Rev.
Le Style c'est l'Homme: W. H. Mallock: New Rev.
Lord Lytton's Rank in Literature: Blunt: *XIX. Cen.
Machiavelli's "Mandragola": Jas. Mew: Fortnightly.
Marah: Lord Lytton's Posthumous Poems: *Nat. Rev.
Materials of a Story: W. D. Howells: Harper's Mag.
Nature and Elements of Poetry: E. Stedman: Century.
Spoken Greek, Arcient and Modern: * Contemporary.
Tyranny of the Novel: Edmund Gosse: National Rev.

Military and Naval :

National Guard of Maryland: Hanson Hiss: Outing.
On Our Army: Sir A. Alison: Blackwood's Mag.
The German Army of To-day: Harper's Magazine.

Poetry of the Month:

A Medley: Susie M. Best: New England Magazine.
A Sea Ghost: Frank Dempster Sherman: Century.
A Wreath of Laurels: The Cornhill Magazine.
Altar and Idol: Julian Hawthorne: The Century.
An Attic Poet: Edward L. White: Atlan ic Monthly.
April Monath: The Temple Bar Magazine.
Because It is the Spring: L. C. Moulton: Century.
Books and Seasons: Thomas B. Aldrich: The Century.
Dovetail: A Poem: M. F. W.: Lippincott's Mag.
Dreamland: May Kendall: Longmans' Magazine.
Fairy Gold: Duncan Robertson: Longmans' Mag.
Fallen Love: Philip B. Marston: New England Mag.
Falstaff's Song: E. C. Stedman: Cosmopolitan.
France Adorée: Ida M. Tarbell: Scribner's Magazine.
Gone: John S. Barrows: New England Magazine.

Magazine Reference.



Hast thou Heard the Nightingale ? R. W. Gilder: Cent. | The New Star in Auriga : A. Clerke: *Contemporary.
Hope: Edgar Fawcett: The Cosmopolitan.

In Extremis: Louise C. Moulton: Lippincott's Mag.
In the Spring Fields: W. W. Campbell: Cosmopolitan.
It so Chanced: Edith M. Thomas: Century.
Love's Death and Sorrow: J. W. Chadwick: N. E. Mag.
Love's Horizon: Maurice Thompson: The Century.
Mirrored Music: Charles Henry Lüders: Scribner's.
My Persian Prayer-Rug: Anne R. Aldrich: Lippin.
On a Portrait of Columbus: G. E. Woodberry: Century.
Poems: Herman Melville: The Century Magazine.
Reflections: Alice Wellington Rollins: Lippincott's.
Reform: Ella Wheeler Wilcox: The Arena.

Rosemary for Remembrance: * Temple Bar Magazine.
Sunflowers: Wm. H. Hayne: Lippincott's Magazine.
The Czar's Banquet: Marie Petravsky: N. Eng. Mag.
The Lily of the Valley: C. G. D. Roberts: Harper's.
The Nobler Lover: J. R. Lowell: Cosmopolitan.
The Poet's Praise: C. E. Markham: New Eng. Mag.
The Soul's Ride: Lilla C. Perry: Atlantic Monthly.
The Three Birds: *The Temple Bar Magazine.
The Three Infinities: Wm. Sharp: Harper's Mag.
The White Jessamine: J. B. Tabb: Harper's Mag.
Three Sonnets: William Prescott Foster: Century.
To April: The Temple Bar Magazine.
Wakening: Charles Washington Coleman: Lippincott's.
When Comes the Night: W. P. Preble, Jr.: Harper's.
When Through Feast-Litten Halls: J. Hay: Cosmop.
Political Questions:

Behring Sea Controversy: North American Review.
Evacuation of Egypt: Henry Norman: * Contemporary.
Forms of Home Rule: R. T. Reid: * Contemporary.
How to Federate the Empire: C. Tupper: * XIX. Cen.
Merit System in Gov. App.: Roosevelt: Cosmopolitan.
Nonconformists in Political Life: *Contemporary Rev.
Old-Age Pensions: J. F. Moulton: Fortnightly Rev.
Party Gov, on its Trial: Goldwin Smith: No. Am. Rev.
Politics of the Russian Empire: M. Halstead: Cosmop.
Temporal Power of the Pope: W. Lilly: * New Rev.
The Labor Platform: George Howell: New Review.
The Late Silver Craze: The Forum.
The London Progressives: J. Stuart: Contemporary.
The Man or the Platform? Symposium: N. A. Rev.
The Plough and the Platform: T. Kebbel : * National.
The "Progressive" Victory: Whitmore: *National Rev.
The Queen in Politics: F. H. Hill: National Review.
The Slaying of the Gerrymander: Atlantic Monthly.
Threat of the Present Coinage Law: The Forum.
Religious and Philosophical:
Christianity in the East: S. Barnett: * Contemporary.
Death and Pity: Ouida: Fortnightly Review.
In Defence of Phantasms: F. Podmore: *National Rev.
Psychical Research: M. J. Savage: The Arena,
The Friends: Emma B. Kaufman: Lippincott's Mag.
The Olympian Religion: Gladstone: No. Am. Rev.
Scientific and Industrial:

Anthropological Work in Europe: Starr: Pop. Sci. Mo.
Carpet Designing: A. E. Ives: The Art Amateur.
Cave Dwellings of Men: W. H. Larrabee: Pop. Sci. Mo.
Chariots of the Hour: Walter Crane: Art Amateur.
Color Blindness: Dr. A. E. Wright: XIX. Century.
Dendrites: M. S. Meunier: Popular Science Monthly.
Early Railway Traveling: The Cornhill Magazine.
Evolution in Folk-lore: D. D. Wells: Pop. Sci. Mo.
First News Message by Telegraph: Scribner's Mag.
Herbert Spencer: W. H. Hudson: Pop. Science Mo.
Mechanical Flight: S. P. Langley: Cosmopolitan.
Ocean Traffic by Erie Canal: E. P. North: Forum.
On Coast Protection: Prof. Tyndall: * New Review.
Rapid Transit in Cities: T. C. Clarke: Scribner's.
Science and Fine Art: Du B. Reymond: Pop.Sci. Mo.
Simian Speech: R. L. Garner: Cosmopolitan.
The Child and the Savage: Blackwood's Magazine.

Why We Teach Geology: A. S. Packard: Pop. Sci. Mo.
Wood-Carving: Lily Marshall: The Art Amateur.
Social and Domestic:

Bad Air and Bad Health: Popular Science Monthly.
Blight of Our Commerce: M. D. Harter: The Forum.
Canadian Bank System: D. R. Wilkie: The Forum.
Cheap Cabs: A. J. Cassatt: North American Review.
Chicago and its Exhibition: Wood: * XIX. Century.
Chicago Stockyards: P. J. O'Keefe: New Eng. Mag.
Children of the Poor: J. A. Riis: Scribner's Magazine.
Chinese Question: J. R. Young: No. Am. Review.

Alcohol and Its Relation to the Bible: Hartt: Arena.

Contracts and Currency: S. Baxter: No. Am. Rev.
Does the Factory Increase Immorality? Forum.
Energy a Factor in Agriculture: M. Miles: Pop. Sci. Mo.
Famine in Russia: C. E. Smith: N. rth American ev.

German Crisis and the Emperor: The New Review.

Growth of Cities: C. M. Harvey: No. Am. Review.
History of Small Holdings: Blackwood's Magazine.
How Intemperance has been Combated: *New Review.
Human Freedom League: A. Cross: New. Eng. Mag.
Japanese Customs: F. T. Piggott: * Fortnightly Rev.
Let London Live: John Burns: * XIX. Century.
London Society: Lady Jeune: North American Rev.
Loss of Southern Statesmanship: The Forum.
Mexican Trade: The Mexican Minister: No. Am. Rev.

N. Y. Trade Schools: R. T. Auchmuty: No. Am. Rev.
Private Schools for Girls: A. C. Brackett: Harper's.
Prospects of Marriage for Women: XIX. Century.
Room for Immigra..ts: Edward Atkinson: Forum.
Rule of the Gold Kings: Stewart: No. Am. Rev.
School, College, and Library: T. Higginson: Cosmop.
Standard Oil Trust: S. C. T. Dodd: The Forum.
The Credit of Australia: R. M. Johnston: *XIX. Cen.
The Idle Class: E. L. Godkin: The Forum.
The People's Movement: E. M. Valesh: The Arena.
The Woman's Exchange: Lucy M. Salmon: Forum.
Vegetable Diet: Lady Paget: * XIX. Century.
Where Shall Polly Go to School? Hale: Cosmopolitan.
Woman's Cause is Man's: F. E. Willard: The Arena.
Woman's Place in Modern Life: * Fortnightly Review.
Sport and Recreation :

A Bout with a Kingfish: E. W. Sandys: Outing.
A Day with Gun and Canoe: Outing.
Austrian Stud Farms: F. Wrench: XIX. Century.
Bicycling: Thomas Stevens: Lippincott's Magazine.
By Wheel from Havre to Paris: J. W. Fosdick: Outing.
Coast and Inland Yachting: F. W. Pangborn: Century.
Evolution of the Forty-six Footer: Stewart: Outing.
Horseback Sketches: Jessie F. O'Donnell: Outing.
Lawn Tennis: F. A. Kellogg: Outing.

Saddle and Sentiment: Wenona Gilman: Outing.
The International Field Trials of '91: Outing.
The Racehorse in America: F. Trevelyan: Outing.
Training of Harvard Team of '91: J. Corbin: Outing.
Travel and Adventure:

An African Explorer: * Blackwood's Magazine.
A Reminiscence of Rondeau : Outing.
Camp Life in Morocco: Lady Egerton: * XIX. Cent.
Down the Danube in a Launch: T. Stevens: Outing.
Homesteads of the Blue-Grass: J. L. Allen: Century.
In Egypt: Benjamin P. Blood: Scribner's Magazine.
Sea and Land: N. S. Shaler: Scribner's Magazine.
Sevillian Vignettes: Marion Wilcox: Cosmopolitan.
Six in a Lava Flow: Blackwood's Magazine.
Sketches from Eastern Travel: Blackwood's Mag.
The Canadian North-west: M. Davitt: XIX. Cen.
The Dakotas: Julian Ralph: Harper's Magazine.
The Real Siberia: F. Volkhovsky: Contemporary.
Two Visits to the Lapps: H. H. Boyesen: Cosmop.
Village Life in Old England: R.G. Thwaites: N. E. M.
Unter den Linden: Paul Lindau: Scribner's Magazine.

Publishers' Page of Information

The Magazine: "Short Stories" is issued periodically on the 15th o the month preceding date of publication, and should be on sale at noon of the above-mentioned date in every city and town in the United States and Canada. Give your periodical dealer a positive order.

Subscriptions: The subscription price is $3.00 per year; $5.00 for the popular eclectic magazine "Current Literature " and " Short Stories," to one or different addresses; $5.00 for two copies of "Short Stories"; $7.00 for three; $9.00 for four; $10.00 in clubs of five, cash with the order.

The Eclectic Plan: "Short Stories" is intended to be a collection of story-telling material gathered the world over. The eclectic plan is necessary to the greatest color and variety and to this end the publishers invite the co-operation of all in sympathy with the development of the idea. Authors desiring to be represented in the collection will please send in permission to reprint, with all copyrighted material, as known rights will not be infringed.

The Etching: As a relief to the longer stories, and as a development of the art of word-painting, and crisp prose expression, there will be published each month a few one-page stories designated Etchings. The Etching may be original, selected, or translated from other languages, and must be about four hundred words in length.

Manuscript: All manuscript must be accompanied by a self-addressed and stamped envelope for acceptance notice, or for its return. Such original and translated work as is accepted will be liberally paid for. Payment on publication.

Selections: Reprint copies of good stories; material for Etchings; hints and references as to good work already published, are always welcome, and enclosures will be placed on file for early editorial consideration.

See other pages for prize story offers


The Current Literature Publishing Co.


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