Construction History: Proceedings of the First International Congress : Madrid 20th - 24th January 2003

Reverte, 2003
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The constructive talent
Buonopane S G and M M Brown History and engineering analysis of the 1890 cablestayed Bluff Dale
Geleyns P and K De Jonge New light on specialized XVI century construction techniques in the
Mocchi G The relationship between scientific knowledge and the building achievements The evolution
and J C Castillo Dams from the Roman era in Spain Analysis of design forms 243
Gerhardt R K E Kurrer and G Pichler The methods of graphical statics and their relation to
A reexamination of the principles of stereotomy from a statical
Experimental and numerical
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Stranica 1461 - In pratique de la coupe lies pierres et des bois pour la construction des voutes . . . ou traite de stereotomie. Strasbourg-Paris. Frezier Amedee-Francois. 1 760. Elements de stereotomie a I' usage de I' architecture pour la coupe des pierres.
Stranica vii - Architecture as talisman: The hidden links between Vitruvius' theatre and Palladio's villa «Rotonda
Stranica viii - Experiences of the School of Housing, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang 291 Barhieri, A.; A. Di Tom/naso and R. Massarotto. Helical masonry vaulted staircase in Palladio and Vignola's architectures 299 Bardati, F. Italian's «forms...

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