The Dialectic of Plotinus, Opseg 2,Izd. 1-6

The University Press, 1909 - Broj stranica: 29
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Stranica 199 - When we entertain, therefore, any suspicion that a philosophical term is employed without any meaning or idea (as is but too frequent), we need but inquire, from what impression is that supposed idea derived?
Stranica 252 - Ultimate reality is such that it does not contradict itself; here is an absolute criterion. And it is proved absolute by the fact that, either in endeavouring to deny it, or even in attempting to doubt it, we tacitly assume its validity.
Stranica 204 - The statement of fact is that the relations between things, conjunctive as well as disjunctive, are just as much matters of direct particular experience, neither more so nor less so, than the things the'mselves.
Stranica 180 - And, O heavens, can we ever be made to believe that : motion and life and soul and mind are not present with perfect being? Can we imagine that being is devoid of life and mind, and exists in awful unmeaningness an everlasting fixture?
Stranica 199 - If two men act alike on a percept, they believe themselves to feel alike about it; if not, they may suspect they know it in differing ways. We can never be sure we understand each other till we are able to bring the matter to this test.™ This is why metaphysical discussions are so much like fighting with the air; they have no practical issue of a sensational kind. "Scientific" theories, on the other hand, always terminate in definite percepts.
Stranica 61 - When several villages are united in a single complete community, large enough to be nearly or quite selfsufficing, the state comes into existence, originating in the bare needs of life, and continuing in existence for the sake of a good life.
Stranica 247 - That is also quite certain, and its denial once more is self-contradictory. Our appearances no doubt may be a beggarly show, and their nature to an unknown extent may be something which, as it is, is not true of reality. That is one thing, and it is quite another thing to speak as if these facts had no actual existence, or as if there could be anything but reality to which they might belong. And I must venture to repeat that such an idea would be sheer nonsense. What appears, for that sole reason,...
Stranica 26 - On the contrary it is by becoming as it were another than himself, and by neither being himself nor belon.ging to himself that he attains the vision. And having surrendered himself to it he becomes one with it, as the centers of two circles might coincide. For these centers when they coincide become one, and when the circles are separated there are two centers again. And it is in. this sense that we too speak of a difference. It follows that the vision is hard to describe. For how could a man report...
Stranica 267 - There is a kind of sensualism or aestheticism that has decreed in our day that theory is not poetical; as if all the images and emotions that enter a cultivated mind were not saturated with theory. The prevalence of such a sensualism or aestheticism would alone suffice to explain the impotence of the arts. The life of theory is not less human or less emotional than the life of sense; it is more typically human and more keenly emotional. Philosophy is a more intense sort of experience than common...

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