Guide to the Cataloging of the Serial Publications of Societies and Institutions

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1919 - Broj stranica: 108

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Stranica 89 - A concise Epitome of all matters relating to the Arts of Painting, Sculpture, Engraving, and Architecture...
Stranica 3 - The present compilation has been undertaken for the purpose of placing in available form the interpretations and revisions which have been adopted from time to time since 1908 in the rules for cataloguing society publications. That questions of interpretation should have arisen is inevitable in so large a collection as that of the Library of Congress. The rules as laid down in the " Catalog rules compiled by the committees of the American Library Association and the (British) Library Association,...
Stranica 22 - Enter agricultural experiment stations of the United States under the name of the state or territory in which they are organized. Include in the heading the name of the place where the station is located. Refer from the university or college of which the station may form a department, from the name of the station, if it is at all distinctive, and from the name of the place where it is located.
Stranica 30 - International co-operative alliance. 2d congress, Paris, 1896. Presbyterian church in the USA General assembly. 2 Enter conventions and conferences of bodies which have no existence beyond the convention under the name of the convention. If no name can be found, enter under the place of meeting and supply a name descriptive of the character of the convention. International congress of arts and science, St. Louis, 1904. but Syracuse, NY Convention of mechanics and others, 1850.
Stranica 47 - The Babylonian expedition of the University of Pennsylvania. Series A: Cuneiform texts, ed.
Stranica 30 - Boards, trustees, etc. Enter bodies whose legal names begin with such words as Board, Corporation, Trustees, under the names of the institutions or bodies over which they exercise supervision. (ALA 108) Harvard university. Board of overseers. British museum. Trustees. If, however, a board is organized to administer the combined funds of several bodies, it is to be entered under its own name. Board of trustees of the relief and Red cross funds.
Stranica 27 - International meetings. Enter international meetings, conferences, and congresses, of private persons, under their English names provided their publications have appeared in English or that language is specified as one of the official languages of the conference. In other cases enter under the name in the language in which most of the publications have appeared, or when this cannot be ascertained, under the name by which the conference is best known.
Stranica 86 - Philadelphia. Founders' week memorial volume, containing an account of the two hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the city of Philadelphia, and histories of its principal scientific institutions, medical colleges, hospitals, etc.
Stranica 3 - That the library collected by the Smithsonian Institution under the provisions of an act approved August tenth, eighteen hundred and forty-six, shall be removed from the building of said institution, with the consent of the regents thereof, to the new fireproof extension of the library of Congress, upon completion of a sufficient portion thereof for its accommodation, and shall, while there deposited...
Stranica 64 - Laws and regulations of the American philosophical society, held at Philadelphia, for promoting useful knowledge, as finally amended and adopted, Dec. 18, 1885. Together with the charter of the society and a list of its officers and councilors.

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