Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor, Opseg 4

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1889

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Stranica 76 - ... matrons of homes, and of all those best informed and in the best position to give testimony on this point, is that the working girls are as respectable, as moral, and as virtuous as any class of women in our community ; that they are making as heroic a struggle for existence as any class is a fact which all the statistics prove.
Stranica 51 - ... hours of labor as is due to health and the requirements of household affairs. (3) By seeking new and appropriate spheres of labor in departments not ordinarily occupied by women.
Stranica 197 - YEAKS 8 and under 9 9 and under 10 10 and under 11 11 and under 12 12 and under 13 13 and under 14 14 and under 15 15 and under 16 16 and under 17...
Stranica 193 - ... 9 and under 10 10 and under 11 — 11 and under 12 12 and under 13 — 13 and under 14.... 14 and under 15 15 and under 16.... 16 and under 17.... 17 and under 18.... 18 and under 19...
Stranica 77 - The virtuous character of our working women is all the more attractive when the cost of their virtue is recognized. With their poor pay, if they continue virtuous they are the more entitled to our applause, and certainly one mast recognize the heroic struggle they make to sustain life, to appear fairly well, and to remove what every honorable-minded man and woman seeks to remove, the appearance of poverty.
Stranica 51 - To promote the interests of women who obtain a livelihood by employments other than household service, and especially to provide them with legal protection from the frauds and impositions of unscrupulous employers ; to assist them in procuring employment, and to open to them such suitable departments of labor as are not occupied by them.
Stranica 220 - ... 16 and under 17 17 and under 18 18 and under 19 19 and under 20 20 and under 21 21 and under 22 22 and under 23 23 and under 24 24 and under 25 25 and under 26 26 and under 27...
Stranica 76 - From all that can be learned one need not hesitate in asserting that the working women of the country are as honest and as virtuous as any class of our citizens. All the facts are against the idea that they are not virtuous women. The statistics given show that a very large percentage of them are living at home. They are living in whatever moral atmosphere there is in their homes.
Stranica 32 - These homes should not be regarded as "charities," for they are not such. They should be looked upon rather as cooperative enterprises, where the funds which the women would individually expend for a poor and insufficient living are, by combination and judicious management, rendered sufficient to give to all those advantages which without such combination would be beyond the reach of any.
Stranica 76 - ... to give testimony on this point — is that the working women are as respectable, as moral, and as virtuous as any class of women in the country. Of...

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