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DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, Washington, D. C., December 31, 1888.

SIR: I have the honor to submit herewith my fourth annual report. This report properly belongs with the series emanating from the Bureau of Labor. By law the Bureau of Labor ceased to exist, practically, on the 30th of June last, the Department of Labor having been created by an act approved June 13, 1888. The investigation on which this report is based was made by the Bureau of Labor. As a part, therefore, of the work of the Department of the Interior, and as material constituting a part of your annual report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1888, it seems proper that I should transmit this report to you, and in doing so I desire to thank you for your courtesy at all times in aiding me to forward the work of the Bureau of Labor. Your kindness and that of your predecessors has been of great assistance in performing the duties assigned to the Bureau of Labor. All future reports, of course, will come from the Department of Labor, and by law will be transmitted to Congress. While the material for this report was collected prior to the close of the last fiscal year, much other work was done by the Bureau which must naturally be carried forward into the reports of the present and the coming fiscal years. I can not, therefore, strictly say that the present report constitutes the operations of the Bureau of Labor for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1888. The special work called for by Congress relating to the statistics of marriage and divorce does not form a part of the annual report, but by law is to be presented to Congress as a special matter. This work relating to marriage and divorce has been carried through, so far as the field-work was concerned, by the Bureau of Labor, under your administration, and your liberal construction of law and hearty coöperation have enabled me to make an exhaustive report relating to one of the most vital questions connected with the social affairs of the country.

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