Slike stranica

Amicis, E. de. Spain; tr. by W. W. Cady.

"He feels keenly the local atmosphere which surrounds him, and has an artist's susceptibility to striking effects in scenery, manners, or character. He is eminently entertaining.". Christian union, Oct. 5.

Appert, B: N: M. Dix ans à la cour du roi Louis Philippe, et souvenirs du tems de l'Empire et de la Restauration. 3 v.

Barrett, L. Edwin Forrest; with illust. (Hutton, L., ed. American actor series.)

"The life is merely in outline, relating chiefly to professional triumphs and disappointments, and a critical estimate of Forrest as a man and actor; his matrimonial troubles are only alluded to, and his difficulties with Macready fully and interestingly detailed." - Index. Barrington, D.



On the On the

Contents. Tracts on the possibility of reaching the North Pole. - Miscellaneous essays. Whether the turkey was known before the discovery of America. On the rein-deer. On the bat, or rere-mouse. On the sudden decay of several trees in St. James's Park. On the periodical appearing and disappearing of certain birds at different times of the year. On the torpidity of the swallow tribe when they disappear. prevailing notions with regard to the cuckow. Linnæan system. - Other articles. Particulars of an agreement between the King of Spain and the Royal Society, for an exchange of natural curiosities. Account of Mozart, C: Wesley, S: Wesley, little Crotch, the Earl of Mornington. Of the Deluge in the time of Noah. History of the Gwedir family; by Sir J: Wynne. - Letter on the English and French writers. - Dialogue on the ancient tragedies, written at Oxford in 1746. Ohthere's Voyage, and the geography of the 9th century illustrated. Journal of a Spanish voyage in 1775, to explore the western coast of North America. Barrow, Sir J: Chronological history of voyages into the Arctic regions, from the earliest periods of Scandinavian navigation to the expeditions under Captains Ross and Buchan. Bibliotheca Sunderlandiana, sale catalogue of the library known as the Sunderland or Blenheim Library. 1st portion. XJE-SU7

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Blanc, A. A. P. C., and others. Histoire des peintres de toutes les écoles: Ecole bolonaise.

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Capper, S: J. The shores and cities of the Boden See; rambles in 1879-80.

"He resided for a couple of years on the shores of the Boden See or in villages in the neighborhood. He associated chiefly with Swiss or Germans. He adopted their habits, and laid himself out to participate in their pursuits. He made excursions to all the objects of interest, and luxuriated in the scenery to his heart's content. In the course of his multifarious reading he made himself master of the local archæology, as of a history ancient, mediæval, and modern, which abounds in strange and sensational incidents. And the result of his wanderings and literary researches has been the composition of a volume of varied interest, enlivened by his personal experiences and adventures."— Sat. rev., Jan. 22, 1881. Chavette, E., (pseud. for E. Vachette.) L'oncle du Monsieur de Madame. 5e éd. VFF C3950

"Il règne dans la partie comique de ce roman une gaîté franche et communicative qui provoque le rire à chaque page, tandis que la partie tragique inspire l'épouvante et donne le frisson." Firmin Boissin in Polybiblion, Avril. Clercq, M. de. Recueil des traités de la France.

T. 11.

"Le tome 11 contient les conventions conclues de 1872 à 1876, au nombre desquelles figuerent les derniers actes relatifs à la session de l'Alsace-Lorraine. Par une heureuse innovation, qui sera fort appréciée des hommes d'étude, l'auteur a joint au texte des principaux traités celui des exposés des motifs par lesquels ils ont été presentès à l'approbation des Chambres et qui en sont le meilleur commentaire." — Rev. d. D. Mondes, Fév. 15. Contemporary rev. for Sept.

"Miss Wedgwood's fine tribute to the character of Dr. Stanley." Spectator, Sept. 10.

Conway, Moncure D. The wandering Jew.

"Studies of 'the myth' of the Wandering Jew, and the legend in the literature of all ages and countries." "Contains very interesting historical information, combined with speculation of more questionable value." -J. P. Mahaffy in the Academy, Aug, 20.

Cornhill magazine, August 1881.

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"There is a clever paper on the 'Old English clans', the Saxon families or septs who gave their names to so many English localities, full of pleasant, learned gossip." - Spectator, Sept. 10.

Dawson, J. Australian aborigines; the languages and customs of several tribes of aborigines in the western district of Victoria, Australia. "An extremely honest and, we believe, correct account of the Murri of Australia, as far as they fell under the notice of one of their best friends among the settlers. Mr. Dawson, aided by his daughter, a lady well ac quainted with the native languages, has made a serious attempt to collect information about the traditions, cus. toms, and beliefs of the Australians." Sat. rev., June 18.

Day, J: Works; now first collected, with an introd. and notes by A. H. Bullen.

De Forest, J. W. The bloody chasm.

w5f.d362b Demon of Andersonville, The; or, The trial of Wirz for cruel treatment of prisoners.

Denton, W: Is Darwin right? or, The origin of


"My investigations in mesmerism, spiritualism and psychometry, showed me the defectiveness of the theories advanced by Darwin, Huxley, and others when they seek to account for the existence of all organic forms, and entirely ignore the spiritual side of the universe, infinitely its most important side." Preface. Donati, M., conte de Ponzano. Scholia sive dilvcidationes ervditissimæ in Latinos plerosqve historiæ Romanæ scriptores. Ducarel, A. C. Anglo-Norman antiquities considered in a tour through part of Normandy. Europäische Staats-Canzley. 1697-1751. 100 v. Neue europäische Staatscanzley. Bd. 2-41:

1761-76. 40 v.

Everts, L: H., ed. History of the Connecticut

Valley in Massachusetts; with illustrations

and biographical sketches. 2 v.

Eyma, L: X. Le trône d'argent.

6 v.

VFF F4353

Féval, P. Le jeu de la mort.
Fleury, J., called Champfleury. Les excentriques.
Nouv. éd.

Fortnightly review, Sept. 1881.

"Far the most original article in the number is that on 'Over-production', by Col. G: Chesney. It is a new chapter on political economy, carefully reasoned out."-Academy, Sept. 3.

Fowler, T: Bacon. (English philosophers.) Gardiner, S: R. English history for young folks, B.C. 55A.D. 1880. Rev. ed. for American students.

"The preface explains that this is an attempt to tell the story of England's history for young folks. Important events have been given in fuller detail than is usual, so as to awaken an interest in them, though no story has been told simply because it is interesting-room having been made for this by omitting much that would be merely burdensome to the memory. Very few dates have been inserted, with the exception of those of the king's reign'.". - Pub. weekly, Sept. 17.

Outline of English history.

"Mr. Gardiner treats history from the liberal point of view, and brings into due prominence the events which, as having had an influence on the development of the national life, deserve a foremost place in the history of the nation. Thus, the setting up of the first printingpress and the translation of the Bible are treated as matters of much more moment than the gaining or losing of a battle on foreign soil, or the transfer of the Crown from one family to another." - Sat. rev., July 30. Gibson, W: H. Camp life in the woods, and the tricks of trapping and trap making; illust. Gosse, E. W. English odes. VEP 9669 Grand album de travestissents [sic] nouveaux. A collection of extravagant costumes for fancy dress parties.

Great Britain. Master of the Rolls.

Calendar of

Home Office papers of the reign of George III., 1770-72; ed. by R. A. Roberts.

Griswold, W. M. General index [to] vols. 1-96 [of the Eclectic magazine; and to vols. 37148 of Littell's living age].

Guernsey, A. H. Ralph Waldo Emerson; philosopher and poet. XW51.E Guillem de Tudèle. La chanson de la croisade contre les Albigeois; continuée par un poète

anonyme; éd. et tr. pour la Société de l'Histoire de France par Paul Meyer. 2 v. VFO-G94 Guizot, F. P. G. History of France; ed. by Mme. de Witt. Vol. 7.

Guy, W: A: The factors of the unsound mind, with special reference to the plea of insanity in criminal cases, and the amendment of the law.

Hackett, J: Select and remarkable epitaphs. 2 v.
Hammond, H:, D.D. A practical catechism. 16th
ed.; prefixed the life of the author by J: Fell.
(Libr. of Anglo-Cath. theology.)
Hardy, A. S. Elements of quaternions.
Hassam, J: T. The Hassam family.
Havet, J. L'hérésie et le bras séculier au Moyen
Age jusqu'au 13e siècle.


"Vous verrez que la jurisprudence a varié selon les temps et selon les lieux. A telle époque et dans tel pays, le bras séculier n'intervenait pas. Ailleurs et plus tard, la pénalité était sévère, mais le condamné n'était pas mis à mort. La législation la plus rigoureuse, celle qui allumait le bûcher, a mis des années à s'implanter parElle a definitivement triomphé, mais à la dernière moitié du 13e siècle seulement. Le temps est le père du progrès. Le professeur autrichien Ficker a récemment raconté l'histoire de ces variations de la jurisprudence en Italie et en Allemagne; M. Julien Havet a voulu les suivre également en France, et il nous donne ainsi une étude de législations comparées. Eh bien! c'est à nous la palme. Pour la violence de la répression, la rigueur des supplices, nous arrivons bons premiers. Seconds, les Italiens. Derniers, les Allemands. Au 13e siècle, une heureuse uniformité s'établit, et les bûchers flambent également partout, grâce à Dieu!"- Maxime Gaucher in Rev. pol. et lit., Mar. 12.


Heath, R: Edgar Quinet; his early life and writings. (Eng. and for. philos. library, v. 14.) "Quinet's somewhat yeasty jumble of Herder, Goethe, Lamennais, and a dozen other prophets or pseudoprophets, colored as it was by his acquaintance with mediæval literature in a strongly romantic fashion, demands careful and sober critical treatment, and this it hardly receives here. His great merit, apart from his command of rather too fluent and voluminous but still picturesque and forcible language, was the combined sweep and penetration which he displayed in his historical views. Very often his breadth was more apparent than real, and very often also his depth was altogether illusory. But still he holds no mean place among the masters who have taught this generation and the last to look at history as a living and connected drama rather than as a collection of dry-as-dust facts."— Athenæum,

June 11.

Hély, l'abbé V. Etude sur Le droit de la guerre' de Grotius. Herder, J. G. von.

Sammtliche Werke; hrsg. von Vol. 20.

B. Suphan. Hickes, G:, D.D. Two treatises on the Christian priesthood and on the dignity of the Episcopal order; with a pref. disc. in answer to The rights of the Christian Ch.', and an app. 4th ed. 3 v. (Libr. of Anglo-Cath. theol.)

Hillebrand, K: Geschichte Frankreichs. Ergan

zungsheft zum 1. Bande: Die Julirevolution und ihre Vorgeschichte 1814-30. (Heeren, A. H. L., and Ukert, F. A. Gesch. der europ. Staaten.)

Holub, E. Seven years in South Africa, 1872-79. 2 v.

"Nothing escapes his watchful eye, and even when in the most critical circumstances in danger of life from lions, or Zambesi crocodiles, or from ferocious natives, the habits of the animals and the appearance and mode of dress of the people seemed to claim more of his attention than the immediate danger to himself." London times, April 18.

"The route lying due northwards is destined before long to become a great highway for British commerce towards the centre of what Dr. Holub excusably calls 'the continent of the future"."-F. R. Statham in Acad., April 23.

Howe, J: B. The common sense, the mathematics, and the metaphysics of money.

Hugo, V. M., comte. Les rayons et les ombres. (Euvres, v. 7.)

Hunt, Mrs. H. Children at Jerusalem. Hurd, J: C. The theory of our national existence, as shown by the action of the government of the U. S. since 1861.

Irving, J. The book of Scotsmen eminent for achievements in arms and arts, church and state, law, legislation, and literature, commerce, science, travel, and philanthropy. Japp, A. H. German life and literature; a series of biographical studies.

"His selection of typical men is limited to half a dozen, Lessing, Von Hardenberg, Winckelmann, Moses Mendelssohn, Goethe, and Tieck." - Christmas bookseller. Johnson, H. K. Our familiar songs and those who made them.

Johnston, H: P. The Yorktown campaign and the surrender of Cornwallis, 1781.

Kerr, W: S. R., 8th Marquis of Lothian. Fragment of a parallel between the history, literature, and art of Italy in the Middle Ages. Laborde, L: J., comte de. Madame l'amirale de Coligny après la Saint-Barthélemy. 5F-c681 Lange, F: A. History of materialism, and criticism of its present importance. 3 v. (Eng. and for. philos. libr.)

Langford, J: A., and others. Staffordshire and Warwickshire, past and present; with engr. 2 v. in 4 div.

Laveleye, V. L: E. de. Lettres d'Italie.

"Graphic letters.

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Every one who goes to Italy this winter ought to take with him the 'Lettres d'Italie'; and every one who is not going ought to read them in order to study Italy at home."-T. E. C. Leslie in the Academy, Nov. 13.

"M. de Laveleye aimed at a right knowledge and understanding of Italian existing institutions, at an appreciation of the intentions of those of her citizens who were most active for her welfare. For the Italian system of education the author finds considerable praise." - Academy, July 31, 1880.

Lear, Mrs. H. D. F., wife of Sidney. Fénelon, Archbishop of Cambrai; a biographical sketch..


Lennep, J: van. The Count of Talavera; from the Dutch by A. Arnold.


"Van Lennep would hold, in a comparative criticism of European romance, a place about midway between Alexandre Dumas père and the late Lord Lytton. He is like them both in the harlequin softness and variety of his intrigue; he has more of the manliness of Dumas than of the false 'goodness' of Lytton, but he approaches the latter in his tendency to abstract digression. All three have the same fondness for mysterious concealments, Quixotic gallantries, and the pomp of more or less fictitious antiquarianism. We walk in an atmos phere of romance, and we cannot retire to our chamber to read a chapter in quietude, but we are sure within half an hour to witness the escape of a political prisoner down the study chimney. This sort of thing, of course, may easily be overdone, and was utterly overdone by the ordinary writers of the last generation; but it must be confessed that this brisk manner of invention is very engaging in the hands of a master like Van Lennep.". Saturday rev., Jan. 1. Lichtenberger, T. Encyclopédie des sciences religieuses. T. 9.

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Macquoid, Mrs. K. S. In the Ardennes; with illustrations by T: R. Macquoid.

Margry, P: Découvertes et établissements des Français dans l'ouest et dans le sud de l'Amérique Septentrionale, 1614-1754; mémoires et docs. originaux. 4e pte. Martens, G: F: Précis du droit des gens moderne de l'Europe; augm. des notes de PinheiroFerreira; préc. d'une introd., et complété par l'Exposition des doctrines des publicistes contemporains, et suivi d'une bibliog. raisonnée du droit des gens par C. Vergé. 2e éd.

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"His selection has been nearly faultless. In what he has himself said with regard to the poet, whether as to his character or his work, the same judicial faculty is well seen. The commentary of his book is always careful in thought, terse and often striking in expression."Cosmo Monkhouse in the Academy, Aug. 20. Tables of ancient literature and history, from B.C. 1500 to A.D. 200. XV05+N51

Tables of European literature and history, from
A.D. 200 to 1876.

Nineteenth century, Sept. 1881.

"The future of gold', by M. Emile de Laveleye, affords an excellent example of that combination of learning with lucidity of style which seems to be the peculiar characteristic of those who think in French. Sir H: Taylor, in a review of Mr. Scoone's 'Four centuries of English letters', exhibits the same extensive reading and catholicity of criticism which may be found in the articles he wrote close on 50 years ago."- Acad. emy, Sept. 3.

Noel, O.

Etude historique sur l'organisation financière de la France.

O'Kelly de Galway, A., comte.

Dictionnaire des

cris d'armes et devises des personnages célèbres et des familles nobles de la Belgique ancienne et moderne.

Overton, J. H. William Law, non-juror and

mystic; a sketch of his life, character, and opinions.

"Law, who died in 1761, was a Non-juring clergyman, and one of the few connecting links between the 17th century and the 19th; one of the faithful AaμmadŋÞópoi who handed down the torch of pure Anglicanism through that age of darkness. Not only was he the author of one of the most forcible and successful religious exhortations in the English language; he was also a keen controversialist. He entered the lists against the stoutest representatives of heterodoxy. Finally, he is described as the chief of the English Mystics', a school of thinkers who, borrowing their ideas from foreign sources, taught that our knowledge of God was intuitive, independent of external evidences, and derived from that complete union of the soul with its Maker, to become conscious of which was the chief object of all devotion and contemplation." - St. James's budget, March 4.

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Oxenham, F. N. What is the truth as to everlasting punishment?

"An answer to Dr. Pusey's recently published treatise, 'What is of faith as to everlasting punishment?' and, as an argumentum ad hominem, it is very effective. But the book is not limited to the personal argument. It treats the whole subject exhaustively, and it is well worth studying."— Spectator, July 16. Palestine Exploration Fund. Map of western

Palestine in 26 sheets; from surveys by Lts. C. R. Conder and H. H. Kitchener, 1872-77. The survey of western Palestine: Memoirs of the topography, orography, hydrography and archæology; by Lieut. C. R. Conder and Lieut. H. H. Kitchener; ed., with add., by E. H. Palmer and W. Besant. 2 v. The survey of western Palestine: Special papers on topography, archæology, manners and customs, etc.; by Lt.-Col. Sir C: Wilson, [and others].

Pallioppi, Z. Ortografia et ortoëpia del idiom romauntsch d'Engiadin' ota. Phillips, Wendell.

The scholar in a republic; address at the centennial anniv. of the Phi Beta Kappa of Harvard Coll., June 30, 1881. Rae, W: F. Newfoundland to Manitoba through Canada's maritime, mining, and prairie provinces; with maps and illust.

"Mr. Rae has taken possession of Newfoundland as a literary man. No one has described so well and thoroughly as he, the colonisation of the island and the chief points in its history." - Tablet, Aug. 20.

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Contents. The greatness of the Romans. greatness of England.1 The great duel of the 17th century. The lamps of fiction; a speech on the cent enary of the birth of Sir W. Scott. Address to the Oxford School of Science and Art. - The ascent of man. The proposed substitutes for religion. - The labour movement.2 What is culpable luxury? — A true captain of industry. A wirepuller of kings.2 The early years of the conqueror of Quebec. Falkland and the Puritans. The early years of Abraham Lincoln. Alfredus rex fundator. The last Republicans of Rome, Austen-Leigh's Memoirs of Jane Austen. - Pattison's Milton. — Coleridge's Life of Keble.

Note. 1 from Contemporary rev.; 2, Canadian monthly; 3, Macmillan's mag.; 4, Toronto Nation; 5, Toronto mail; 6, New York Nation.

Thucydides. Thucydides; tr. into English, with introd., marginal analysis notes and indices by B. Jowett. 2 v.

"As Prof. Jowett appears to aim at pleasing the ear, in which he attains a fair measure of success, he is not to be blamed for not giving a closely literal version, but we do complain that his work is often marred by a failure to reproduce Thucydides' ideas. Some allowance ought to be made for the natural tendency of continuous translation to warp the judgment, and we feel it incumbent upon us to notify the extreme industry to which these volumes bear emphatic witness throughout. We are glad to be able to acknowledge the very high merits of the translation. The diction is dignified and robust, and interspersed with numerous felicitous turns of expression. The introductory remarks on the study of inscriptions are admirable. Like Dr. Arnold, Prof. Jowett seems more at home in history, geography, and archæology than in the domain of pure scholarship." - Athenæum, Aug. 13.

Tyler, K. E. The story of a Scandinavian summer; [travels chiefly in Norway].

Vining, E: P. The mystery of Hamlet; an attempt to solve an old problem.

"His theory is that Hamlet was a woman, brought up and educated as a man. Ridiculous as this may at first sight appear, Mr. Vining makes out a plausible case." Boston post.

Walterhausen, W. S., Freiherr von.

Der Etna; 2r B.

hrsg. von Dr. A. von Lasaulx. Warner, S., (author of 'The wide, wide world'). The letter of credit. W5F W244L

Warren, H: Artistic treatise on the human figure. 4th ed. by S. N. Carter. handbooks.)

(Putnam's art

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garnison. 2e sér. L'honneur des Champavayre.

3e éd.



Les ronces du chemin. 9e éd.
Secondes noces.
Bartlett, J: The Shakespeare phrase book.

"Is a wonderfully complete dictionary to every passage
in the great dramatist which is worth turning to."
"This book is intended to be an index of the phrase-
ology of Shakespeare; a concordance of phrases rather
than of words. Its plan is to take every sentence from
his dramatic works which contains an important thought,
with so much of the context as preserves the sense, and
to put each sentence under its principal words, arranged
in alphabetical order. At the end of the book compara-
tive readings are given from the texts of Dyce. Knight,
Singer, Staunton, and Richard Grant White." - Pub.
weekly, Sept. 24.

Bartoli, D. Vita Vincentii Carafe septimi Societa

tis Jesu generalis; a Jacobo Hautino Latine

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"Hints for an autumn holiday', the last thing written by the late John Hill Burton, deals with the Orkneys, after a fashion as far as possible removed from that of a guide-book. We have, instead, the mature and somewhat discursive reflections, partly historical, but still more literary, of one who delighted to call himself the old tramp'. With Christian Almer in the Oberland'. Even to Alpine climbers, or, perhaps, especially to Alpine climbers, the story of the ascent of a mountain is wont to be tedious. But, in this case, the writer has managed to tell his story with more freshness than we can recollect to have found any where else." Acad., Sept. 10. Blocqueville, marquise de.

Le maréchal Davout; raconté par les siens et par lui-même. Vol. 4. "Il quarto ed ultimo volume della signora di Blocqueville sul maresciallo Davout, suo padre, è un po' confuso, come i tre precedenti, e porge i documenti senza ordine e senza metodo: ma ci dà nuove rivelazioni sul carattere e le azioni del principe di Eckmühl durante il periodo dei Cento giorni e sotto la Restaurazione."-A. C. in La rassegna settimanale, 14 nov. 1880.

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Canadiens et les Canadiens aux Etats-Unis. Claretie, J. Monsieur le ministre; roman parisien. 24e éd., rev. et corr. VFF C54M0

"Professes to give a photograph of the Parisian polit ical society of the moment, and it is difficult to imagine a more loathsome picture. Monotonously disgusting." Athenæum, July 7.

Concha, J. de la. Memorias sobre el estado politico, gobierno, y administracion de la isla de Cuba. Conway, Moncure D. Thomas Carlyle.

"This attractive and pleasant book will do much to remove the unpleasant flavor left on the mental palate of the reading public by Mr. Carlyle's own painful Reminiscences. Mr. Conway says: 'I do not wish to idealize Carlyle, but cannot admit that the outcries of a broken heart should be accepted as the man's true voice, or that measurements of men and memories, as seen through burning tears should be recorded as characteristic of his heart or judgment'." - Acad., Sept. 24.

Conze, A., and others. Die Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen zu Pergamon.

"Tout le monde a entendu parler de ces fouilles de Pergame qui, depuis deux ans, ont procuré au musée de Berlin un inappréciable trésor; mais la mise en ordre et le rapprochement des milliers de morceaux de sculpture, d'architecture et d'inscriptions contenus dans les 462 grandes caisses qui ont été expédiées de Pergame ne pourra être achevée de si tôt, malgré toute l'activité avec laquelle on y travaille." G. Perrot in Revue critique. Cooke, G: W. Life, writings, and philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"He has neither attempted to criticise nor defend; he has simply tried to interpret Mr. Emerson's utterances from his own individual point of view. He has given also an interesting biography of Mr. Emerson, touched upon his personal traits and peculiarities, told us incidents connected with the writing of some of his more famous essays and poems, and has brought together a large amount of matter written by Mr. Emerson, which has never found place in his published works."

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