Slike stranica

Number 78.]

Leibnitz, G. W., Freiherr von, ed.


Miot, A. F., comte de Melito.
Codex juris

gentium diplomaticus, in quo tabulæ authenticæ actorum publicorum, tractatuum, aliarumque rerum majoris momenti per Europam gestarum; edidit G. G. L.

Leslie, G: D. Our river [the Thames].

"He has simply given his personal reminiscences of the river, of its pleasant nooks, its villages and inns, its boating people, birds, artists, fishes, and bores." rev., June 4.


Les actes de la conférence de Lucas, C: J: M. extrait du Compte-rendu de Bruxelles ; l'Acad. des Sciences mor. et pol., jul. 1875. The boy's Mabinogion; the Mabinogion, The. earliest Welsh tales of King Arthur in the red book of Hergest; ed. with an introd. by VDWL-9M7 S. Lanier.

McCook, H: C., D.D.

The honey ants of the Garden of the Gods, etc. Markham, C. R., ed. Voyages of W: Baffin, 161222. (Hakluyt Soc., v. 63.)

"The better part of these materials had already appeared in Mr. Haven's introduction and notes to 'The voyage to Spitzbergen', printed by the American Antiquarian Society. The book is a work of scissors and paste very well put together indeed, and prefaced, but it Athenæum, Oct. 8. is not worthy of Mr. Markham."

Mayor, J. B.

A sketch of ancient philosophy, from Thales to Cicero.

"What is wanted is something to combine conciseness with accuracy and clearness, something which will be easy and interesting to readers of ordinary intelligence, and will leave no doubt in their minds as to the author's We are afraid that, when translated into The indolent student meaning'. plain words, this means cram. who wants to be ready with an available stock of knowl. edge against next examination day will find that it largely saves him the trouble of thinking. He will be further grateful for the service that it is rendered in a pleasant, readable style. He must be a very dull fellow if he cannot pick a handy general knowledge of Aristotle (whatever that may be worth) out of the fifty pages Professor Mayor devotes to that philosopher." - Sat. rev., Sept. 10.

Merrill, S. East of the Jordan; a record of travel

and observation in Moab, Gilead, and Bashan, 1875-77; with illust., etc.

Merriman, D., D.D. James Abram Garfield; discourse in memoriam.

Milner, G: Country pleasures; the chronicle of a year chiefly in a garden.

"The greater part of his book is occupied with the description of aspects of natural beauty noted within the compass of a single year, from an old garden in It is not a book to be read South-east Lancashire.



through at a sitting; it should be taken up from time to
time, and compared journalwise with the reader's own
observations and reflections." Westmin. rev., Oct.
"This book is thoroughly, penetratingly rural.
author's method is to chronicle week by week and month
by month the garden life of a single year (the year 1878),
and to illustrate what he has seen and enjoyed by frequent
quotations from the range of English poetry, in this
manner connecting his own with a more general expe-
Though not an apostle of nature, nor yet of
culture, he is a very entertaining writer."
Dec. 1.


Memoirs; ed. by Gen. Fleischmann; from the French by Mrs. 5F-M666-7 C. Hoey and J: Lillie. "The author was minister, ambassador, councillor of state and member of the Institute of France, between the years 1788 and 1815; his lifelong friendship with Joseph Bonaparte, whom he accompanied to Naples and about Spain, where he was with the king throughout the Peninsular war, and his intimate acquaintance with the political and personal history of the Bonapartes, render his memoirs exceptionally full and valuable." lishers' weekly, Nov. 12. Mitchinson, A. W.


The expiring continent; a narrative of travel in Senegambia; with obs. on native character, etc.

Morley, J: Life of R: Cobden. 2 v.

"The vigor and truthfulness with which he has traced Cobden's career as a public man, and his relations with all the public movements in which he took part, are equalled by the tact and grace with which, having access to all the private letters and memoranda extant, he has set forth as much as need be told about his personal history and his relations with his friends and kindred. Mr. Trevelyan's 'Life of Macaulay' is very properly regarded as one of the best biographies dealing with the present century that have lately been written; but Mr. Morley's Life of Cobden' is superior to it. Not only a very honest and very able memoir of Cobden, but also Athenæum, a valuable contribution to contemporary history, and to the study of contemporary politics." Oct. 29. Morris, J., S. J.

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Life of Father John Gerard, of the Society of Jesus. 3d ed., enl.

"Mr. Morris is one of the few living writers who have succeeded in greatly modifying views of English history which had been long accepted as the only tenable ones. to carry The racking and robbing, the butchering and banishing, of Roman Catholics in the 16th century the matter no farther has been proved to be as essentially a religious persecution as the burning of Gerard landed 'heretics' by Queen Mary, or the wholesale roasting of Jews by the Inquisition of Spain.


on the coast of Norfolk a fortnight after he had com-
Yet he became for
pleted his 24th year, quite unknown, and without a
friend in this part of England.
18 years the most active, and incomparably the most
successful, emissary whom the Church of Rome has had
It is hardly saying
in England since the Reformation.

too much to assert that, but for him, the Catholic party
in England would have collapsed altogether."- Augustus
Jessopp in Acad., July 9.

Morselli, E., M.D. Suicide; essay on comparative moral statistics. (Internat. sci. ser.) Nineteenth century, Oct. 1881.

"The most thoughtful article, and the most stimulative of thought, is that on 'Scientific optimism', by Mr. James Sully." - Academy, Oct. 15.

Palgrave, F. T. The visions of England. VEPP174 "Not a continuous narrative; not poems on every critical moment or conspicuous man in our long annals but single lyrical pictures of such leading or typical characters and scenes in English history, and only such, as have seemed to me amenable to a strictly poetical Poetry, not history, has, hence, been my treatment. first and last aim, or, perhaps I might define it history Preface. VEP P27U for poetry's sake." Patmore, C. K. D. The unknown Eros.

Pope, A. Works; ed. with introd. and notes, by the Rev. W. Elwin and W. J. Courthope. Vol. 3. "Rarely throughout the introductions or notes do we find indications that Mr. Courthope has failed to understand and to fulfil his duties as an editor. His notes exhibit a thorough mastery of his subject; they illustrate the page without burdening it, and they are free from any attempt at display."- Athenæum, Oct. 15. Rawlinson, G: History of ancient Egypt. 2 v. "Canon Rawlinson has left unread full three-fourths of the literature of his subject." — Amelia B. Edwards in the Academy, Aug. 6.

The seventh great Oriental monarchy; the Sassanian or new Persian Empire. Rossetti, D. G. Ballads and sonnets.

VEP R731B "The supernatural element of poetry (as fundamental an element as the humorous, and much rarer in modern times) finds here an expression as genuine, as unadul. terated with the self-conscious knowingness of a scientific age, as if the poems had been written in the time of Shakspeare, or even in the time of Roger Bacon." Athenæum, Oct. 8.

"The best part of it is that rare and wonderful thing, mere poetry clustered fruit full of the scent and color

of the sun. A gift of beauty." -E. Dowden in the Academy, Oct. 15.

Russell, A. P. Thomas Corwin; a sketch.

"Mr. Corwin was governor of Ohio in 1840, U. S. Senator, 1845, Secretary of the Treasury, 1850, Minister to Mexico, 1861."

Russell, W: C. An ocean free lance; from a pri

vateersman's log, 1812. (Franklin Sq. lib.) "A series of sea-fights, ending with a fire at sea, and enlivened by a ball and a ghost-story, and will be devoured by boys and girls, and by such sailors and marines as may be fond of story-books. But a single volume is more than enough for most people past the age of boyhood."- Spectator, May 14.

After pointing out a number of anachronisms and blunders in seamanship the Saturday review remarks: "The author has chosen an unpleasant subject; and, in an attempt to redeem its unpleasant character, has only succeeded in making his narrative ridiculous. On the strength of some acquaintance with the modern merchant service he has tried to tell a story of the old war. That he should have attempted a task for which he is unfitted is to be regretted, as, despite his passion for word-painting, he has considerable ability." Schulze, H. Grundriss zu Vorlesungen über Völkerrecht.

"La plus grande partie de la brochure est formée par une introduction, qui contient entre autres un tableau fort bien fait du développement historique du droit des gens, dans la pratique et la théorie, depuis l'antiquité jusqu'à nos jours." Revue de droit international,

v. 13. 1881.

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Smith, G: Life of Alexander Duff, D.D.; with portraits.

Dr. Duff was a missionary to India, 1830-63. Smith, G: B. Life and speeches of J: Bright; with portraits. 2 v. in 1.

Steele, J. W. Cuban sketches.

"He is a bright, keen man, and one cannot read these sketches without obtaining valuable information about Cuba, and at the same time being amused.". - Boston post. Taylor, M. Tippoo Sultann; a tale of the Mysore war. 2d ed. VEF T217TI

Towle, G: M. illust.

Trollope, A.

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Ralegh, his exploits and voyages; (Young folks' heroes of history.) Ayala's angel. (Franklin Sq. libr.) "An interesting study of common-place people. It is as good as a great many of the books he has written, but it does not rank with that half-dozen of his best which deserve to be remembered. People who have the Trollope taste strongly developed will read it and enjoy it thoroughly.". Westmin. rev. Oct. Warner, C: D. Captain John Smith, 1579-1631, Gov. of Virginia, etc.; a study of his life and writings. (Lives of Amer. worthies.) "Mr. Warner has thoroughly mastered dull facts, and has gathered information from every available source; but there is no dulness in his book. On the contrary, a rare humor pervades its pages, and envelopes the tritest subjects with an attractive glow."- Boston Sat. eve. gazette.

Washington Irving. ters.)

(American men of let

"Tells the story of Irving's life, with copious selections from his writings; and gives in a few brief pages a careful estimate of his genius." Boston traveller, Nov. 26.

Williams, A. M.


Poets and poetry of Ireland; with essays and notes. VDVP W674 Winchell, A. Sparks from a geologist's hammer. Contents. Mont Blanc and the Mer de Glace. Ascent of Mont Blanc. -The beautiful. -The old age of continents. Obliterated continents. A grasp of geologic time. Geological seasons. Climate of the lake regions. Mammoths and mastodons. Salt enterprise in Michigan. - A remarkable Maori manuscript. Genealogy of ships. - Huxley and evolution. - Grounds and consequences of evolution. - Metaphysics of science. Winsor, J., ed. Memorial history of Boston, includ. Suffolk Co., Mass., 1630-1880. Vol. 3. Contents. The Revolutionary period. hundred years, pt. 1.

The last

"Mr. Winsor will receive the hearty thanks and congratulations of every one interested in it, not only for his intelligent editorship, but for his annotations scattered through the volume, always adding something out of his abundant resources, or still further illuminating the topics presented by the various writers."- Boston daily advertiser.

Wormeley, Miss K. P.

My wife and my wife's

sister. (No name ser.) "The scene is principally laid in Paris society as that society was left after the convulsions that attended the French Revolution partially subsided." - Boston Sat. eve. gazette.

"As a story of crime, adventure and reckless daring, this novel takes high rank; as a love story it is pure, tender and noble."- Boston advertiser.


Additions. 2d ser.]


Ablett, W: H. Market-garden husbandry. (Farm-
ing for pleasure and profit, sect. 8.)
Accolti, B. De bello a Christianis contra barbaros
gesto pro Christi sepulchro. 1532.
Acland, A. H. D., and Ransome, C. Handbook
in outline of the polit. hist. of Eng. to 1881.
Acton, R. Our colonial empire.

"Written in a pleasant, readable manner, with wise
avoidance of dry discussion, and giving only so many
are really necessary."- Spectator, Dec.
statistics as
31, 1881.

Adams, Mrs. L. Aunt Hepsy's foundling. 3 v.

✔ADIA to Mrs. "New Brunswick is personally known Adams. Its small town life has charms for her; and the picture bears all the marks of faithful delineation." Adamson, R. Fichte.

"Characterized by mastery of method and clearness of exposition. The student is supplied with just the kind of knowledge necessary to one commencing the study of Fichte, and the general reader has a really interesting account of the philosopher's life and a very fair description of his thoughts."— Athenæum, Jan. 14,



"The admirably thorough fashion in which Prof. Those who have studAdamson has done his work. ... ied Fichte will know best the value of his concise and -A. Seth in Mind, Oct. carefully-balanced statements.". Frei Schiff Aegidi, L: K:, and Klauhold, A. unter Feindes Flagge; urkundliche Darstellung der Bestrebungen zur Fortbildung des Seerechts seit 1856.

Eschylus. Agamemnon; tr. by the Earl of Car


"A translation of the Agamemnon must be in the
main judged on its presentation of the choruses; and it
is impossible to say that Lord Carnarvon's satisfies the
requirements of poetry, even where it meets those of
exactness."-A. Goodwin in Acud., June 28.
"A brilliant translation." —
The house of Atreus; the Agamemnon, Liba-
tion-bearers, and Furies; tr. by E. D. A.

Alcott, L. M. Moods; a novel.


A new edition restored to its original form; in the first issue important omissions and changes from the author's ms. were made. Alexander, W:

Johnny Gibb of Gushetneuk.


"Mr. Gladstone described it as a most vigorous and truthful delineation of local character, drawn from a portion of the country where that character is peculiarly worthy of careful study and record."- Amer. bookseller, Nov. 15.

Allen, C: G. B. Anglo-Saxon Britain.

"It is inevitable that there should be a reaction
against the Teutonic school of English history, which
held that the English invaders of Britain practically
exterminated the Romano-Celtic inhabitants, or drove
them into the Western hills. The whole question has
now become one of degree, and Mr. Grant Allen has
summed up the discussion with much skill. He leans to
the theory that much Celtic blood survives among us,
but agrees with Freeman and Stubbs that the conquered
race became thoroughly English."-C. W. Bouse in
Academy, Nov. 19.

Anderson, J. Scotland in early Christian times.
2d ser. (Rhind lectures for 1880.)

Andrews, W. Book of oddities.

"Contains chapters on Revivals after execution. - A human pincushion.- Female jockeys.- Whimsical wills," etc.

Anna or Enna or Ennana.

Le conte des deux

frères; [tr. par G. Maspero].

Appalachian Mountain Club. Appalachia; jour-
nal of the Club, 1876-81. 2 v.
"The first volume is almost entirely occupied with
the topography, etc., of the White Mountains."
On the Indian hills; or, Coffee
Arnold, E. L.
planting in Southern India. 2 v.
"A well-written narrative."-

Ars moriendi, ed. princeps circa 1450; a reprod. of
the copy in the Brit. Museum; ed. by W. H.
Rylands; with an introd. by G: Bullen.
(Holbein Soc.)

Aubertin, C:

Audin, J. M. V.

L'esprit public au 18e siècle. 2e éd.
Aubigné, T. A. d'. Œuvres complètes; notices
biog., etc., par R. et F. de Caussade. 4 v.
Histoire de la vie, des écrits, et
des doctrines de Martin Luther. 5e éd. 3 v.
Austin, A. Savonarola; a tragedy.
"One qualification for the great task of setting Savon-
arola and his epoch on the stage Mr. Austin certainly
possesses enthusiasm both for his subject and for the
Gems of thought and
purely dramatic treatment of it.
expression are found here and there."-E. D. A. Mors-
head in the Academy, Nov. 12, 1881.

Avery, I. W. History of Georgia, 1850-81.
B., C. The story of a nursery rhyme; illustrated
by M. Hooper.

Babcock, E. W.

home books.)

Household hints.


Baldwin, W: J. Steam heating for buildings.
Mechanics. (London science class-
Ball, R. S.
Elementary series.)

Brief history of the United States.
English church composers.
Treatise of the Pope's supremacy.

Barnes, A. S.
Barrett, W: A.
Barrow, I.
Barry, E: M.

Lectures on architecture; ed. with memoir by A. Barry.

Bast, L. A. M. de. Annales du salon de Gand, et de l'école moderne des Pays-Bas. 1823.

Bastard d'Estang, J. F. A:, comte de.

Les par

lements de France, leurs usages, leur organisation, et leur autorité. 2 v.

Bateman, J: Great landowners of Great Britain

and Ireland.

VGF B32R Bauer, K., (pseud. K: Detlef). Russische Idyllen; nachgelassene Novellen. Meine Nachbarn auf dem Lande.- Rus. Contents. sisches Landleben.

Bauman, S.

Plan of the siege of Yorktown, from a survey three days after the surrender of Cornwallis; reproduced by photoelectrotype.

Bayle, P: Dictionary; tr.
Beattie, W:

Vol. 1.

5 v.

2d ed. Castles and abbeys of England.

Bemis, C: A. History of Marlborough, N. H. Besant, W., and Rice, J. The captains' room. (Franklin Sqr. lib.)


"The story of an old gentleman who supposes himself to have been born in 1615. He discourses of the periods through which he has passed with much knowledge of detail and seriousness of belief."- St. James budget, Feb. 25, 1881.

The ten years' tenant; and other stories.

Bible. O. T. Jonah.


Librum Jonæ prophetæ ;

exposuit F. Kaulen.

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