Slike stranica

Wood, I. The Massachusetts compendium, stating the boundaries of Mass. proper, of the Dist. of Maine, etc. 1816.

Wood, J: P. Memoirs of the life of John Law of Lauriston; incl. acc. of the rise, progress, and termination of the Mississippi system. Wood, M. A. E. Letters of royal and illustrious ladies of Great Britain. 3 v. VE5-9W8 Woodberry, G: E. History of wood engraving. Woodhouse, J. Poems on several occasions. 1766. VEP-W85

Woods, F. H. Sweden and Norway.
Woodward, A. Life of Gen. Nathaniel Lyon.
Woodworth, J: Reminiscences of Troy, 1790-1807.
Woolman, H. C., etc. Historical and bibliograph-
ical atlas of the New Jersey coast.
Woolnoth, W: Ancient castles of England and
Wales; with historical descriptions by E.
Brayley. 2 v.

Woolson, C. F. Anne; a novel.


"If Miss Woolson has stood easily at the head of American women novelists, it is less because she has given us the best, than because she has given us little but the best. In Miss Phelps we have to forgive some superfluous sentiment; in Rebecca Harding Davis, an extreme degree of the uncanny element; in Mrs. Burnett, the impossible refinement of her lower class' characters; in Harriet Pres. cott Spofford, a Disraelish tendency to mother-of-pearl bedsteads and diamond-studded thimbles. Miss Woolson makes no demands of this sort upon our clemency." -Critic.

Worcester Soc. of Antiq. Worcester town records, 1775-83; ed. by F. P. Rice. Wordsworth, C., Bp. Church history. 2 v. Wordsworth, J: The one religion; Bampton lectures for 1881. Wordsworth, W:

Knight. 2 v.

Poetical works; ed. by W:

"The allowed margin of error is indeed far exceeded, and the errors are not of a single kind. Although much is accurate, we can never feel secure; and, instead of serving as a substitute for the early editions, this new edition, on investigation, proves that they are indispensable." E: Dowden in Academy, Aug. 12. Worthington, T: Shiloh; Tennessee campaign of


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The relation of political economy to the labor question.

Wright, G. F: Studies in science and religion. Wright, G. N. France illustrated; landscape

scenery, antiquities, military and ecclesiastical architecture, etc.; drawings by T: Allom. [1845-49]. 4 v.

Note. Vol. 4 is by J. Janin, with drawings by E. Lami.

Wright, J: S. Chicago; past, present, future. Wright, L: Light; a course of experimental optics chiefly with the lantern.

Wright, S. History of Perry County, Penn. Wright, W. The oil regions of Pennsylvania, showing where petroleum is found, how it is obtained, and at what cost.

Wundt, W: Grundzüge der physiologischen Psychologie. 2 v.

Wyeth, S. D. The federal city; or, Ins and abouts of Washington.

Yale College. Obituary records of graduates deceased during the academical year ending

June 1882.

Sketches, with anecdotes; by a member of that institution. 1843.

Yardley, E: The supernatural in romantic fiction. Yeo, J. B. Health resorts and their uses; vacation studies in various health resorts. VY45

Yesterday; an American novel.

Young, A. Historical sketch of the French bar; with biog. notices.

Young against Chipman; narrative of the case, and concise statement of the trial, Oct. 4, 1826, at Rutland.

Young, D. The wonderful history of the Morristown ghost. 1826.

Young, R. Analytical concordance to the Bible; with latest information on Biblical geography and antiquities. (Student's ed.)

Youth of Jefferson, The; or, A chronicle of college
scrapes at Williamsburg, Va., 1764.
Zabriskie, F. N. History of the Reformed P. D.
Church of Claverack; centen. address.
Les noces crétoises;

Zampelios or Zambelios, S.

tr. du grec, par T. Georgevich. "La tentative faite par les Crétois vers les premières années du 16e siècle, pour reconquérir leur indépendance. Venise eut recours, en comprimant ce mouvement patriotique, à des procédés d'une déloyauté et d'une cruauté telles que l'histoire ressemble à un roman Inventé à plaisir." -Nouvelle rev., 15 oct. 1881. Zeller, E: David Friedrich Strauss in his Life and Writings; tr. with notes. 5G ST82Z

Zeller, J: La diplomatie française vers le milieu

du 16e siècle.

"Il s'occupe spécialement d'un diplomate généralement peu connu, Guillaume Pellicier qui fut longtemps ambassadeur de France à Venise. Cette ambassade avait une très grande importance, parce qu'elle servait de poste d'observation à la fois pour les affaires d'Italie, et pour les relations avec l'Orient. On verra que nous avons fait des progrès, quoi qu'on en dise, et que les relations internationales sont aujourd'hui plus loyales qu'à cette époque. L'auteur appartient à cette école moderne d'érudits consciencieux qui croient n'être jamais assez complets ni assez précis.' L. R. in Rev. de droit internat., no. 4.

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The date shows when our set begins. With few exceptions the sets are continuous from that time. a., annual, bi-m., once in two months, d., daily, f., fortnightly, ir., irregularly, m., monthly, q., quarterly, w. weekly, etc.; B., Boston, L., London, P., Paris.

A B C pathfinder railway guide; pub. by N. E. Railway Co. N. E. Weeks, manager. B. m. Once a week.

Academy. L. w. 1869.

Advocate of peace. Ed. H. C. Dunham. B. m.


Afrique explorée, L'.


Ed. C: Faure. Genève. m.

All the year round. Cond. by C: Dickens. L. w. 1859.

Allgemeine Zeitung. Ed. Otto Braun. Stuttgart, Augsb., München. d. 1839.

Alpine journal; by members of the Alpine Club. Ed. D. W. Freshfield. L. ir. 1864. American. Ed. Wharton Barker and II. M. Jenkins. Phila. w. 1882.

Politics, literature, science, art, and finance. American antiquarian and Oriental journal. Ed. S. D. Peet. Chicago. q. 1879. American architect and building news. R. Ware. B. w. 1876. Constructive and decorative art.

American church review.

N. Y. m. 1882.

Ed. W:

Ed. Rev. H: M. Baum.

American journal of insanity. Ed. J: P. Gray. Utica, N. Y. q. 1844.

American journal of mathematics. Ed. J. J. Sylvester. Balt. 2. 1878.

American journal of medical sciences. Ed. I. M. Hays. Phila. q. 1827.

American journal of numismatics. Ed. J. Colburn. N. Y. q. 1866. American journal of philology. Ed. B. L. Gildersleeve. Balt. American journal of science. Ed. J. D. and E. S. Dana and B. Silliman. N. Y., N. Haven. q., m. 1818.



American law review. Ed. L. Eaton and S. D. Thompson. St. Louis. bi-m. 1866. American naturalist. Ed. E. D. Cope. Phila. m.


Devoted to the natural sciences in their widest sense. Annales de chimie et de physique. Ed. E. Bertin, and others. P. m. 1789.

Annales d'hygiène publique et de médicine légale. Ed. Dr. P. Brouardel. P. bi-m. 1829. Antiquarian magazine and bibliographer. Ed. E: Walford. L. m. 1882.

Antiquary. Ed. E: Walford. L. m. 1880. Appalachia; journal of the Appalachian Moun

tain Club. Sec. J: Ritchie, Jr. B. ir. 1879. Appleton's literary bulletin. N. Y. m. Archiv für das studium der neueren sprachen und literaturen. Hrsg. von L: Herrig. Braunschweig. ir. 1846.

Archiv für litteraturgeschichte. Hrsg. von F. Schnorr von Carolsfeld. Lpz. ir. 1870. Archivio per le tradizioni popolari. Ed. G. Pitrè and S. Salomone-Marino. Palermo. q. 1882.

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Index medicus. Ed. Drs. J. L. Billings and R. Fletcher. N. Y. m. 1879.

Classified record of current medical literature of the world. International review. Ed. W. R. Balch. N. Y. bi-m. 1874.

Investor's monthly manual. L. 1869.

Giving highest and lowest and latest prices of stocks. Jahrbuch der deutschen Shakespeare Gesellschaft. Hrsg. durch F. A. Leo. Wiemar. 1865. Johns Hopkins University circulars. Ed. H. B. Adams. Balt. 1882.

Scientific including the social sciences.

Journal des débats. Ed. J: B. Léon Say and J: Lemoinne, etc. P. d. 1848.

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Astronomy, biology, geology, industrial arts, manufactures, and technology.

Journal of social science. Ed. F. B. Sanborn. N. Y. ir. 1869.

Journal of speculative philosophy. Ed. W: T. Harris. N. Y. q. 1867.

Journal of the Anthropological Institute. Asst. Sec. G: W. Bloxam; direct. F. W. Rudler. L. m. 1863.

Journal of the Statistical Society. Ed. R. Griffin. L. q. 1838.

Journal officiel. P. d. 1869.

Kansas City review of science and industry. Ed.
T. S. Case. m.

Knowledge. Ed. R: A. Proctor. L. w. 1881.
Illustrated magazine of science.

Lancet. L. w. 1823.

British and foreign medicine, physiology, surgery, chemistry, public health, criticism, and news. Library journal. Ed. C: A. Cutter. N. Y. m. 1876. Life. Ed. J: A. Mitchell and E: S. Martin. N. Y. . 1883.

Lippincott's magazine. Ed. J: F. Kirk. Phila. m. 1871.

Popular literature and science.

Literarisches Centralblatt für Deutschland. Ed.
Fr. Zarncke. Lpz. w. 1873.
Literary news. Ed. F. Leypoldt. N.Y. m. 1883.
Choice readings from the best new books, and critical

Literary world. Ed. E: Abbott. B. f. 1870.
Littell's living age. Ed. R. Littell. B. w. 1844.
Livre, Le; revue du monde littéraire. Ed. O.
Uzanne. P. m. 1881.

In two parts: Bibliographie ancienne et Bibliographie moderne.

London daily news. Ed. F. H. Hill.


London society. Ed. James Hogg. L. m. 1866. Illustrated magazine of light and amusing literature. Longman's magazine. Ed. C: J. Longman. L. m.


Discussing every subject except politics and religion. Louisville courier journal. Ed. H: Watterson. w. Macmillan's magazine. Ed. J: Morley. L. m. 1860.

"Mr. J: Morley has succeeded Mr. G: Grove as editor of Macmillan's. He intends that it shall deal principally with political, social, and literary topics in a sober and thoughtful spirit."

Magazine of American hist. Ed. Mrs. M. J. Lamb. Maine state press. Portland. w.

Manufacturer's gazette. Ed. W: A. Hovey. B. w. Medical bulletin. Ed. J: V. Shoemaker. Phila. m. 1881.

Mémorial diplomatique; journal internat., polit., lit., et financier. Direct. E. Simon. P. w. 1863. Mind. Ed. G: C. Robertson. L. q. 1876. Psychology and philosophy.

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Modern review. L. q. 1880.
Monograph; a serial collection of indexed essays.
Ed. W: M. Griswold. Bangor, Me. m. 1881.
Musical record. Ed. Dexter Smith. B. f.
Narragansett historical register. Ed. J. N. Arnold.
Hamilton, R. I. 1882.

Nation. Ed. C. Schurz, etc. Lit. ed. W. P. Garrison. N. Y. w. 1865.

National review. Ed. Alfred Austin. L. m. 1883.
Political, literary, and domestic. Conservative.
Nature. Ed. J. N. Lockyer. L., N. Y. w. 1870.
Scientific work and discovery.
Neuer Anzeiger für Bibliographie.

Ed. J. Petz

holdt. Dresden. m. 1873. New England bibliopolist. Ed. J: W. Dean. B. q. New England farmer. Ed. A. W. Cheever. B. w. 1850.

New England historical and genealogical register.
Ed. J: W. Dean. B. q. 1847.

New England medical gazette. Ed. H. C. Clapp.
B. m. 1866.

New Englander. Ed. W: L. Kingsley. N. Haven. bi-m. 1843.

Congregational and literary.

New Jerusalem magazine. Ed. com. Rev. C. Giles, T. S. Arthur, J. N. Gregory. B. m. 1828. New Jerusalem messenger. Ed. Rev. C: H. Mann. N. Y. w.

New York evening post. Ed. C. Schurz, H. White,
E. L. Godkin. 1853.

New York geneal. and biog. record. S: S.
Purple, H. R. Stiles, and others. N. Y. q. 1874.
New York herald. Ed. J. G. Bennett. d. 1804.
New York times. Ed. C: R. Miller. d. 1861.
New York tribune. Ed. Whitelaw Reid. d. 1845.
New York world. Ed. W: H. Hurlburt. d.
Newport historical magazine. Ed. H: E. Turner.
m. 1880.

Nineteenth century. Ed. J. Knowles. L. m. 1877.


North American. Ed. Clayton McMichael. Phila. d. North American review. Ed. A. T. Rice. B. bi-m.

and q. 1815.


Notes and queries. L. w. 1850.
Notes, queries, and answers. Ed. N. B. Webster.
Manchester, N. H. bi-m. 1882.
Nouvelle revue. Ed. Mme. E. Adam. P. m. 1879.
Once a week. See A B C pathfinder.

Our dumb animals. Ed. G: T. Angell. B. m.
Overland monthly. Ed. W. Cheney and Rev. C.
D. Barrows. San Francisco. 1868.
Palestine Exploration Fund. Quarterly statement.
Sec. W. Besant. L. 1869.

Pall Mall gazette. Ed. J: Morley. L. d. 1865.


Patent Office official gazette. Wash. w. 1872. Pathfinder railway guide. See A B C pathfinder. Pennsylvania mag. of hist. and biog. Phila. m. 1877. Petermann's (Dr. A.) Mittheilungen aus Perthes' geographischer Anstalt. Hrsg. von E. Behm und H. Wagner. Gotha. q. 1855.

Philosophical magazine and journal of science. Ed. by Sir R. Kane, Sir W: Thompson, and W: Francis. L. m. 1789.

Polybiblion; revue bibliographique universelle. Ed. L. Sandret. P. m. 1868.

Catholic. In two parts, one literary, the other biblio-
Popular science monthly. Ed. E. L. and W. J.
Youmans. N. Y. 1872.

Popular science news and journal of chemistry.
Ed. J. R. Nichols and W: J. Rolfe. m. 1871.
Chemistry, geology, agriculture, astronomy, hygiene,
medicine, practical arts, home science, etc.
Portfolio. Ed. P. G. Hamerton.
Précis of official papers; abstracts of all Parlia-
mentary returns printed by both Houses.
L. m. 1880.

L. m. 1870.

Princeton review. Ed. J. M. Libbey. N. Y. bi-m. 1844.

Presbyterian and literary.

Public. Ed. W. M. Grosvenor. N. Y. w.

Finance, commercial interests, and political science.

Public opinion. L. w. 1868.

Summary of the press throughout the world. Publishers' weekly. Ed. F. Leypoldt. N. Y. 1873. Puck. Ed. H. C. Bunner. N. Y. w. 1879. Punch. Ed. F. C. Burnand. L. w. 1841. Quarterly review. Ed. W: Smith. L. 1809.

Tory. High church.

Republicain, Le. Ed. N. Cyr. B. w. Récréations philologiques. Ed. L. Sauveur. Albans, Vt. m.


Revue critique d'histoire et de littérature. Ed. S. Guyard and others. P. w. 1880. Devoted to "les hautes études"; liberal. Revue de droit international et de législation comparée. Direct. T. M. C. Asser, J. Westlake, and others. Bruf., Lpz. bi-m. 1871. Revue de l'histoire des religions. Ed. M. Vernes and others. P. bi-m. 1880.

Revue de la révolution. Ed. C: D'H. and G. Bord. P. m. 1883.

Historique, philosophique, économique, artistique. Revue des Deux Mondes. Ed. C. Buloz and C. de Mazade. P. f. 1831.

Revue des questions historiques. Ed. V. Palmé. P. q. 1866.


Revue historique. Ed. G. Monod and G. Fagniez.
P. bi-m. 1876.

Revue philosophique. Direct. T. Ribot. P. m. 1880. Revue politique et littéraire. Direct. E. Yung. P. m. 1872.

Republican of the Gambettist type.

Revue scientifique. Direct. A. Breguet and C: Richet. P. w. 1871.

Romanische Studien.

Bonn. y. 1871.

Hrsg. von E: Boehmer.

Royal Geographical Society. Proceedings. Ed. H. W. Bates. L. m. 1861.

Royal Geographical Society journal. Ed. H. W.

Bates. L. y. 1832.

Saint James gazette. Ed. F: Greenwood. L. d. 1880. Conservative.

Saint Louis globe-democrat. Ed. J. B. McCullough. d.

[May 5, 1883

Salem register. Ed. C. Foote, semi-w. 1786.
Saturday evening gazette. Ed. H: G. Parker and
W. H. Monroe. B. w. 1822.

Saturday review. Ed. P. Harwood. L. w. 1856.
Independent with strong tory leanings.
Science. Ed. S: H. Scudder. Camb., Mass. w. 1883.
Science observer. Ed. J: Ritchie, Jr. B. m. 1877.
Scientific American and Supplement. Ed. O. D.
Munn and A. E. Beach. N. Y. w. 1849.
Société de Géographie: Compte rendu, and Bulletin.
Ed. C. Maunoir, J. P. Paquier, J. Girard. P.
q. 1837.

South Australian register. Adelaide. f.
Southern Historical Society papers. Sec. Rev. J.
W: Jones. Richmond. bi-m. 1876.
Spectator. Ed. M. Townsend and R. H. Hutton.
L. w. 1830.

Liberal. Broad church.

Springfield daily republican. Ed. W. L. Warren. Springfield. 1863.

Standard. Ed. W: H. Mudford. L. d.


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