Slike stranica

Abel, C: Slavic and Latin; Ilchester lectures on comparative lexicography; delivered at the Taylor institution, Oxford.

"Very pleasant reading, and full of most ingenious suggestions. Dr. Abel is so anxious to be original that he sometimes allows himself to be carried too far. But under all circumstances much may be learned from a man who has bold and vigorous opinions, and is always suggestive when he deals with the psychological side of language."- W. R. Morfill in the Academy, July 21. The flaws' pointed out by Mr. Morfill are answered by Dr. Abel in the "Academy," July 28, and Mr. Morfill replies in the same periodical, Sept. 15. Argles, Mrs. M. Her first appearance; and other tales.

Bakounine, M.


God and the state; with preface

by C. Cafiero, and E. Reclus; tr. by B: R. Tucker.

Balch, W: R. Mines, miners, and mining interests of the U. S. in 1882. Barbey d'Aurévilly, J. A.

Les diaboliques.

)VFF B23D Barbier, H: A: Iambes et poèmes. 1845. VFP‍B231 Beard, C: The reformation of the 16th century in its relation to modern thought and knowledge. (Hibbert lectures.) "Full of eloquence and enthusiasm. Sufficiently learned and scholarly without being above the comprehension of the popular reader." Athenæum, Aug. 11. Biographie des représentants du peuple à l'As


semblée Nationale Constituante, etc. 1848.


Bishop, W: H: Old Mexico and her lost provin

ces; a journey to Mexico, Southern California, and Arizona by way of Cuba. BD-B54 "Subjects which have been periodically and laboriously written upon have not been exhaustively reconsidered by our author; but his impressions, always distinguished by a fine intelligence, are given in graceful outline, and he rarely fails to point out some feature hitherto disregarded. Statistics generally the stumbling block to writers of travel-are here in some inscrutable way rendered acceptable, and are perused unre. sentfully." Chicago tribune, Oct. 20. Brassey, Sir T: The British navy; its strength, resources, and administration. Vol. 4, 5. "Planned to occupy six volumes, but completed in five, which represent thirteen years of not wholly uninterrupted labour. The fourth volume treats of the shipbuilding policy of the navy, the dock-yard administration, and the organization of the Admiralty, the naval reserve, and the training and education of officers and seamen. For the last twenty years Sir Thomas Brassey has devoted his attention to the above matters, and has made some of the principal naval questions peculiarly his own. The fifth volume is a reprint of a former work published in 1877 ‘British seamen as described in recent documents.' This is now republished with corrected statistics as a conclusion to The British navy.'" Athenæum, Oct. 10.


Brentz (Lat. Brentius), J: Operum tomus VIII.


Briggs, C: A: Biblical study, its principles, meth

ods, and history; with a catalogue of books of reference.

"Admirably adapted for readers and students who desire to know the results of the most recent investigation and the best modern scholarship in the field of biblical study."

Brooks, P. Sermons preached in English churches.

"He translates the great message into the forms of our modern life and needs, and thus shows its fitness for all ages and circumstances. His sermons are full of

the truest eloquence, the eloquence of strong, weighty, momentous thought.” — British quarterly rev., Oct. Butler, C:, of Lincoln's Inn. Horæ juridicæ subsecivæ; notes resp. the geography, chronology, etc. of the Grecian, Roman, feudal, and canon law, with notes and illust. 1808. Chassériau, F: V: C: Précis historique de la marine française, son organisation et ses lois. 1845. 2 v.


Cooper, J. F. Memorial. 1852. Coppinger, R. W. Cruise of the Alert; four years in Patagonian, Polynesian, and Mascarene waters, 1878-82.

"His object has been to give us a brief and untechnical account of the main results in natural history obtained during the wanderings of a surveying ship in Southern waters; he has succeeded admirably both in sketching the animal and vegetable life of the unfamiliar regions he visited. The Alert' spent two seaThe observations upon

sons in Patagonian waters.
the Seychelles and other African islands are likewise
full of valuable and novel scientific matter."-Pall Mall
guzette, Oct. 10.

Coste, A. Hygiène sociale contre le paupérisme.


Cotton, J. S., and Payne, E: J:

Colonies and dependencies. (English citizen.) ADC C82

"Mr. Cotton has ranged over a wide field and in a short compass has treated of India with quite sufficient detail for the ordinary reader. Mr. Payne's section

on the colonics is a rich repository of facts, clearly and pleasantly presented." British quarterly rev., Oct. Craik, G: L. Bacon; his writings and philosophy. 1846-47. 3 v. XVE1 B13C Crowest, F: J. Catechism of musical history and biography.

Cubas, A. G. The republic of Mexico, 1876, etc.; tr. by G: F. Henderson. 1876. BD-C89

Cuvillier-Fleury, A. A: Etudes historiques et

littéraires. 1854. 2 v.

VF3 C98H

Dahn, F. Felicitas; historischer Roman aus der

Daily chronicle, The, and convention journal; proceedings of the convention, Harrisburg, May 2, 1837, to alter and amend the constitution of Pennsylvania; E. Guyer, ed. 1837. Davidson, R. Excursion to the Mammouth Cave and the Barrens of Kentucky; with notices of the early settlement of the state. 1840.

B7AM31.D Dick, W: B. Games of patience; or, Solitaire with cards.

Dramatic notes; an illustrated year-book of the stage. 1882-83.

Du Boisgobey, F. Le collier d'acier. VFF D855CL East India Company. Library. Catalogue. 1845. :XME+EA7 Easton, J:

Narrative of the causes which led to Philip's Indian war of 1675 and 1676, etc.; prepared from the originals, with introd. and notes by F. B. Hough. 1858.

Edwards, M. B. Pearla; or, The world after an island. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

[blocks in formation]

Ely, R: T. French and German socialism in modern times.

"The author commands a clear style, and understands the art of condensation. A series of short sketches well fitted to arouse popular interest. There are but ten pages devoted to the doctrines of Rodbertus, and seven to those of Marx; still, the reader can obtain some idea of the philosophic positions assumed by these men. All that here finds place is correct, and the selection is such that what is said is not distorted by the narrowness of perspective."- Nation, Oct. 25. Erasmus, D. L'abbé et la savante. L'alchimie. Le congrès des dames. L'enterrement. L'entretien des vieillards. Les mendiants riches. Le naufrage. Les obsèques seraphiques. Le pèlerinage. L'union mal assortie.

[ocr errors]

All translated by V. Develay.

Feuillett, O. La partie de dames; pièce en un acte. VFD F43P Finch, B. C. Lives of the Princesses of Wales. 3 v. 5E 9WF49

"The lives of Joan of Kent, Anne of Warwick, Katharine of Arragon, Caroline of Anspach, Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, and Caroline of Brunswick. Miss Finch quotes so much from other writers, that she scarcely does her own powers justice.” - Spectator, Sept. 29. Foreign Exhibition Association. Catalogue of the art department, Foreign Exhibition, illust.

Official catalogue [of the] Foreign Exhibition; comp. by C. B. Norton.

Foster, M. Physiology. Hygiene by R. S. Tracy. (Science primers.)


Gautier, E. T. L. Portraits contemporains et questions actuelles. 1880. Portraits littéraires. 1868. Goethe, J: W. von. Briefwechsel mit einem Kinde. 2r Th. 1835. VG5 G55K

Grégoire, G. Explication des cérémonies de la Fête-Dieu d'Aix en Provence. 1777. Greville, Lady V. Keith's wife. 3 v.


[blocks in formation]

Hale, E: E. Seven Spanish cities and the way to them. AHX H13

"Mr. Hale had had a yearning for Spanish travel from the days of his boyhood which he has but now been able to gratify. He has been successful in innoculating his readers with some of his enthusiasm on this theme, for he has made a book which all will enjoy. If it does not tell us a great deal that is new about Spain it has very much this effect in presenting the peculiarities of the Spanish people, and the picturesque features of their land in a new light." Boston Sat. ere. guzette, Oct. 2. Harvard College. Com. on Government. Report to the Board of Overseers, 1881-82. Class of 1829. Songs and poems. 1868.


[blocks in formation]

Homans, J. S., Jr. Historical and statistical account of the foreign commerce of the U. S. 1857.

Hoppus, M.. A. M. A great treason; a story of the War of Independence. w5F.778G

"A description of striking events, of battles fought, in the thrilling time of our Revolution; but the author treats it objectively, stands outside her story, as it were, and awakens in us for these old times and very hackneyed events but a languid interest." N. Y. herald, Oct. 17.

Howe, Mrs. J. W. Margaret Fuller, marchesa Ossoli. (Famous women ser.) 65.os7H

"A singularly interesting biography, and quite free from over-praise. A connected story of Margaret's extraordinary character and life; of her impulsive girlhood. her passion for study, her wonderful acquirements, her noble traits, and her striking defects. One of the most important things in her life is the use she made of opportunities; winning from what is spoken of as the bare New England,' that surrounded her not only mental cultivation, but artistic also." — Boston advertiser, Oct. 19.

[blocks in formation]

"He is content to do little more than reproduce the criticism of others, which here peats with sturdy itera tion, varying the monotany of eulogium with a little extravagance of his own. He has embodied in his work the substance of the memoir prefixed to the Literary remains, which he has too studiously followed. In spite of its singular want of taste, that memoir possessed at least the merit of telling a simple story in a direct manner; but to all who are acquainted with Oliver Madox Brown's works, and accept Mr. Ingram's book on the faith of its title-page, the present volume can only be a source of irritation." -J. R. Blaikie in the Acad., July 21.

Irving, H: Henry Irving; a short account of his public life.

"A compilation from various English newspapers of criticisms on Mr. Irving's acting."

Ladd, H. O. History of the war with Mexico.


"Written within the comprehension of boys, but gives all the facts that grown readers require to know, and at the same time its style is so earnest that it might be used s a school text-book." - Pub. weekly, Oct. 20. Lairtullier, E. Les femmes célèbres, 1789-95. 5F-9WL14

Vol. 1. 1840.

Lee, Mrs. K.. In the Alsatian Mountains; narrative of a tour in the Vosges. AGAL2-L51 "About the Vosges country and its people not much is to be learnt from Mrs. Lee. Her object is to recommend the Vosges to holiday-seekers in want of a new play-ground. Certainly the trip was a cheap one." Saturday rev., Oct. 13.


Lightwood, J: M. The nature of positive law.

"An able book and one which can be conscientiously recommended alike for its well-collected, and well-digested facts, and for its speculative acumen and judicial weight.". British quarterly rev., Oct.

Lindley, J: Introduction to the natural system of botany, etc. 1st Amer. ed., with app. by J: Torrey. 1831.

Linton, W: J., and Stoddard, R. H. English verse. 2 v. VEP 91656

Contents. Vol. 1. Chaucer to Burns. 2. Lyrics of the 19th century.

"Many sheaves have been garnered that other hus bandmen have failed to gather. In the second volume of the five of which this series is to consist American writers are well represented." - Critic, Oct. 27.

Loiseleur, J. Ravaillac et ses complices, etc. 1873. 8FB.11.83

Marvin, C: Merv; the queen of the world, and the scourge of the man-stealing Turcomans; with an exposition of the Khorassan question. 1881.

Maudsley, H: Body and will; essay concerning will in its metaphysical and pathological aspects.

"This is a very dismal book, and it lands those who may choose to follow its leading in dismal results. In identifying the highest with the lowest, and making the latter the measure of the former, he not only identifies will with molecular action, and blots out the life, love, and beauty of the universe, but he is faithless to evolution, which has taught us that the vast drama of universal being, as showing majestic progress and development, is in some mysterious way directed and governed by thought and reason. He takes his stand upon the outward, and essays to explain the inward by means of it. But he wholly fails to show any ground in right or reason, in logic or feeling, why the external should be regarded as the first in order of time or existence. Happily human nature revolts aganst

this doctrine of dirt and despair the explanation of life, the world and man by postulating myriads of moving molecules sweltering in chaos at one time to pass into cosmos at another, only because they must go through all phases of possible being." British quarterly rev., Oct, Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland. Transactions at its 85th annual session, Apr.

Mieris, F. van. Beschryving der stad Leyden, vervolgd en uitg. door D. van Alphen. 2e deel. 1770. :BHSL5/M Molitor, E. Bird's eye view of the Mississippi River from the mouth of the Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico, 1883. Molloy, J. F. Court life below stairs; or, London under the first Georges, 1714-1830. 4 v. "His portraits of the famous men and women of the time are etched with care, and are characteristic - The Burneys and Dr. Samuel Johnson in particular. His style if not brilliant is crisp, and carries the reader along, being full of relief and apt quotation, seldom over-done.". - British quarterly rev., Oct.

Morris, Rev. R: On the survival of early English words in our dialects. 1876. (Eng. Dial. Soc. Pub., no. 11.)


[blocks in formation]

tions. 1874.


Omond, G: W. T. The Lord Advocates of Scotland; from the close of the 15th century to the passing of the Reform Bill. 2 v. Otté, E. C. Denmark and Iceland. (For. countries and Brit. colonies.) ACV.OTS Paul, A. Short parliaments; a history of the national demand for frequent general elections. Paul, J: John Paul's book; moral and instructive; travels, tales, poetry, and like fabricaWбA-P28 Payn, J. For cash only; a novel. 3 v. VP29F "We believe that the great popularity which Mr. Payn has attained as a novelist is largely due to his gen. uine homeliness and to the sound common sense that pervades his writings."- Spectator, Apr. 22, 1882. Pearson, Prof. J., and others. History of the Schenectardy patent in the Dutch and English times; contrib. toward a history of the Lower Mohawk Valley; ed. by J. W. MacMurray. 967M72-P Petrie, W. M. F. The pyramids and temples of Gizeh.

Prouty, L. Fish; their habits and haunts, and the methods of catching them; together with fishing as a recreation. Providence, R. I. Illustrated hand-book. [1875?] 965P94-61

VCV 9R12

Rahbek, K. L. Dansk Læsebog og Exempelsamling. 2r Bind. 1804. Riddell, Mrs. J. H. A struggle for fame; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

"She is always unconventional (which does not mean objectionable), and many of her sketches of character are delightful. Her characters are always human, there is much humour as well as pathos in her books, and considering that every one who has not published something is apparently dying to do so, this straightforward, unvarnished history of what The struggle for fame' really means; who those are who succeed, and those who fail, ought to be read with keen interest by a large and varied number of educated people." - Spectutor, Oct. 6.

Robinson, F: W: Women are strange; and other stories. 3 v. VR56W "The situations are novel and fresh, and the story is good reading.". W. E. Hanley in the Academy, Feb. 17.

[ocr errors]

Rome. Handbook of Rome and its environs. 13th ed. Murray. 1881.

Rousseau, J: J. A nova Heloïsa, ou Cartas de dous amantes; tr. de E. P. da Camera. 1837. VFF R76.P

4 v.

Rowe, C. J. Bonds of disunion; or, English misrule in the colonies.

Saward, B. C. Decorative painting; practical handbook on painting and etching upon various objects and materials for the decoration of our homes.

"She has spared no pains to give useful information as to the various processes. She writes so tersely and practically that there is scarcely more room for criticism than in a recipe-book."- Academy, Sept. 15. Schweiger-Lerchenfeld, A. von. Die Adria. AIAD8-SCH Science lectures at South Kensington. 1878-79.

[blocks in formation]

Kinematics of machinery. Bramwell, F. J. Steamengine. Forbes, G. Radiation. Sorby, H. C. Microscopes. Bottomley, J. F. Electrometers. Vines, S. H. On the apparatus relating to vegetable physiol. ogy. Foster, C. Electrical measurements. 2. Spottiswoode, W. Polarised light. Forbes, G. Themal conductivity; Thermo-dynamics. Chisholm, H. W. On balances. - Pigot, T. F. Geometrical and engineering drawing. - Froude, W. The laws of fluid resist ance. Siemens, C: W: The bathometer; Instrunients for experiments on sound; - On temperament. Barrett, W. Sensitive flames as illustrative of sympa thetic vibration. Pigot, T. F. Lighthouse illumination. Forbes, G. The velocity of light. - Sanderson, J. S. B., and Brunton, L. Apparatus for physiological investigation; - Apparatus for physiological chemistry. McLeod, Prof. On eudiometers. - Roscoe, H: Ě. Technical chemistry.

Scribe, A. E. Proverbes. 1880. (Euvres complètes, 5e sér., lr v.) VFF SCROPS Secomb, D. F. History of Amherst, N. H., 17281882; with genealogies, biog. sketches, and a sketch of the Narraganset fort fight, Dec. 19, 1675. 962AN4-S Secundus, J. (originally Everaerts, or Everhardi, J. N.). Les baisers; tr. par V: Develay. 3e éd. 1872.

Julie. 1869.

Le palais de la richesse. 1872.

Sepp, J: N. Ludwig Augustus, König von Bayern, u.s.w. 1869. 8GZC3-SE6

Sewell, R. Lists of the antiquarian remains in the
Presidency of Madras. Vol. 1. 1882.
Sicard, G. Histoire naturelle de champignons.
"The best book on the subject."

Smith, J. M. The Hades of Ardenne; a visit to the caves of Han, described and illust. by the T. T. Club. AHUH SM5 "The trivial text is illustrated by a number of respectable drawings, mostly of buildings, and some copies of photographs taken in the caves of Han-sur-Lesse." Saturday rev., Aug. 11.

Socard, A., and Assier, A.

Livres liturgiques du diocèse de Troyes, impr. au 15e et 16e siècle. 1873.

Spalding Club. Notices of the Club, with the annual reports, list of members, and works, 1839-71. 1871. 8DS+8spl

Sparrow, A. Rationale; or, Practical exposition of the Book of common prayer. 7th ed; prefixed Lives of the compilers of the liturgy; by Rev. S: Downes. 1722. Stevens, J. A. men.)

Albert Gallatin. (Amer. states65 G133s

"The greater part is devoted to a careful narrative of Gallatin's financial administration, next in importance is the excellent chapter devoted to his brilliant diplo. The study of an honorable and attractive character is completed by some interesting pages of personal and domestic history." N. Y. trib une, Oct. 19.

matic services.

[blocks in formation]


uncritical student. In many of the stories he gets
plenty of plot. Murders and other crimes are com
mitted with punctuality and despatch. Most of the
scenes are laid in Germany, and the characters are
In love and war' contains one of the
oddest plots we ever remember to have encountered. ...
Who was be?' is a tale of French life, at a rather dis-
tant period of the century. There is a capital situa
tion in The first tear.' 'Expiation' is the most
daring of the O. B.'s inventions. The idea of a man's
being arrested as his own murderer is not new, but it is
worked in a novel manner.
Eight or three' is in
Dickens's Christmas vein. The 'Strange witness' is an
excessively remarkable witness who gives evidence
about conversations held in his presence, though he can-
not hear a pistol shot at a few paces."- Saturday rev.,
Jan. 27.

Sylvan city, A; or, Quaint corners in Philadelphia.

"A series of exceedingly interesting sketches descrip tive of Philadelphia, its people, its institutions, its ancient landmarks, and its history; and by no means large enough to treat all these subjects comprehensively or in detail, it nevertheless contains a vast amount of information, much of which has never before appeared in print." - Boston transcript, Oct. 20.

Terhune, M.. V. H., (psend. M. Harland). The cottage kitchen; a collection of practical and inexpensive receipts. Teyssèdre, A. Guide-conducteur de l'étranger dans Paris avec plans des fortifications, etc. [1847.] AFP2.6T31 Twyford, A. W. York and York Castle; appendix to Records of York Castle. 8EZY8 T94 "Captain Twyford has a grotesquely inaccurate notion of what our predecessors were like before the coming of the Roman legions. Except so far as the criminal biographies are concerned, we do not think that we have come upon a single new fact relating to York or its castle. Every work of this kind it is to be feared blocks the way, and hinders some really good book on local history being written." Edward Pea cock, in the Academy, Aug. 25. Villanueva, J. L. El Kempis de los literatos. 1807.


Wanderer, pseud. Notes on the Caucasus.

"Many Englishmen have visited the Caucasus, and afterwards described their travelling experience. But very few who have written about it have lived in the country for any length of time. The author of this work knows the region thoroughly and in every direc tion, including in particular Titlis, the whole of Georgia, and the routes through Armenia along which the Rus. sians operated in the late war. Chiefly interesting for its narratives of adventurous journeys and its bril liant sketches of social life. But it may also be recommended to earnest persons who have the Eastern and especially the Central Asian question at heart, and who like to study it in its latest developments. St. James's gazette, Oct. 10.

[blocks in formation]

Abeel, D: Journal of a residence in China, and the neighboring countries, 1829-33. 1834.

A4-AB3 Aberdeen. Council. Extracts from the Council Register, 1398-1625. 1844-48. 2 v. (Spalding Club.) :8DSZAB+AB

Contents. Vol. 1. 1398-1570. 2. 1570-1625. Kirk session. Selections from the records of the Kirk Session, Presbytery, and Synod of Aberdeen. 1846. (Spalding Club.) Aberdeen, Diocese of. Registrum Episcopatus Ecclesie Cathedralis Aberdonensis regesta que extant in unum collecta. 1845. 2 v. (Spalding Club.)

Aldrich, T: B. Mercedes; and later lyrics.


"Mercedes' is an historical drama of admirable grace and spirit, based on a very striking incident of a Spanish campaign while Napoleon was Emperor." — Critic, Nov. 3.

Alexandrow, F. New, practical, and easy method

of learning the Russian language. 2d impr. ed. 1879. (Thimms' ser. of European grammars.) Annals of sporting and fancy gazette. Vol. 1, 3–8, 11-13. 1822-28. 11 v.

Axon, W: E. A. George Eliot's use of dialect. 1880. (Eng. Dial. Soc.) VEQ-8EN

Bamba, N. Γραμματική τῆς ἀρχαίας Ελληνικής γλώσσης παραλληλός με την σημερίνην. Εκδ. 62; ἐπηυξ, ὑπὸ Γ. Πολυμέρης. 1849. Bascom, J: Philosophy of English literature; lectures. [1874.]

XVE B29 Bible. O. T. Psalms. Early French. Libri psalmorum versio antiqua Gallica, cum versione metrica; descr. et ed. F. Michel. 1860. -Latin. Psalterium juxta Hebraeos Hieronymi; recog. P. de Lagarde. 1874.



N. T. Eng. The book of the new covenant;
being a crit. revision of the text, etc., of the
Eng. version of the New Testament, by [G.
Penn]. 1836.

Galatians. St. Paul's Epistle to the Gala-
tians; rev. text, with introd. notes, etc. by
J. B. Lightfoot. 7th ed. 1881.

Philippians. St. Paul's Epistle to the Philippians; rev. text, with introd. notes, etc., by J. B. Lightfoot. 7th ed.

Colossians. St. Paul's Epistle to the Colossians and to Philemon; rev. text, with introd. notes, etc., by J. B. Lightfoot. 6th ed. 1882. Black, J. Επιτομή Αγγλικής γραμματικής. 1945. Bonaparte, C: L. J. L. On the dialects of 11 southern and south-western counties, etc. 1877. (Eng. Dial. Soc.) VEQ-8EN

Bray, Mrs. A.. E. K. S. The revolt of the Protestants of the Cevennes; with some account of the Huguenots in the 17th century. 1870. Britten, J., and Holland, R. Dictionary of English plant-names. 1878-80. 2 pts. (Eng. Dial. Soc.) Bromley, G: W. & Co. Atlas of Boston. Vol. 1: City proper. Brooklyn Bridge. Opening ceremonies of the


New York and Brooklyn Bridge, May 24.

[blocks in formation]

Bulloch, J. D. The secret service of the Confederate States of Europe; or, How the Confederate cruisers were equipped. 2 v. 954-B87 Same. 2 v. 954-B87-2

"Capt. Bulloch was the officer selected by the Confed. erate authorities to organize and equip their naval demonstrations from abroad. In structure his book is defective. But in discussing the events of the war the work is conspicuously fair, and it is uniformly interesting. A decidedly valuable contribution not only to naval history generally, but to the full history of the civil war." Nation, Nov. 1. Bullock, A. H. Hoar.

Cadell, W. A.

Addresses; with memoir by G: F. w56-B87 Journey in Carniola, Italy, and France, 1817, 18. 1820. 2 v. AI-C11 Cardwell, E: Reformation of the ecclesiastical laws in the reigns of Henry VIII., Edward VI., and Queen Elizabeth. 1850,

Catholic Church. Extracto que contiene lo mas útil y necesario que se halla en los manuales para la direccion de la administracion de los santos sacramentos, etc. 1835. Chamberlain, Mrs. Glossary of West Worcestershire words; with glossic notes, by T: Hallam. 1882. (Eng. Dial. Soc.) VEQ-8EN Chronicon Angliae Petriburgense; post Sparkium cum cod. ms. contulit J. A. Giles. 1845.


Cocceji (Lat. Cocceius), J. Opera ávéкdora theologica et philologica. 1706. 2 v. Connecticut register for 1855, 64, 69, 71, 74-77. 7 v.

Connell, A. H. The economic revolution of India and the public works policy.

"In acting on English ideas, regardless of the habits, traditions, and ancient institutions of the natives, we are repeating in India (says Mr. Connell) the experiment which has proved such a disastrous failure in Ireland. Unless the Government reverses its present principles of action India will sink into the condition of a gigan. tic pauperwarren.' Mr. Connell advocates an alternative policy. The Government 'must cease to regard its own energy as a substitute for the energy of the people. It must direct all its efforts towards encouraging the self-help and self-restraint of the better class of peasantry, by making the most potent and palpable appeals to the most ordinary principles of self interest."" Westminster rev., Oct.

Cotton, H: Memoir of a French New Testament in which the mass and purgatory are found in the sacred text; with Bp. Kidder's Reflections on the same. 1863.

Dahn, F. Felicitas; historischer Roman aus der

"Herr Dahn was in his youth employed in the archives,
library, and museum at Salzburg.
His studies
and researches were specially devoted to the fifth cen
tury when the Germans swept the Roman inhabitants
before them from their homes and farms to the coun-
tries beyond. He has attempted in Felicitas' to re-
produce the life of that period. The result is a facina-
ting story, the only fault of which is its brevity.".
Boston transcript, Oct. 31.

Deer, Monastery of. The Book of Deer; ed. by
J: Stuart. 1869. (Spalding Club.)
Denny, Maj. E. Military journal; with introd. me-

moir. 1859.

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