Slike stranica

About, E. F. V. De Pontoise à Stamboul, etc. VFO AB7D "Edmond About fait partir des fusées d'esprit tout le long de ce voyage endiablé dont il a tenu un journal des plus vivants. C'est bien cette même verve brillante du Roi des montagnes' que le nouvel académicien nous a servie dans cet ouvrage que l'on consultera longtemps comme guide, alors que la Constantinople de Théophile Gautier restera at home' dans la bibliothèque comme un objet d'art ciselé par l'imagination la plus fécond et la plus chaud." -0. Uzanne in Le livre, 10 mars. Ambrose, D. L. History of the 7th Reg't Illinois Vol. Inf., 1861-65. 1868. 954IL AM1 Anderdon, W: H: Fasti apostolici, etc. 2d thous. enl.

Apostles. Διδαχὴ τῶν δώδεχα ̓Αποστόλων, Teaching of the twelve apostles; ed., with a tr., introd., and notes, by R. D. Hitchcock, and F. Brown.

Austin, G: L. 964-AU7-2 Barras, J:, Col. India and tiger-hunting. 1883. 2 v. A5 B27 "During the twenty-eight years of his residence in India he seems to have done little else except join or or ganize parties in the Terai or in Central and Western India, and study the morals and manners of high-priced and courageous elephants. It might be imagined

History of Massachusetts.

that the book deals more with elephants than with their natural foes. But there are plenty of thrilling events that occurred in these various hunting parties scattered over a long period. And though there is always a sameness in a hunt of any kind, even in the fox-chases of Anthony Trollope or Whyte Melville, the book is neither tedious nor dull."- Sat. rev., Sept. 29.

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Baudry des Lozières, L: N. Second voyage à la

Louisiane, 1794-98. 1803. 2 v.


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"Four different treatises prefixed to Professor Brewer's Letters and papers of the reign of Henry VIII.' edited for the Master of the Rolls, on account of their great literary interest, separately re-published. The plodding and persevering industry with which he im. parted order and method to what seemed a hopelessly confused tangle, was even surpassed by the scholarship, judgment, and clearsightedness that are such indispensible qualifications for writing history. No writer was ever more conversant than Mr. Brewer with the minutest details of the reign of Henry VIII., and the result of his labours is a series of graphic and truthful historical essays."— Tablet, Apr. 12.

Brosses, C: de. Histoire des navigations aux Terres Australes, etc. 1756. 2 v.


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"The usual objection to the reading of translations does not apply to the volumes before us. The literary workmanship of this translation is far superior to that of the original; and Mr. Beatty-Kingston has contrived to bring out the purpose of Dr. Busch better than Dr. Busch himself appears to have been able to do. The purpose is to furnish an elaborate apology for Prince Bismarck's character and exploits in statesman. ship, and from the author's point of view this has been done successfully, and with much more art in the general grouping than in the setting forth of details." - Athenæum, Apr. 5.

Cannon, C: J. The poet's quest; and other poems. 1841. w5p.c16

Capitein, J. E. J:

Dissertatio politico-theologica de servituti libertati Christianae non contraria, etc. 1742.

Staatkundig-godgeleerd onderzoekschrift over de slaverny, als niet strydig tegen de Christelyke Uryheid, enz.; vertaalt door H. de Wilhem. 1742.

Uitgewrogte predikatien, 20, 27 Mey, 1742. Cary, T: G. The Chinese in California. Clipper ships and the China trade.




The discovery of gold of California; the first Vigilance Committee in San Francisco. ms. Mining bubbles. ms.

The Pacific railroad, 1836-69. ms.

A short history of the conquest of Alta California. 1846. ms.

Trouble with Indians in Washoe, 1860.


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Chalkley, T: Collection of [his] works. 1790. 2 v. Contents. Vol. 1. Journal. 2. Epistles, etc. Chamberlain, M. J: Adams, the statesman of the

American Revolution; address before the Webster Hist. Soc., Boston, Jan. 18, 1884. 65-AD14C

"Mr. Chamberlain's interesting monograph has two distinct claims to consideration. While it is a personal sketch of a somewhat familiar public character, it is at the same time a careful study of pre-Revolutionary tendencies, and gives especial prominence to the ecclesias, tical issue as a leading cause of the Revolution." -Nution, Apr. 17. Chamberlin, W: H. History of the 81st Reg't Ohio Inf. Vol. during the war of the rebellion. 1865. 954он c35 Chase, T. R. Michigan University book, 1844-80,

1881. Cheragh Ali, M. and social and other

The proposed political, legal, reforms in the Ottoman Empire Mohammedan states. EAN7-C42

Church, R: W: Bacon. (Eng. men of letters.)

5E B132CH2 Cicero, M. T. De natura deorum libri III; with introd. and commentary by J. B. Mayor; with a new collation of several Eng. mss., by J. H. Swainson. 1880-83. 2 v.

Cornhill magazine, April.


'Margaret' quite surpasses in ghastly horror any. thing in recent fiction," Spectator, April 5. Craddock, C: E. In the Tennessee mountains,

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Electioneerin' on the Big Injun Mounting. - - The romance of Sunrise Rock. The dancin party at Harrison's Cove. Over on t'other mounting. The Harnt' that walks Chilhowee."

"Well worthy to be preserved, and it would have been a matter of regret had they not been republished. There are eight stories, all good and full of flavor and originality. The author has caught the characteristics of the strange race of mountaineers, whose ways he describes almost as keenly as Mr. Joel Chandler Harris has caught the idiosyncrasies of the Southern negro.". N. Y. tribune, Apr. 20.


Croese, G. Historia Quakeriana, sive De vulgo dictis Quakeris lib. III. Cudmore, P. The civil government of the states, and the constitutional history of the U. S. 1875. 95x-c89 Delaroche, H., called Paul. [38 photographs of his paintings. 1860.]

Denison, Rev. F: Sabres and spurs; the 1st Reg't Rhode Island Cavalry in the civil war, 186165. 1876. 954R-D41

Eastlake, Lady E.. R. Five great painters; essays repr. from the Edin. and Quarterly reviews.

2 v.

Contents. Leonardo da Vinci. - Michael Angelo. Titian. 2. Titian. Raphael. -Albert Dürer. Elliot, F. Diary of an idle woman in Spain. 2 v. AHX EL5

Ely, R: T. Past and present of political economy. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies.)

Essenwein, A: Die mittelalterlichen Kunstdenkmale der Stadt Krakau. 1869.

Exact abridgments of all the tryals in the reigns of
William III and of Anne, etc. 1703.
Contains only the trial of Capt. Kidd.
Farnham, B: Dissertations on the prophecies, etc.

Ferland, J. B. A., prêtre. Cours d'histoire du

Canada, 1534-1759. 1861-65. 2 v. 94-F38 Fillmore, J: C. Pianoforte music; its history, with


biog. sketches and critical estimates of its greatest masters.


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"Intelligent, independent, critical. It shows knowledge of the instrument, familiarity with schools, an understanding of styles, and judgment. Mr. Fillmore's book has learning without pedantry, and earnestness without dullness." — Literary world, Feb. 9. Forbes, A. Chinese Gordon; a succinct record of his life. 5E G652F Same. (Franklin Sq. lib.) Forbes, J: M. An old scrap-book; with additions. VEP-9F74 Friends, Society of. The ancient testimony of the Society of Friends revived and given forth by the Yearly meeting, Phila., 1843. Gephyralogia; an historical account of bridges, etc. 1751.

Godwyn, M. The negro's and Indian's advocate suing for their admission into the Church, etc. 1680.

Graah, Capt. W. A. Narrative of an expedition to the east coast of Greenland sent by the King of Denmark in search of the lost colonies; tr. by G. G. Macdougall. 1837. :B3R-G75 Greene, Dr. C. A. Medical compendium, containing his sanitary platform and a history of omnipathy, etc. [1882].

Griswold, W: M. (pseud. Q. P. Index). The Q. P. Index annual, 1883.


Gunn, A. Memoirs of the Rev. J: H. Livingston. 65-17674 Hallowell, Mrs. A.. D. James and Lucretia Mott; life and letters. 65-м857H Harrisse, H: Notes pour servir à l'histoire, à la bibliographie et à la cartographie de la Nouvelle-France. 1545-1700. 1872. XX84-H Harrop, R. Bolingbroke; a political study and criticism. 5E-B635H

"Almost entirely filled with discussion. Hardly any biographical details are given, absolutely no anecdotes, a minimum of account of Bolingbroke's literary and philosophical position. A leading article of 350 pages (for that is what Mr. Harrop's book is) is a monstrosity. That he has no new facts for us is not his fault; but that he has not merely no new explanation at all, of circumstances whose strangeness he himself fully admits, is certainly not in his favor. The only possible excuse for a big book on a small and already muchhandled matter would be that it should display precisely the characteristics in which Mr. Harrop's is wanting." Pall Mall budget, May 2.

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"En son modeste format et malgré la rédaction quelque peu ambitieuse du titre, ce petit volume, en effet, nous apprend beaucoup plus de chose sur la Russie que bien des livres d'un poids plus lourd. plupart de ces fables se rencontrent à l'origine de leurs littératures chez tous les peuples de race aryenne renouvelés ici par l'accent, l'esprit, les manières de voir et les sentiments de la nation russe. La préface n'est pas la partie la moins instructive du livre." — E. C. in Le livre, 10 avril.

Holmes, Rev. J: History of the Protestant Church of the United Brethren. 1825-30. 2 v. Ingram, J: H. Haunted homes and family traditions of Gr. Britain. Interiano, P. Ristretto delle historie genovesi. [15-.] :81ZG28-IN John Bull's neighbour in her true light; an answer to recent French criticisms; by a brutal Saxon. AF J61 Johnson, G: W. History of English gardening. 1829. Johnston, H. H. The River Congo from its mouth to Bólobó; with a general description of the natural history and anthropology of its western basin.

"The plan of the work is excellent, and might with advantage be more generally adopted by writers of books of travel in new or little-known regions; it consists practically of two parts, the first being devoted to a graphic account of the journey itself, with its more salient and characteristic incidents, the second embody. ing an able summary of the author's general conclusions regarding the climate, natural history, and ethnology of the Lower Congo Basin. By this happy arrangement the permanently valuable results of his journey are brought together in a convenient form for reference by the scientific student. But Mr. Johnston's style is so bright and vivid, and he everywhere displays such a manifest sympathy with all living things, that his pages are never dull, and even the strictly instructive portion offers almost as many passages suitable for quotation as chapters occupied with the incidents of the jour ney." A. H. Keune in the Academy, Apr. 5.

Kendall, J: Life of T: Story. 1786. Ker, J, Memoirs cont. his secret transactions and negotiations in Scotland, England, the courts of Vienna, Hanover, etc.; with account of the rise and progress of the Ostend Co. in the Austrian Netherlands. 1726. 2 v. 5E-K45 Ketchum, S. The Philomathic Club; an outline history of its operation from its organization, Nov. 19, 1859 to its transformation into the N. H. Antiquarian Soc., Nov. 19, 1873; also a catalogue of curiosities. 1875. 962-9K49

Kinsley, W: W. Views on vexed questions. 1881. w53.K62

Labelye, C: Description of Westminster Bridge, etc. 1751.

La Calprenède, G. de C. de. Cassandre. 1731.

10 v.

VFF•Llllc Langevin, J: Notes sur les archives de Notre Dame de Beauport. 1860-63. 2 v. Leconte de Lisle, C: M.. R. Poèmes antiques. 1881. VFP L49A Poëmes barbares. 1881. VFP L49B Le sacre de Paris, strophes dites par Mlle. Agar de la Comédie-Française. 1871. VFP L498 Le soir d'une bataille; poème. 1871. VFP L498 Livingston, J: Portraits of eminent Americans now living; with biog. and historical memoirs. 1853. 2 v. 65-90L76P

Loudon, J: C. The villa gardener, etc. 2d ed., ed. by Mrs. Loudon. 1850.

Loveland, S: C., and Laberee, Rev. J. Correspondence. 1818.

Macmillan, April.


"A paper by Mr. Frederic Harrison on London we recommend to all men who like eloquent English, apart from the subject of the eloquence. If Londoners could love their city it would move them deeply. As it is, they do not. London is the healthiest city in the world, and one of the most beautiful, and a perfect museum of objects of interest; yet it is the one which excites least of the passion of affection." - Spectator, April 5.

Majendie, Lady M. E.. Once more.



Contents. Stories of the past: Wild Jack. Miles. Stories of the present: Au pair. Uncle George's will. A French speculation. Stories of the future: Lady helps. The lady candidate.

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"Short as are the best of the tales, they are singularly full and satisfying, so much is hinted and implied in so few words. As works of art in their different ways, I should be inclined to put Poll Miles,' and Au Pair' in the very first rank of fiction. Her Gascon interior is in its way quite as good as the well-known Month in a French country house,' yet far more typical, more thoroughly French." E. Purcell in the Academy, Aug. 18. "The author has placed the only two bad stories first in order. Bright, and well-written, the conversations lively, and the plots neatly and amusingly constructed. In the Stories of the Future' the author tells of what is likely to happen in the house of a lady and gentleman helps, and in a contested election where the candidates are of opposite sexes." Sat. rev., Oct. 27.


Martens, G: F: v. Cours diplomatique, etc. 1801. 3v.

Contents. Vol. 1, 2. Guide diplomatique, ou Repertoire des loix et des traités. 3. Tableau des relations extérieures des puissances de l'Europe. Massa, I: Histoire des guerres de la Moscovie, 1601-10; pub. par M. Obolensky et A. van der Linde. 1866. 2 v.


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The general impression that will be left on the mind of an intelligent reader will be, that he must be looked at as a prophet,' or be put aside as an incomprehensi ble fanatic. The critic may as well pass him by as hardly worth his notice, unless he will take the trouble to observe how a man, believing himself to be born with pro. phetica! mission, delivered his testimony in this nineteenth century. Those who were wishing to understand themselves and things around them, found in Maurice a grasp of ideas and principles, an intolerance of conventional fallacies, a defiance of the authority of the world, a power of discerning method and order, which constrained them to look up to him. He was ardent in interpreting movements and institutions from the point of view of a divine education of mankind. All institutions coming down from the past he regarded as commissioned to do some divine work, or set forth some aspect of the divine nature; and so far as the existing representatives of such institutions failed to execute their commission, he held that they were doomed to be set aside. Of no other man could it be said that he lived more completely in the region of ideas; of no other, that he had a more genuine reverence for facts.". J. Llewelyn Davies in the Contemporary rev., Mar. Maxwell, Mrs. M.. E.. B. Under the red flag.

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V.B725U Mérimée, P. Lettres à une autre inconnue; avantpropos par H: Blaze de Bury. 1875. Mosaique. 1881.

VF5 M54L


Morden, R. Geography rectified; or, A description of the world. 1700.

Nineteenth Century.


"Mr. Swinburne sends a furious criticism of Byron." - Spectator, April 5.

Nohl, L: Life of Liszt; tr. by G: P. Upton. (Biog. of musicians.)

North American review, May.

"We owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Edwin P. Whipple for recalling so many of Mr. Matthew Arnold's best pieces of satire; that the extracts are cited against Mr. Arnold, as instances of his 'provoking scorn,' by no means diminishes the pleasure in reading them, for what else were they intended to be but provoking?". Pall Mall budget, May 2.

Nourse, Prof. J. E. American explorations in the ice zones. B1-4N85

"Compiled mainly from official sources, and the recitals while closely condensed give the salient points and features of each of these chapters of polar adventure. It is an admirable work of reference, prepared with a discriminating sense of the relative proportions and importance of these various contributions to hu. man knowledge of the ice zones."- N. Y. tribune, Apr.


Ogle, Sir C. Tryal of O. for an assault on Mr. Trelawney in Spanish Town, etc. 1743. Ohio. Constitutional Convention. Report of debates and proceedings, 1850-51. 2 v. Paltock, R. Life and adventures of Peter Wilkins; with preface by A. H. Bullen. 2 v. VEI P18

"Without being an absolute rarity, since between the first edition in 1750, and that of a mutilated version in 1844, half a dozen different editions saw the light, Peter Wilkins' is far from common." Notes and queries, Feb. 2.

"Peter Wilkins is a sort of cross between 'Robinson Crusoe' and Gulliver's travels,' with a dash of M. Jules Verne thrown in. The originality lies in the conception of human beings that can fly. The special charm is two-fold first, the simple nervous English of the eighteenth century, which is unrivalled for telling a straightforward tale; and second, the wifely grace with

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"Mr. Rogers's History of agriculture and prices' had led us to expect untiring industry coupled with great care in the marshalling of minute facts, but we expected little beyond this. In Six centuries of work and wages we are for the most part spared these dry de. tails. The results that Mr. Rogers has derived from them are given in a narrative form. It would seem that the chief object for which the book has been written is political, not antiquarian. There are many readers, however, who care little for modern controversies between capital and labour, who will be glad to have before them this life-like picture of what have been the conditions of life of our ancestors for the last six centuries." Athenaeum, Apr. 12.

Royce, A.

Universalism; a modern invention and not according to godliness. 1839. Rushton, B: Expostulatory letter to Washington on continuing to be a proprietor of slaves. 1797.

Trollope, A. An old man's love; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)


"The last completed novel that Mr. Anthony Trol lope left, is in every way slighter than his best work, but there is no falling off in the vigour and sincerity of the style. While written with vigour and directness, the almost total absence of those shrewd and half. humourous disquisitions about men and things which the author loved, shows that the stream was getting dry. But there are one or two good things, nevertheless, as the rector's sermon meditated under the beech-trees. The description of society at the Kimberly diamond. fields is effective, and serves its place in the story admirably."— C. E. Dawkins in the Academy, Mar. 29.


"Presents in very curious miniature the merits and defects of its many predecessors. Nor ought a word of praise to be omitted for the descriptions. The author's work in this kind was so unobtrusive in contrast with the flaring daubs of the day that it has too often lacked the praise it deserved.” — Saturday rev., Mar. 29. Tuer, A. W. London cries; with illustrations. 7BEL84+T Turner, G: Samoa a hundred years ago and long before; with notes on the cults and customs of other islands in the Pacific; with pref. by E. B. Tylor. BTSA4 T

"Dr. Turner's account of Samoa, its people, their habits, ideas and beliefs is (in spite of omissions) one of the books which comfort the anthropologists. He shows us what people in a somewhat backward state of culture actually think and do. Dr. Turner has dwelt for more than forty years among the people he describes. No one can venture to say that he is a hasty student or a reporter of matters he does not understand. His book with its account of clan communism in Samoa, is as interesting to the economist as its devinettes are to the student of riddles, its gods to the mythologist, or its long lists of South Sea words to the philologist. The book is excellent, full of matter, and indispensible, despite lacunæ, which perhaps Dr. Turner will fill up, to the student of man and his institutions." Saturday rev., Mar. 29.

Vaughan, T: W: View of the present state of Sicily, its rural economy, population, etc., particularly in the county of Modica; with appendix cont. obs. on its general character, climate, etc.; from a late survey of the Abbate Balsamo. 1811. :AISI13+V Villars, P: de, seigneur de la Chapelle, dit marquis de. Mémoires de la cour d'Espagne sous le règne de Charles 11. 1861. 8HXA-V71 Waterston, R. C. Memoir of G: Barrell Emerson; presented at the meeting of the Mass. Hist. Soc., May 10, 1883; with suppl. 65-Eм33W Wesley, Rev. J: Works containing the five first numbers of his journal. 1st Amer.ed. 1827.

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Adres-za- ken jaarboek voor Arnhem, Velp, en Oosterbeek, 1859.

Aikens, A. Practical forms, with notes, etc. 2d ed., rev. and corr. with add. 1836. Amersfoortsche almanak. 1857. Ashton, H. and Lady C. T. Tixall poetry; with notes and illust. by A. Clifford. 1813.

VEP+99T Aventures romanesques, Les, d'un comte d'Artois, d'après un ancien ms. de la Bibliothèque Nationale, par Mme. A. Hurtrel. 1883.

$VFL AR7 Babrius. Fabulae iambicae cxx; A. Villemain ed., J: F. Boissonade recens, etc. VP-B-1844 Banville, T. F. de. Paris vécu; feuilles volantes. 2e mille. VF3.B22P

"Il tâchera de 'voir Paris avec une innocence de bête et avec des yeux d'enfant.' Il le fait comme il le dit. Quelle époque dit-il, fut jamais plus belle, plus curieuse, plus inouie, plus étonnante que la nôtre et plus digne d'être chantée et décrite, si on en avait la force.' ... On peut resumer son livre en peu de mots les femmes s'ennuient parce qu'il n'y a plus personne pour les amuser;' quant aux hommes, ils sont la proie d'un certain nihilisme qui consiste à ne rien faire du tout, et à rester indifférents et corrects au milieu de l'orgie.'". L. D. in Le livre, 10 avril.

Baugy, L: H: Journal d'une expédition contre les Iroquis, en 1687; lettres et pièces rel. au fort Saint Louis des Illinois; [pub. par] E. Serrigny. 1883.

Beatty, J: The citizen-soldier; or, Memoirs of a volunteer. 1879. 9541.B38

Bernard, R: A guide to grand-jury men, divided into two books. 1630.

Bible. N. T. Greek. Novum Testamentum Graece; recens. C. Tischendorf. Ed. ster. 2a, prolegominis renov., etc. 1862.

Billings, F. S. Relation of animal diseases to the

public health, and their prevention.

"Assertions that deserve the anxious attention of every thoughtful person in our own community are made and supported by a striking array of facts. The maladies, more or less infectious, which are here discussed, are not confined to those experienced by the hog and by cattle, but also comprehend the disorders that afflict the dog and the horse. The review of the pathological phenomena exhibited by the domestic animals is tollowed by a concise history of veterinary medicine, and by some practical suggestions touching the means of prevention which the author would look for in state veterinary schools, and in an effective veterinary police system. A timely and valuable attempt to promote the public health."- N. Y. Sun, Apr. 20. Bliss, R: Classified index to the maps in Petermann's Geographische Mittheilungen, 185581. (Harvard Coll. Lib. Bibliog. contrib., no. 16.) :XP+9H26 Blodget, S: Prospective-plan of the battle near Lake George, 8 Sept., 1755, with explanation thereof. 1755.

Blome, R: Present state of His Majesties isles and territories in America, with astron. tables, etc. 1687. :B3.B62

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Bouvier, A. Etienne Marcel ou La grande com-
mune. 1883.
Bouvier, J: Law dictionary. 15th ed. rev. and enl.

2 v.

Burke, U. R., and Staples, R., Jr. Business and pleasure in Brazil. BK-B91


Though he does not tell us very much, he tells it amusingly enough; and in the form of familiar letters to his wife, transcribes in a sufficiently readable and pleasant way his impressions of men and things.". Pall Mall budget, Apr. 11.

Busch, M. Bismarck in the Franco-German War, 1870-71; tr. 2 v. in 1. 8FM1.B96.2 Caradoc of Lhancarvan. Historie of Cambria; tr. by H. Lhoyd corr., aug. and contin. by D. Powel. [1584.] :8Dw.c17 Caxton, W: The game of the chesse; fac-simile of a copy in the British Museum, with remarks by V. Figgins. 1851. XB+C31 Chaudron, J: S. Poésies choisies; suivies de l'Oraison funèbre de Washington. 1841.

VFP-C39 Cheesman, C. Epistle to Charles II. of England.


Church, Mrs. F. M., now Mrs. F. Lean. Peeress VM346P and player; a novel. 2 v. Cook, F: C: Origins of religion and language; considered in five essays.

"Exhibits a considerable range of reading, not a little special and original research, as well as conspicuous courage in maintaining opinions diametrically opposed to the accepted axioms of modern science in the departments of which it treats. The standpoint of the author is that of a former generation, and belongs to a condition of thought which has now passed away. The list of mere blunders and inaccuracies of detail it would be easy to extend almost indefinitely. Canon Cook takes no account of the chronological difficulties, and ignores or evades the conclusions of anthropologists." Isaac Taylor in the Academy, Mar.



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Craig, A. R. Your luck's in your hand; or, The science of modern palmistry according to the systems of D'Arpentigny and Desbarrolles; with some account of the Gipsies. D., Jo. Schöner e P. Apianus (Benewitz); influencia de um e outro, etc., na adopção do nome America, etc. 1872.

Daryl, P. La vie publique en Angleterre. 2e éd. AE D25


Denslow, Prof. V. B.

De Gallorum integritate in observandis pacis cum Germanis initae conditionibus disquisitio. :EAFA W12 Modern thinkers, principally upon social science, with an introd. by R. G. Ingersoll; with portraits. 1882. Dilworth, T: The schoolmaster's assistant, a compendium of arithmetic; prefixt, an essay on the education of youth. 1807. Discursus de modernis Europae rebus et negotiis,

etc. [Ex Angl. versione.] 1681. :EAFA W12 Duclos, C: P. Chroniques indiscrètes sur la régence, tiré d'un ms. autographe de Collé, avec une notice et des notes, par G. Mouravit. 1878. 8FD+D85c Dudevant, Mme. A. L. A. D. (pseud. G: Sand). Teverino; a romance, tr. by a lady; preceded by a biog. sketch by O. S. Leland. 1855.

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