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Emerson, E. R. Indian myths; or, Legends, tra

ditions, and symbols of the aborigines of America compared with those of other countries incl. Hindostan, Egypt, Persia, Assyria, and China.

"Regarded simply as a collection of myths, classified to some extent, and so arranged as to bring together analogous legends belonging to distant peoples, it will doubtless prove useful. But it demands more searching and comprehensive treatment than has been given to it here." -N. Y. tribune, Apr. 4. Estancelin, L: Recherches sur les voyages et découvertes des navigateurs normands en Afrique, etc. 1832. A-4ES8

Ewer, Rev. F. C. Sanctity; and other sermons; with introd. by G: F. Seymour. D. D., and a memoir by C: T. Congdon. Falconer, T: On the discovery of the Mississippi, and on the south-western, Oregon, and northwestern boundary of the U. S.; with trans. from the original ms. of memoirs, etc., rel. to the discovery of the Mississippi by R. C. de la Salle and H: de Tonty. 1844. 97Y-F18 Ferrari, O. Panegyricus Ludovico Magno dictus. 1680. Foster, L. S. Memorial sketch of F. 1881. Fox, M. F.


65-1817 Brief collection of passages rel. to [her] life, with her epistles, books, etc. 1710. France. King. Edits, ordonnances royaux, etc., conc. Canada; pub. par Sir R. S. Milnes. 1803-06. 2 v.

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Hamilton, Mrs. E.. Memoirs of the life of Agrippina. wife of Germanicus. 1811. 2 v.

5J-AG8H Hanses, H: A: Schediasma de commentariis historicis quos Galli Mémoires vocant, etc. [17-] :EAFA W12 Hawkins, E: Inquiry into the connected uses of the principal means of attaining Christian truth; Bampton lecture, 1840.

Hodson, J. S. Historical and practical guide to

art illustration in connection with books, periodicals, etc.

"Historical and practical details of the chief processes used are given; plate and wood engraving, lithography, and chromo printing are fully described. So also are

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Ingram, R. Accounts of the ten tribes of Israel being in America, by Manasseh ben Israel, with obs. thereon, etc. 1792.

Jackson, H. Civilization of the Indian natives;
or, A brief view of the friendly conduct of
W: Penn towards them, etc. 1830.
Jansenius, C. (pseud. A. P. Armacanus). Mars

gallicus, seu De justitia armorum et foederum regis Galliae libri 11. Ed. nova et aucta; access. Declaratio et deductio solita, etc. 1637. :EAFA W12 John, the Quaker, (pseud. J: Kelsey?). Blessed openings of a day of good things to the Turks. 1668:

Johnson, C. B: Sketch of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society of Wilkesbarre. Repr. from the 64 Sunday news-dealer," Christmas ed. 1880. 969-8w99s Jones, C: C., Jr. Indian remains in Southern Georgia; address before the Georgia Hist. Soc., Feb. 12, 1859.

Kock, C: P. de. L'amoureux transi. [18—.]

)VFF K814O

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Les enfants du boulevard: Les nouveaux troubadours. [18-]

Flon, flon, flon, lariradondaine.

Une grappe de groseille. [18-] Madame de Monflanquin. [18-].

Madame Pantalon. [18-.]

) VFP K81F ) VFF K81GS

2 v.



La mare d'Auteuil. [18-] 2 v. Contents. Vol. 1. Madame Saint-Lambert. jamin Godichon.

Le millionnaire. 1878. 2 v.

2. Ben


Contents. Vol. 1. Le petit Isidore. 2. Alexis et Georgina.

Un monsieur très-tourmenté. [18-]


Paul et son chien. [18-] 2 v. Koehler, S. R. U. S. art directory and year-book. 2d year.

Lalor, J: J. Cyclopædia of political science, political economy, and of the political history of the U.S. 1882-84. 3 v.

Lang, A. Ballades and verses vain. VEP L25R Leconte de Lisle, C: M.. R. Hesiode, hymnes orphiques, etc.; trad. nouvelle par L. 1869. Lester, C: E. Sam Houston and his republic. 1846. 65-H814L Letter to a gentleman on the sin and danger of playing at cards, etc. [1755.] Lincoln, W: S. Life with the 34th Mass. Volunteers in the war of the Rebellion, 1879.

954M3-L63 Loring, Maj.-Gen. W: W. A Confederate soldier SUD 189 in Egypt; illust.

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a treatise. 1853.

Maréchal, P: S., and [Lalande, J. J. le F. de]. Dictionnaire des athées anciens et modernes. [1800.] Self-knowledge; Mason, J: (Christian classics.) Mayhew, E. Indian narratives; account of the first native preacher on Martha's Vineyard, with sketches of Indian chiefs, etc. [1829.] Narratives of the lives of pious Indian women on Martha's Vineyard, etc. From London ed. 1830.

Meek, A. B. Songs and poems of the South. 2d ed. 1857.


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Mengin, F. Histoire de l'Egypte sous MohammedAly, etc. 1823. 2 v.

Merz, J: T. Leibniz. (Philos. classics.)


"In this discussion of the character of Leibniz and the spirit of his philosophy, the author has endeavoured to confine himself as much as possible to those points in the life and doctrine which cannot be easily gathered by a perusal of Guhrauer's biography, of the principal works of the philosopher himself, or of the well-known historical treatises of Ueberweg, Kuno Fischer, Erdmann, and Zeller." - Mind, Apr. Metz, J: A. Disputatio posterior de tactu regis Franciae, etc. 1670. :EAFA W12 Murray, E. C. G. High life in France under the Republic; social and satirical sketches in Paris and the provinces. 8FYM-M96 New York. Chamber of Commerce. Colonial records, 1768-84, with historical and biog. sketches, by J. A. Stevens, Jr. 1867. Normand, L: M. Paris moderne, ou Choix de maisons, etc. [1834-50]. 3 v. Norris, J: Practical discourses, etc. 1693-99. 3 v. Practical treatise concerning humility. 1707. Oxford prize poems; a coll. of such English poems as have obtained prizes in the Univ. of Oxford. 1807. VEP-990X Palmer, Capt. G: The migration from Shinar, etc. 1879.

Patrick, S. Advice to a friend. 1673, repr. 1847. (Christian classics.)

Penitent pilgrim. 1641, repr. 1847. (Christian classics.)

Penn. Hospital for the Insane. Report, 1883; cont. memorial of T: S. Kirkbride.

Petri, G: H: Disputatio prior de tactu regis Franciae, etc. 1670.

:EAFA W12 Protheus ministerii Gallici historice detectus. 1695. EAFA W12

Provinciale almanak van Friesland. 1860. Rayet, O. Monuments de l'art antique; pub. sous la direction de R. 2 v.

"Ce receuil paraîtra en 6 livraisons, comprenent chacune 15 planches, avec des notes explicatives. Ces planches, tirées à part. et en taille-douce ont été exécutées par des procédés d'heliogravure les plus perfectionnés; elles reproduisent les objets avec une fidélité qui respecte les moindres détails et elles sont tirées en couleur suivant la nature des modèles." — Feuilleton du journ. gén. de l'imp. et de libruire, 11 sept., 1880.

Reade, C: Good stories of man and other animals. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

Recent recollections of the Anglo-American Ch.. in the U. S.; by an English layman. 1861.

2 v.

Rhodes, J: Surprising adventures and sufferings of R. 1799.

Robinson, F. W: The man she cared for; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

Roosevelt, R. B. Florida and the game waterbirds of the Atlantic coast and the lakes of the U.S.

The game fish of the northern states and British Provinces.

"It is technical enough to be a useful companion; and it is written in so genial a mood that it is a rarely entertaining one. The love of wood and stream and rod is here brightened by a gay humor, and by the sunshine of a real affection for nature and her whims." N. Y. tribune, Apr. 1.

Russell, W: C. Jack's courtship; a sailor's yarn of love and shipwreck. (Franklin Sq. lib.) Rutherford or Rutherfurd, S: Survey of the spiritual Antichrist, etc. 1648. 2 v. Salmagundi; or, The whim-whams and opinions of Launcelot Langstaff, Esq., etc.; [by W. and W: Irving]. 1808. 2 v. W52.IR8

Same. Repr. from the Amer. ed., with introd. essay. by J: Lambert. 1811. 2 v. w521R8.2 Same. 2d ser. 1819-20. 3 v. W52.IR8.3 Saltmarsh, J: Sparkles of glory; or, Some beams of the morning star. 1647, repr. 1847. (Christian classics.)

Satchel guide for the vacation tourist in Europe. Ed. for 1884.

Scott, K.. M. History of the 105th Reg't Penn. Vols., 1861-65. 1877. 954P-SCO Siborne, W:, Capt. History of the war in France and Belgium, 1815; cont. details of the battles of Quatre-Bras, Ligny, Wavre, and Waterloo. 3d ed. with remarks upon G. R. Gleig's Story of Waterloo. 1848. "One of the best works on that campaign."

Sinclair, Sir J: General view of the agriculture of the northern counties and islands of Scotland. 1795.

Slade, D. D., (pseud. Medicus). Twelve days in the saddle; a journey in N. England.

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Contents. Pt. 1. Steele, Hon. J. Letters and papers. 2. Dickson, W: Letters to T: Clarkson. Stevens, J: A., Jr. Colonial New York; sketches biog. and hist., 1768-84. 1867.

Stevenson, A. F. The battle of Stone's River, Dec. 30, 1862-Jan. 3, 1863.


Stoecklein, J. Allerhand so lehr-als-geist-reiche Brief-Schrifften und Reis-Beschreibungen welche von denen Missionariis d. Ges. Jesu aus beyden Indien, 1642-1726 in Europa angelangt seynd. Anderte ed. 1748-55. 32 v. Sutton, C. Disce vivere; learn to live. 1634, repr. 1848. (Christian classics.)

Taylor, J., Bp. Contemplations of the state of man, etc. 1702, repr. 1847. (Christian classics.) Teetgen, A. Beethoven's symphonies critically discussed; with preface by J: Broadhouse. 1879.

Temple, Capt. R: C. Legends of the Punjab. No. 1-8. Aug. 1883 Mar. 1884.

Ternaux-Compans, H: Notice sur la colonie de la Nouvelle Suède. 1843. $96P1-T27 Theiner, A. Rescherches sur plusieurs collections inéd. de décrétales du Moyen Age. 1832.


Thompson, Rev. T: Account of two missionary voyages the one to New Jersey in N. Amer., the other to the coast of Guiney. 1758. Time-piece and literary companion.

Vol. 1-3,

Mar. 13, 1797 - Aug. 25, 1798. Topelius, Z. Times of Linnaeus; tr. from the Swedish. (Surgeon's stories.) VCSG 462T Contents. Pt. 1. The Princess of Wasa. 2. The freethinker.

"A long chain of connected narratives, each being independent, and fully complete in itself, in which the author has woven together history and romance in a more felicitous manner than most other writers of historical romances have been able to do. The poet has not here stepped back for the historical portrayer. The starting-point for the descriptions is Finland's participa. tion in Sweden's great struggle; and from Sweden, or the Swedish Finland, evolve the scenes which afterward extend as far as the Swedish arms found their way during the period of Sweden's supremacy. Two families go through the centuries, and beside their members, remarkable historical personages are brought into the narrative; but these latter, however, have not been made the chief characters."- Nar och fierran, 1871. Trollope, A. The landleaguers. 3 v.


"If he had been able to finish it, it would have been something more than a remarkable book from a literary point of view; it would have been a not inconsiderable social and political force on the right side of the ques tion. That Mr. Trollope, a Liberal of the Liberals, declares himself in this book dead against the Government policy up to the time of the Crimes Act, is not likely to have much effect on it. Nor in any case, perhaps, could a novelist hope to do much more than put one side of the case in a sufficiently striking light. This Mr. Trollope with great force and with complete knowl edge has done here. The story is not finished, but the principal social aspects of the present Irish question are put here in attractive novel-form, and with the accuracy which nothing but a direct acquaintance with the facts of Irish life, or else a long and patient study of the literature of the subject, can possibly give." — Saturday rev., Jan. 12.

Turcotte, L. P. Histoire de l'ile d'Orléans. 1867. :940R5'T

Tzychirner, H: G. Opuscula academica; ed. J. F: Winzer. 1829.

Uchard, M. Mademoiselle Blaisot. 9e éd.



"Mademoiselle Blaisot n'en a pas moins obtenu un M. certain succés, et la chose s'explique aisément. Uchard, qui passe pour un homme d'esprit, a résolu le difficile problème d'être plus bourgeois que nature; il est bourgeois de 1830. Le bourgeois se mire dans Urchard comme dans Ohnet avec une joie béate; il achète, il achète, et volontiers il déclarerait que 'Mademoiselle Blaisot,' ce digne pendant de 'La veuve,' avec le style en moins, est bien près d'être un chef-d'œuvre." — E: Drumont in Le livre, 10 avril.

Utrechtsche provinciale en stads almanak, 1860.
Verplanck, G. C. The state triumvirate; a politi-
cal talc, and the epistles of Brevet Major
Pindar Puff. 1819.
W5P V59
Veuillot, L: F. Le droit du seigneur au Moyen
Age. 1854.

Vitrolles, F. F. A: d'A., baron de. Mémoires et
relations politiques; pub. par E. Forgues.
T. 1.

"Le noble baron a été un fidèle serviteur, et son culte fervent pour le Roy son maître commande le respect. Il faut se tenir en garde contre certains témoignages et surtout certaines appréciations de ce juge qui ne saurait être impartial." Maxime Gaucher in Rev. pol. et lit., 19 jan.

Wagner, G. Dissertationem qua rationes confut. cur Franciscus 1. ob jusjurandum Carolo v. haud servatum periurus censeri non debeat. [16-.] :EAFA W12 Ward, M. F. Full and authentic report of the trial of W.; with speeches of Gov. Crittenden, Helm, etc. 1854.

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Welser, M: Chronica der Weitberuempten Statt Augspurg, u.s.w.; [übers von] E. Werlichium. 1595. $8GZAU4||W Wheildon, W: W. Rise and progress of the Revolution, Boston and New York, June 17, 1775. 952-w57 Whincop, T: Scanderbeg; or, Love and liberty; a tragedy; added, a list of the dramatic authors with account of their lives, and of all dramatic pieces pub. in the English language, to 1747. VED W57 Whitehead, W: A. Eastern boundary of New Jersey; review of a paper by Hon. J. Cochrane, and rejoinder to reply of [H. B. Dawson]. 1866. 968-c64 Whittlesey, Col. C: War memoranda; Great River to the Tennessee, 1861-62. 954-w613 Wordsworth, W: Poems; chosen and ed. by M. Arnold. 1880.

VEP W89.3 Wright, G. F: The glacial boundary in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. (Western Reserve Hist. Soc. Pub.)

Wyoming Historical and Geological Society. Proceedings, 1881-83. 3 v. 969-8w99

Published by the Boston Athenæum, Beacon St., Boston, Mass., fortnightly. Price by the year 25 cts.; by mail, 50 cts. Entered at the Post Office, Boston, Mass., as second class matter.

Adams, H. B. Methods of historical study.

(Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies.)

"A most intelligent and stimulating aperçu of the best methods of studying history now in vogue. The admirable workings of these methods are traced out in detail, copious explanatory remarks accompany the description of each method, and the dissemination and application of each in American institutions are carefully discussed." Critic, Apr. 26.

Adams, O. F. Brief handbook of American authors. XW5.5AD Aldridge, R. Ranch notes in Kansas, Colorado, the Indian Territory, and nothern Texas.


Alice Maude (Mathilde) Marie, Gross-Herzoginn von Hesse. Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse, Princess of Gr. Britain and Ireland; biographical sketch and letters. 5E-AL43 Anderson, D: "Scenes" in the Commons. Associação dos Homens de Lettras do Brazil. 30 de agosto de 1883; a festa litteraria por occasião de fundar-se na capital do imperio a Associação dos Homens de Lettras, etc. :WK-9AS Atwood, T: History of the island of Dominica; cont. a description of its situation, extent, etc. 1791.


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Bray, T: Publick spirit illust. in the life and de

signs of Rev. T: Bray. 1746. 5E-B7394 Breese, S. Early history of Illinois from its discovery by the French, 1673, until its cession to Gr. Britain, 1763, incl. the narrative of Marquette's discovery of the Mississippi; with biog. memoir by M. W. Fuller, ed. by T: Hoyne. 9791-B74

Bromley, G: W., & Co. Atlas of Boston. Vol. 3: Dorchester.

Brown, H. F. Life on the lagoons.

AIV55 B81

"When Mr. Brown leaves off rhapsodizing and comes to give the results of long and careful exploration into the life and ways of Venice itself, he becomes more important. Many volumes have been written on the gondola.' But Mr. Brown writes about it in quite a new way. Instead of telling us for the thousandth time about Tasso, or doing a little bit of love and murder business, he tells us how and where they build gondolas, and how much they cost, and what they are made of, and how long they last, and so forth." - Saturday rev., Apr. 19.

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"1709-11 'the great Colbert' was not alive then. M. Masson's man is Colbert's nephew Torcy, the most prominent negotiator on the French side in the proceed. ings which at last succeeded in putting an end to the War of the Spanish Succession. The diary here given is very minute, and, as it has more to do with diplomacy than with active proceedings or miscellaneous details, it cannot honestly be recommended as very amusing to the general reader. But its importance to the historian is eonsiderable." - Saturday review, Mar. 22. Compton, F. S. ser.)

Esther; a novel. (Amer. novel Vc734E Cornell, A. B. Biography of Ezra Cornell, founder of the Cornell University. 65-c8154

Cowper, W: Letters; ed., with introd., by W: Benham.

VE5 C83L Vc855R

Crawford, F. M. A Roman singer.
Crawford, R. Across the Pampas and the Andes.
BF C85

"If any body wants to know how wild things can be even now in the heart of South America, he had better consult Mr. Crawford's interesting pages." Pall Mall budget, May 2. Crommelin, M. In the West Countrie; a novel.

(Franklin Sq. lib.) Dabry de Thiersant, P: De l'origine des Indiens du nouveau monde et de leur civilisation. Daly, F: Henry Irving in England and America, 1838-84. 5E IR85D Davis, W: M. Whirlwinds, cyclones, and tornadoes. (Science ser.)

Delboeuf, J. Examen critique de la loi psychophysique, etc.

De Vere, M. S. Americanisms. 1872.
Devereux, W. C. Fair Italy; the Riviera and
Monte Carlo, etc.
Dickson, N. The Bible in Waverley; or, Sir Wal-
ter Scott's use of Scriptures. XVEl Sco8D
Doddridge, P. Rise and progress of religion in
the soul. 1853. (Christian classics.)

Doellinger, J: J. I. von. Heidenthum und Judenthum; Vorhalle zur Geschichte des Christenthums. 1857. 2 v.

Dubois, E. C. Broken English; a Frenchman's struggle with the English language; handbook of French conversation. Eng. and

French. Duchesne (Lat. Quercetanus), A. History of the Bethune family; tr., with add., [and] a sketch of the Faneuil family with whom the Bethunes have become connected in America, by Mrs. J: A. Weisse. 65||9YB46 Durand, L: Essai de droit international privé, préc. d'une étude hist. sur la condition des étrangers en France, etc. Earle, J: The dawn of European literature: Anglo-Saxon literature. XVDY EA7 Electrician, The; a journal of electrical science. Vol. 1-2. 1882-83.

Electricité, L'; journal scientifique illustré. 1882. Evans, T. (pseud. Tacitus).

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Series of letters to

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"C'est le premier travail d'ensemble qui ait encore été fait sur ce grand mouvement et il est tracé avec une ampleur de lignes, une intelligence des nuances, une clarté et une simplicité de vues que la critique religieuse de nos jours semblait avoir oubliées.” — Revue critique, 21 jan.

Goethe, J: W. von. Early and miscellaneous letters, including letters to his mother; with VG5 G55E notes and biog. by E: Bell. Gordan, A. Itinerarium septentrionale; or, A journey through Scotland and the north of England. 1726.

7BDS||G VG767A

Grant, R An average man.
Grey, R. In sunny Switzerland; a story of six


VG8681 Grove, Sir G: Beethoven's nine symphonies; analytical essays; with pref. by G: Henschel. Hadden, Lieut. J. M. Journal and orderly books; journal in Canada and upon Burgoyne's campaign, 1776, 77, etc. (Munsell's hist. ser.) 9528-H11 Hartmann, E. von. Philosophy of the unconscious; tr. by W: C. Coupland. 3 v. (Eng. and for. philos. lib.)

Hatton, J. H: Irving's impressions of America; a series of sketches, chronicles, and conversations. 2 v.

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B3.H28 B3.H28.2

Same. Haussoullier, B. La vie municipale en Attique. (Athens. Ecole Française. Bibl.)

Hawkins, C. Adventures; cont. details of his captivity on the high seas in the Revolutionary war, by the British, his sufferings and escape from the Jersey Prison Ship; introd. and notes by C: I. Bushnell. 1864. 9522-H31 Hazlitt, W: C. Offspring of thought in solitude; modern essays. VE3 H339

Higginson, T: W. Margaret Fuller Ossoli. (Amer. 65.087H

men of letters.)

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Huntington, L. S. Professor Conant; a story of English and American social and political life. W4F H92 Hurst, J: F. Short history of the Reformation. Jaunt in a junk, A; a ten days' cruise in Indian seas. A51N2-J "With judicious skipping it is not unreadable.”. Sat. rev., Apr. 19.

Jullian, C. Les transformations politiques de l'Italie, 43 av. J. C. - 330 ap. J. C. (Athens. Ecole Française. Bibl.)

Kurtz, C: M. National Academy notes, incl. the catalogue of the 59th Spring exhibition Nat. Acad. of Design,

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