Slike stranica
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de Paris, 105, 133.
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mains, 114.

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Dyck or Dijck, A. v.

nam et les Annamites, 146.


fortes, 126.

[blocks in formation]

Monarchie of

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[blocks in formation]

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Darwinism, 150.
Célébrités de la

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Fitzpatrick, W. J. C: Lever,


The col


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Norman con-
English nation,

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Civilization and

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[blocks in formation]

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Les epopées fran

Galileo, 134. Sprache und Ver

nunft, 141. Geikie, C. English reformation, 102.

[blocks in formation]

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Debates. Notes of debates, 130.

Science and Art Dept. of the Committee of Council on Education. Nat. hist. por

[blocks in formation]

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[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]
[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

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ter, 103. Heyd, W: Gesch. des Levantehandels, 150. Heydemann, H:

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Griech. Va

Das Ding an

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one more, 151.

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corder of Birmingham, 110.
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151. Formenschatz der Re-
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History of a ship, 139.
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field, 135.

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Hodge, C: Conference papers,


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Out of court, Poetical writ

of reflection, 100. Hoey, Mrs. C. 86. Holland, J. G. ings, 151. Hollingshead, J:


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The lady of Polar coloni

The book of the

seasons, 100. Hughes, R. W. Huidekoper, F: of the Gospels,

Currency, 94. Genuineness


1st annual re

port, 130. Ingelow, J. Sarah de Berenger,


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Saint Simonisme, 90. Jeffries, B: J. Color-blindness, 119. Jeffries, J: P. 115.

Human races,

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W. H. Alex. H. Stephens, 86.
Jolly, E. Colonel Dacre, 142.
Jones, Rev. F.
bisher, 119.
Jones, S. S.

[blocks in formation]

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Brazil, 85

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Deutsche Litera

turgeschichte, 142. Krell, P. F., and others. classics of painting, 123. Kuenen, Dr. A.

prophecy, 82. Kugler, F. T.

[blocks in formation]

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La Ferrière, comte H. de.


16e siècle et les Valois, 123. Laffan, M. Flitters, Tatters, and the Counsellor, 127. Lagarde, P. de.

schriften, 142. Lamb, Mrs. M. J. 115.


New York,

La Motte Fouqué, F: H: C: Freiherr de. Heldenspiele,


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first three centuries, 123.
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L. D. Bridgman, 103.
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franç., 123.

Lartet, L:

se battra, 115. Kaufmann, M. Utopias, 115, 130. Kaupert, J. A. Atlas Athen, 141 (Curtius and Kaupert).

[blocks in formation]

Exploration de la

Mer Morte, 111.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

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pays de Brizeux, 135.
Library Assoc. of the United
Kingdom. Transactions, 142.
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Stralsund, 139.

Life in the Mofussil, 115.

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Linton, W. J. Wood-engraving,



List of serial publ. taken in the
libs. of Boston and Camb., 86.
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grand dictionnaire, 111.
Livermore, Rev. S. T.
Island, 147.
Lock, -, and Whitfield, G: C.
Men of mark, 82.
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Locke, J. S. Old Orchard, Me.,

Lockwood, E: Natural hist.
[in India], 123.
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E. Art embroidery, 83.
Loftie, W: J:

Mem. of the

Savoy, 147. Loménie, L: de. Les Mirabeau, 123.

[ocr errors]

Longfellow, H: W. Poems of
places: America; Middle!
States, 103. New Eng., 83.
Western states, Southern

states, 106. France, 142.
Italy; Scotland; Spain, 143.
Longnon, A. Géographie de la
Gaule, 130.
Louis-Lande, L..
Navarrais, 91.
Lounsbury, T: R.

Basques et

Eng. lan

Œuvres de

guage, 139. Lovenjoul, C: de. Balzac, 115. Low, C: R. Sir Garnet J. Wolseley, 123. Low, G: land, 139. Lowell, R. A story from an old Dutch town, 83. Loyson, C: J: M., (Father Hyacinthe). La réforme catholique, 130. Lubbock, Sir J. Addresses; Scientific lectures, 135. Lucas, T: J. The Zulus, 127. Lyndsay, Sir D: Works, 135. Lytton, Lady R. W. B. Cheve ley, 143.

Orkney and Schet


Ulster Civil

Algebra of

War, 1641, 151. Macfarlane, A. logie, 147, 151. MacGregor, Col. C. M. Through Khorassan, 100. Mackinnon, D. G. life, 91.


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Feb., 95. Aug.,

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Man's a man for a' that, A, 135, 147. Mansfield, E: D. memories, 111. Mantegazza, P. lozza, 100. Mantell, G. A. Fossil remains, 139.

La mia tavo

Martin, F. Jack, 119. Martin, F:

Michelle and little

The statesman's

year book, 95. Martin, H: Hist. de France, 119. Martin, T. Life of the Prince Consort, 119, 131. Martineau, H. Laws of man's nature, 121 (Atkinson and Martineau).

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[blocks in formation]

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ment, 103.

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Personal Michiels, A. Hist. secrète du
gouv. autrichien, 115.
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of Rembrandt, 103.
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Mirth, 147.
Miscellanées bibliographiques,

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The great Northward

The Hawk

frozen sea, 103. ho! 131. Markham, C. R. ins' voyages, 106. Marmette, J. Les Machabées,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

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My experiences in a lunatic asylum, 127. My queen, 135.

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[blocks in formation]

lise, 116.

O'Grady, S.

Early bardic lit.

of Ireland. 151. Ohlenschläger, A. G. Correggio a tragedy, 116. Old French chateau near Toulouse, The, 140. Oliphant, Mrs. M. O. W. Dress;

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Pailleron, E:

L'étincelle, 147. Palliser, Mrs. F. B. Historic

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

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Portraits, 107.

Plato. Dialogues; tr. by B.
Jowett, 107.
Plinius Cæcilius


Spain, 143.

Industrial arts in

Les nation-Ribot, Th. La psychologie alle-
mande contemp., 120, 132.
Rice, A. T., ed. Essays from
N. A. review, 128.
Rice, J. The case of Mr. Lu-
craft; The golden butterfly;
My little girl; This son of
Vulcan; With harp and
crown, 129. Monks of Thel-
ema, 117, 125. Shepherds all
and maidens fair, 121. "Twas
in Trafalgar's bay, 101, 121
(Besant and Rice).
Richard, H: Temporal and


Letters, 124. Plumptre, E. H. thought, 147. Poggio-Bracciolini, G.F. Facéties, 116.

Pole, W: Music, 135.

-ed. Sir W: Fairbairn, 116. Pollen, J: H. Gold and silversmiths' work, 116.

Pollock, W. H. Modern French
theatre, 91.
Pollok, Lieut.-Col. F. Sport in
Brit. Burmah, 140.
Poor, H: V.

Railroads of the

U.S, 131. Porter, J. W. Genealogy, 88. Powell, F: York-. Early Eng

land, 107. Icelandic reader, 140 (Vigfusson and Powell). Poynter, E: J. Art, 131. Prejevalsky, Col. N. From Kulja to Lob-nor, 91. Premature death, 88. Prentiss, S. S. Memoir, 143. Presuhn, E. nen, 143. Princeton, N. J. Theological Seminary. Discourse commem. of C: Hodge, 131. Punch. J: Bright; in cartoons, 95. W: E. Gladstone; cartoons, 88.


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Exercise and

training, 88. Rambert, E. Les Alpes suisses,


Randall, P. K. Randall family, 124.

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spiritual power in Europe, 144. Richardson, B: W. Health and life, 104. A ministry of health, 151. Richardson, C: F., and Clark, H: A. College book, 92. Richardson, G: G. Corn and

cattle districts of France, 83. Riddell, Mrs. J. H. A life's

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The great fur

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[blocks in formation]

Fish hatching, 124. Roscher, W: Polit. economy, 83.

mer, C. Chemistry, 132. Rosellini, I. I monumenti dell' Egitto, 132.

Rosières, R. L'hist. religieuse de la France, 132. Routledge, E. book, 120.

Every boy's

[blocks in formation]

Runeberg, J: L: Lyrical songs,
95. Nadeschda, 92.
Ruskin, J: Drawings by Tur-
ner, 104. Michael Angelo and
Tintoret, 148.

-ed. Bibliotheca pastorum, 148.

Rutley, F. The study of rocks, 111.

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S., J. R., and H., M. B. Lady
Huckleberry, 83.
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A Kolomea, 148. Der neue
Hiob, 140. Le nouveau Job,

Sade, D. A. F., comte de. Idée
sur les romans, 132.
St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
Reports, 95.

Saint-Graal; pub. par E. Hucher, 111.

Saint-Pierre, J. H: B. de. Paul et Virginie, 128.

St. Thomas's Hospital. Reports,


Sala, G: A: Under the sun, 152. Salicis, G. Enseignement pri


maire, 83. Sandeau, L. S. J. 88, 152. Sanderson, G: P. Wild beasts of India, 116.

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