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Second Series.

No. 1. September 1, 1877.

When the issue of these slips was commenced in Sept. 1874, it was thought that they would be found seful to subscribers: 1. when new, as lists of the est publications; 2. when old, as reminders of od books yet unread by them; 3. as a record of their reading, if the titles were crossed out as the books were read; 4. in sending for books by a mes. senger, when a check or a number at the side of a title would show what book was wanted with less trouble and less likelihood of mistake than if the title were written; the numbers indicating preference, the slips to be returned to their owner with the books". They have been moderately successful; but the Librarian believes that their usefulness can be increased, and proposes to try for a time the experi

ment of adding to the monthly list of additions brief notes, original or borrowed, giving an indication of the character of some of the books.

When a work like Kingsley's Life can elicit such different judgments as "A book to be recommended to everybody", and "The subject of this biography was so wonderfully conceited that I had not patience to finish it", it will not be surprising if those who read on the strength of the following recommendation should occasionally decide that they had been misled. It is hoped, however, that the notes may be, on the whole, of sufficient assistance in the choice of books, at least to persons who want the time or the opportunity to peruse many critical journals, to justify the trouble of preparing them.

Adams, J. Q.Memoirs. Vol. 12.

Adi Granth, or holy scriptures of the Sikhs; tr. by E. Trumpp.


"The Sikh Granth is incoherent and shallow in the extreme, and couched in dark and perplexing language, in order to cover these defects." Preface. preliminary essays explain the Sikh religion. Eschylus. Agamemnon; by FitzGerald.

"In FitzGerald's version of the Rabaiyat of Omar Khayyan a real poet revealed himself beneath the garb of a translator." Acad.

Alboquerque, B. A. d'. Commentaries. 2 v. (Hakluyt Soc.)

Anderson, J. Mandalay to Momien; two expeditions to western China.

Archiv f. Litteraturgeschichte.

Bd. 6.

Arnim, L. A. von, and Brentano, C. Des Knaben Wunderhorn. 2 v.

A much improved edition of one of the best collection of German ballads.

Art, L'. 9 v. fo.

An illustrated journal, resembling Hamerton's Portfo lio rather than the English and American Art Journal. Audsley, G. A., and Bowes, J. L. Keramic art of Japan. Pt. 5.

Illustrated in the most admirable manner.

Beha-ed-Din Zoheir. Poetical works; with a metrical English translation, notes, and introd., by E. H. Palmer.

Berlin. Akad. der Wiss. Corpus inscriptionum
Latinarum. Vol. 6, pt. 1.

Berty, Adolphe. La renaissance monumentale en
France, specimens de composition et d'orne-
mentation architectoniques. 2 v. fo.
Bible. The four Gospels; trans. from the text of
Tischendorf; by N. S. Folsom. 2d ed.

Said by good judges to compare well with Dr.
Noyes's translation.

Blackburn, H. Academy notes for 1877, [illust.]. Pictorial notes in the National Gallery, [iflustrated].


Blades, W. Biog. and typography of W. Caxton, England's first printer.

Blakey, R. Historical sketch of logic. Bocher, E. Les gravures française du 18e siècle, ou Catalogue raisonné des estampes, etc.,

1700-1800. 4. v.

Boettger, C. Das Mittelmeer.

Highly praised by Petermann. The only physical geography of the Mediterranean except Smyth's.

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