The Harvard Graduates' Magazine, Opseg 7

William Roscoe Thayer
Harvard Graduates' Magazine Association, 1899
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Stranica 260 - Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat; But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth, When two strong men stand face to face, though they come from the ends of the earth!
Stranica 612 - The first lecture or anniversary sermon to be for the proving explaining and proper use and improvement of the principles of Natural Religion as it is commonly called and understood by Divines and learned men. The second lecture to be for the confirmation illustration and improvement of the great articles of the Christian Religion...
Stranica 71 - O'er such sweet brows as never other wore, And letting thy set lips, Freed from wrath's pale eclipse, The rosy edges of their smile lay bare, What words divine of lover or of poet Could tell our love and make thee know it, Among the Nations bright beyond compare ? What were our lives without thee ? What all our lives to save thee ? We reck not what we gave thee ; We will not dare to doubt thee, But ask whatever else, and we will dare...
Stranica 482 - In education there is a great hungry multitude to be fed. The great well at Orvieto, up whose spiral paths files of donkeys painfully brought the sweet water in kegs, was an admirable construction in its day ; but now we tap Fresh Pond in our chambers. The Orvieto well might remind some persons of educational methods not yet extinct.
Stranica 356 - Buddhism portrayed in the words of the Buddhists themselves. The life of Buddha (a beautiful narrative), his teachings, and his monastic order form the substance of this work. The Pali passages, done into vigorous English and accurately rendered, are chosen with such broad and learned circumspection that they make a systematically complete presentation of their difficult subject. Warren's material is drawn straight from the fountain-head. It is this fact that has given to his work an abiding importance...
Stranica 383 - ... down to the credit of vigorous out-ofdoor sports that they tend to deliver young men from sloth, sensuality, and luxury. The principal benefit of athletics accrues to the hundreds of students who play wholesome games and take vigorous exercise without ever being heard of in intercollegiate contests. One of the most interesting questions concerning the tendencies of organized American education is the question relating to the future of the AB degree. Fifty years ago the American colleges and universities...
Stranica 352 - College he won the affectionate regard of his teacher, Professor George Herbert Palmer, by his keen interest in the history of philosophy. He became an intelligent student of Plato and Kant, and the natural trend of his mind towards speculative questions showed clearly in his later scientific investigations of Buddhism. With all this went an eager curiosity about the visible world around him. We can easily believe that he would have attained to distinction in natural science, so good were his gifts...
Stranica 531 - ... go by, hundreds of thousands of the children of the poor, in the precious tender years before their early drafting into lives of drudgery and toil, in place of the dry husks of superfluous arithmetic, the thrice-threshed straw of unessential grammar, and the innutritions shells of unrememberable geographical details, will get some brief glimpse of the wondrous loveliness of nature and her laws, some slight touch of inspiration from the words and deeds of the world's wisest and bravest men, to...
Stranica 154 - THE HISTORY OF THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, From the Earliest Times to the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.

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