The History of Germany: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time

H.G. Bohn, 1853
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Stranica 4 - L'ossa del corpo mio sarieno ancora In co' del ponte presso a Benevento, Sotto la guardia della grave mora. Or le bagna la pioggia e move il vento Di fuor dal regno, quasi lungo il Verde, Ove le trasmutò a lume spento.
Stranica 110 - Ahi, serva Italia, di dolore ostello, Nave senza nocchiero, in gran tempesta, Non donna di provincie, ma bordello!
Stranica 110 - Alberto tedesco ch'abbandoni costei ch'è fatta indomita e selvaggia, e dovresti inforcar li suoi arcioni, giusto giudicio da le stelle caggia sovra '1 tuo sangue, e sia novo e aperto, tal che '1 tuo successor temenza n'aggia!
Stranica 220 - had long >>een a popular jest. and brutal, and their ignorance was countenanced by the popes, who expressly decreed that out of ten ecclesiastics one alone was to study. Their morals were as depraved as their minds were besotted. Celibacy was eluded by the maintenance of housekeepers, and drunkenness was a clerical vice commonly alluded to in the satires of the day. Wealthy priests had poor vicars, travelling students, in their pay, who preached for them, and the hopes of these hirelings, who bore...
Stranica 191 - Could I believe you capable of demeaning yourself like your father, I should lament your being destined to the throne.
Stranica 499 - Cleves and by the Bavarians. The election was abrogated by the emperor, the empire, and the pope, by whom Prince Joseph Clement of Bavaria was installed as archbishop of Cologne instead of the cardinal. The great league was...
Stranica 200 - Max inherited the physical strength of his grandmother, Cimburga of Poland, and the mental qualities of his Portuguese mother, surpassed all other knights in chivalric feats, was modest, gentle, and amiable. Mary confessed to the assembled Estates of the Netherlands, that she had already interchanged letters and rings with him, and the marriage was resolved upon. Max hastened to Ghent, and, mounted on a brown steed, clothed in...

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