Procurement Study: Hearings Before the Procurement Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, Second Session, on a Study of Military Procurement Policies and Practices as Required by Section 4(a) of Public Law 86-89 (amending the Renegotiation Act of 1951) ...

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1960 - Broj stranica: 273
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Stranica 119 - In determining excessive profits favorable recognition must be given to the efficiency of the contractor or subcontractor, with particular regard to attainment of quantity and quality production, reduction of costs, and economy in the use of materials, facilities, and manpower...
Stranica 45 - USC 2304(a) (2), purchases and contracts may be negotiated if — "the public exigency will not permit the delay incident to advertising." 3-S02JS Application. In order for the authority of this paragraph 3-202 to be used, the need must be compelling and of unusual urgency, as when the Government would be seriously injured, financially or otherwise, if the supplies or services were not furnished by a certain date, and when they could not be procured by that date by means of formal advertising.
Stranica 107 - ... fair and reasonable prices calculated to result in the lowest overall cost to the Government.
Stranica 108 - Part 1-3, to the end that the procurement will be made to the best advantage of the Government, price and other factors considered.
Stranica 85 - ... such method of contracting is likely to be less costly than other methods or that it is impractical to secure supplies or services of the kind or quality required without the use of a cost or cost-plus-a-fixed-fee contract or an incentive-type contract.
Stranica 91 - Thus it is essential that this type of contract be used only where provision is made for adequate controls, including appropriate surveillance by Government personnel during performance, to give reasonable assurance that inefficient or wasteful methods are not being used.
Stranica 71 - ... for technical or special property that he determines to require a substantial initial investment or an extended period of preparation for manufacture, and for which he determines that formal advertising...
Stranica 57 - Such supplies are peculiar to the field of medicine, Including technical equipment such as surgical instruments, surgical and orthopedic appliances, Xray supplies and equipment, and the like, but not...
Stranica 165 - ... programs or to procurements where it can be clearly demonstrated from the existence of adequate competition or accurate prior cost experience with the product, that acceptance of an initial proposal without discussion would result in fair and reasonable prices and where the request for proposals notifies all offerors of the possibility that award may be made without discussion.
Stranica 119 - Nature and extent of contribution to the defense effort, including inventive and developmental contribution and cooperation with the Government and other contractors in supplying technical assistance ; (5) Character of business, including source and nature of materials.

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