Moore's Irish Melodies

Longman's Green, 1866 - Broj stranica: 270

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Stranica 231 - The task which you propose to me, of adapting words to these airs, is by no means easy. The Poet who would follow the various sentiments which they express, must feel and understand that rapid fluctuation of spirits, that unaccountable mixture of gloom and levity, which composes the character of my countrymen, and has deeply tinged their Music. Even in their liveliest strains we find some melancholy note intrude, — some minor Third or flat Seventh, — which throws its shade as it passes, and makes...
Stranica 270 - Jours charmans, quand je songe à vos heureux instans Je pense remonter le fleuve de mes ans, Et mon cœur enchanté, sur sa rive fleurie Respire encor l'air pur du matin de la vie...
Stranica 262 - I have caused divers of them to be translated unto me, that I might understand them ; and surely they savoured of sweet wit, and good invention, but skilled not of the goodly ornaments of poetry ; yet were they sprinkled with some pretty flowers of their natural device, which gave good grace and comeliness unto them ; the which it is great pity to see so abused, to the gracing of •wickedness and vice, which with good usage would serve to adorn and beautify virtue.
Stranica 243 - I do, any appeal to the passions of an ignorant and angry multitude ; but that it is not through that gross and inflammable region of society, a work of this nature could ever have been intended to circulate. It looks much higher for its audience and readers, — it is found upon the piano-fortes of the rich and the educated, — of those who can afford to have their national zeal a little stimulated, without exciting much dread of the excesses into which it may hurry them...

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