Victory for Hire: Private Security Companies Impact on Military Effectiveness

Stanford University Press, 28. velj 2011. - Broj stranica: 235
At peak utilization, private security contractors (PSCs) constituted a larger occupying force in Iraq and Afghanistan than did U.S. troops. Yet, no book has so far assessed the impact of private security companies on military effectiveness. Filling that gap, Molly Dunigan reveals how the increasing tendency to outsource missions to PSCs has significant ramifications for both tactical and long-term strategic military effectiveness and for the likelihood that the democracies that deploy PSCs will be victorious in warfare, both over the short- and long-term.

She highlights some of the ongoing problems with deploying large numbers of private security contractors alongside the military, specifically identifying the deployment scenarios involving PSCs that are most likely to have either positive or negative implications for military effectiveness. She then provides detailed recommendations to alleviate these problems. Given the likelihood that the U.S. will continue to use PSCs in future contingencies, this book has real implications for the future of U.S. military and foreign policy.


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1 Introduction
Theoretical Considerations
3 Brothers in Arms? PSCs Deployed Alongside the National Military
Private Firms Hired in Place of National Militaries
Mercenary and Auxiliary Forces Integrated Into National Militaries
6 Concluding Lessons and Recommendations
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O autoru (2011)

Molly Dunigan is an Associate Political Scientist in the International Security Policy Group at the RAND Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was a lead author on the 2010 RAND Corporation monograph Hired Guns: Views About Armed Contractors in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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