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HE publication of this catalogue is intended to supply a long felt want to all Catholic patrons of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Imbued with the idea of doing some special work in connection with their regular bi-weekly meetings, the members of the Roger B. Taney Council of the Catholic Benevolent Legion decided unanimously to lend their best efforts in compiling and editing this catalogue with the sole desire of fostering good and wholesome literature among our Catholic Sunday School children, and of giving an up-to-date list of works suitable for Catholics, found in the aforesaid library.

Our grateful thanks are extended to Dr. Bernard C. Steiner, Librarian of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Mr. Louis H. Dielman, Miss Catherine Codd, and others of the Library staff, who were untiring in their efforts to bring this work to completion. Some sixteen years ago, Rev. John F. O'Donovan, S. J., issued a catalogue of Catholic literature, that list has outlived its usefulness. Today there are upwards of five thousand (5000) volumes in the Library, suitable for all Catholic patrons. In compiling this catalogue, we have included books on subjects in which no question of creed arreligion is involved; such as works in the Industrial and Fine Arts, Games, Sports, etc. These lists are limited to books recently accessioned, and a few which are in demand. This has been done to give patrons an idea of the resources of the Library.

His Eminence, James Cardinal Gibbons, has given his earnest endorsement to the publication of this catalogue, and has recommended its immediate introduction in to all Catholic Sunday Schools.

Several clergymen at the request of Right Rev. Owen B. Corrigan, have carefully examined the list of books and heartily approve of their introduction into their Sunday Schools.

In addition to the catalogue prepared by Rev. J. F. O'Donovan, S. J., helpful information was secured from the Catholic Reading List of the Chicago Public Library, the catalogue of Catholic Topics and Authors in the Public Library, Washington, D. C., "Books by Catholic Authors" in the Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh, Pa., and List of Books suitable for Parish School Libraries issued by the Catholic Educational Association.

It is to be hoped that every Catholic family will secure a copy of this catalogue, and that it will serve as a guide to good reading, and a more frequent patronage of our great Enoch Pratt Free Library.


Pastor of Sts. Philip and James Church, and

Chaplain of Roger B. Taney Council,

Catholic Benevolent Legion,

Christmas, 1912.

Baltimore, Maryland.


I cheerfully endorse the publication of this Catalogue, and heartily commend the members of the Roger B. Taney Council of The Catholic Benevolent Legion, and all who assisted in compiling this:work.

I trust that every Catholi pastor in the city will secure one or more copies of this Catalogue for use in his Sunday School, and that every Catholic family will foster good and salutary reading by

obtaining a copy for consultation in the

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St. Gregory's Rectory

1611 Baker Street

Baltimore, Md.

January 6, 1913.

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My Dear Father Wade:

In answer to your request, I am glad to have the opportunity of renewing my approval of the good work of Taney Council No. 716, C. B. L., in preparing the Catalogue of Books in the Pratt Library, which we may recommend to our children and others.

The plan has been put in working order under the auspices of S. Gregory's Council No. 122, C. B. L., and the Sisters of the School who look after the distribution of the books are enthusiastic in their praise of the plan.

If these few words of commendation result in the extension of your good work, I shall be amply repaid for the writing of them.

One of the greatest benefits we can bestow on our children is to direct them in their reading, so that they may avoid the many hurtful books that might otherwise fall into their hands.

Very sincerely,


Bishop of Macra. V. G.



A BECKETT, A. W., member for Wrottenborough. English
political life.

ALLEN, F. M., ps. See Downey, Edmund.
DE FABER Y LARREA. Air built castles; stories from
the Spanish (tr. by Mrs. Pauli). . . .

Contents: The stone mason; The fisherman;
Don Gil, the sub-chanter; The admiral; The
conscript; An uncle in America; Don Juan
Well-to-do; Good and bad fortune; Don
Fortuna and Don Dinero.

Bread cast upon the waters.
Elia. Spain about 1830..
La gaviota

AVELING, FRANCIS. Armoul, the Englishman.




Mr. Beke, of the blacks.

A Roman tragedy.

San Celestino

BANIM, JOHN and MICHAEL. Bit o' writin'.

.A 10006

.A 10114

. A


in A 17675-4 A 144

Contents: The bit o' writin'; The Irish lord-
lieutenant and his double; The family of
the cold feet; The hare-hound and the
witch; The soldier's billet; A peasant
girl's love; The hall of the castle; The
half-brothers; Twice lost, but saved; The
faithful servant; The Roman merchant; Ill
got, ill gone; The church-yard watch; The
last of the storm; The rival dreamers;
The substitute; The white Bristol; The
stolen sheep; The publican's dream; the
ace of clubs.

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Irish idylls ...

Kerrigan's quality
Maureen's fairing

Mrs. Martin's company.
Strangers at Lisconnel.

BARRETT, WILSON. The sign of the cross.

BARRILI, A. G. The devil's portrait. Italian tale.

The eleventh commandment..

A whimsical wooing..



A 10274

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A 23799

A 24578

A 24576

The Girondin .

A 24579

A 24577

A 10426

A 24700

Redemption ("De toute son ame")

BELLOC, HILAIRE. A change in the cabinet..

Emmanuel Burden, merchant of Thames St..A 24575 The eye-witness

Mr. Clutterbucks' election.

BENSON, R. H. By what authority?.

The history of Richard Haynal.

Re-translation into Eng. of the "Vita et

obitus Dni Ricardi Raynal Heremitae."
Story of the life of one of the English
hermits who flourished from the 14th to
the 16th century.

A king's achievement.

BENTZON, TH., ps. see Blanc, M. T.
BIGOT, M. H. A foreign match.


Storm driven

A summer's romance.

BISHOP, W. H. The Brown stone boy...

Contents: The brown stone boy; A little din-
ner; Jerry and Clarinda; A lunch at Mc-
Arthur's; Near the rose; Betwixt and be-
tween; A Christmas crime; A domestic

Choy Susan

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BLUNDELL, M. E. F. See Francis, M. E., ps.
BOULGER, Mrs. T. H. H. See Gift, Theodore, ps.
BOURGET, PAUL. Cosmopolis

Pastels of men. 2 v..

Contents: V. 1-A saint; Monsieur Legri-
maudet; Two little boys. V. 2 Maurice
Olivier; A gambler; Another gambler;
Jacques Molan; A lowly one; Corsegues.

A saint


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