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Stranica 159 - HOOPER'S (G.) Waterloo : The Downfall of the First Napoleon : a History of the Campaign of 1815.
Stranica 154 - The Reconstruction Of Europe : a Sketch of the Diplomatic and Military History of Continental Europe, from the Rise to the Fall of the Second French Empire.
Stranica 320 - While in the first of these situations, he published the first volume of " An enquiry into the opinions of the Christian writers of the three first centuries concerning the person of Jesus Christ," which did not meet with encouragement sufficient to induce him to proceed in the design.
Stranica 56 - A List of Scholars of St. Peter's College, Westminster, as they were elected to Christ Church College, Oxford, and Trinity College, Cambridge. From the Foundation by Queen Elizabeth, 1561, to the present Time.
Stranica 92 - Group of Eastern romances and stories from the Persian, Tamil and Urdu: with introduction, notes, and appendix.
Stranica 221 - Theology and Piety alike Free ; from the Point of View of Manchester New College, Oxford. A Contribution to its effort offered by an old Student. Demy Svo, gs.
Stranica 106 - Maiestie on twelfe day at night, by her Majesties Children, and the Children of Paules.
Stranica 45 - David's, on the subject of an Apology for the Liturgy and Clergy of the Church of England.
Stranica 122 - A new booke of destillatyon of waters, called the Treasure of Evonymus, containing the wonderful hid secrets of nature, touching the most apt formes to prepare & destill Medicines, for the conseruation of helth : as Quintessence.
Stranica 273 - THE PRACTICE ON THE CROWN SIDE Of the Queen's Bench Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice (Founded on CORNER'S CROWN OFFICE PRACTICE), including APPEALS FROM INFERIOR COURTS; WITH APPENDICES OF RULES AND FORMS. BY FH SHORT, Chief Clerk of the Crown Office, and FRANCIS HAMILTON MELLOR, MA, Barrister-at-Law. In 8vo, price 12s., cloth, THE CROWN OFFICE RULES AND FORMS, 1886.

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