Art and Its Global Histories: A Reader

Diana Newall, Emma Barker, Warren Carter, Kathleen Wren Christian, Renate Dohmen
Manchester University Press, 1. sij 2017. - Broj stranica: 325
The reader Art and its global histories represents an invaluable teaching tool, offering content ranging from academic essays and excerpts, new translations, interviews with curators and artists, to art criticism.

The introduction sets out the state of art history today as it undergoes the profound shift of a 'global turn'. Particular focus is given to British India, which represents a shift from the usual attention paid to Orientalism and French art in this period. The sources and debates on this topic have never before been brought together in a satisfactory way and this book will represent a particularly significant and valuable contribution for postgraduate and undergraduate art history teaching.

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O autoru (2017)

Diana Newall is Associate Lecturer at The Open University and Consultant Lecturer at Sotheby's Institute of Art

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