Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century – And After

Routledge, 12. tra 2002. - Broj stranica: 464
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Covering all key Eastern European states and their history right up to the collapse of communism, this second edition of Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century – And After is a comprehensive political history of Eastern Europe taking in the whole of the century and the geographical area.

Focusing on the attempt to create and maintain a functioning democracy, this new edition now:

examines events in Bosnia and Herzegovina

includes a new consideration of the evolution of the region since the revolutions of 1989–91

surveys the development of a market economy

analyzes the realignment of Eastern Europe towards the West

details the emergence of organized crime

discusses each state individually

includes an up-to-date bibliography.

Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century – And After provides an accessible introduction to this key area which is invaluable to students of modern and political history.


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O autoru (2002)

R.J. Crampton is Professor olf East European History and a Fellow of St Edmund Hall, Oxford. His publications include Bulgraia: A Shorty History of Modern Bulgaria, The Hollow Detente: Anglo-German Relations in the Balkans, 1991-1914 and, with Ben Crampton, Atlas of Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century.

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